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Hero Reactions by gr8pefish

Hero Feedback overlay displayed inside of Minecraft!

Commander by mchorse

Advanced command usage

Prefabricated Walls by MaNicXs

Make walls on the crafting table by putting blocks in the corners.

CreeperCollateral by denoflions

Creeper Collateral exposes the rate at which explosions drop block items in a config file. Vanilla minecraft is 0.3. This mod sets the default to 1.0 so no block is ever completely destroyed by a creeper.


Blood Magic: Interface

Allows automated monitoring of your LP Network


This mod adds some new Ores, Drills and Tools

Mars by Frinn

Add Skyland world generator for the overworld.


Made in China

Traveller's Gear by BluSunrize

RPG Inventories! Armorstands! Cross-Mod Interaction! Woohoo!

Highlands by sdj64

Highlands is a mod that adds more biomes to Minecraft. Over 40 new biomes, new trees, mountains, and biome-specific ore gen.

Death Log by danielm59

Saves details of player deaths

Underwater Chest Bubbles by Squirtle8459

Upon opening chests underwater.. creates bubbles..

Ferdinand's Flowers by c0_0ry

Adds Flowers & Vanilla Block Lights

Laser Level by Lunatrius

In game ruler block. Awesome!

Pinkium Mod by joonatoona


Orange's 1.7 Animations by OrangeMarshall

Bringing back the feel of the old 1.7 Minecraft version in terms of PvP animations! Currently featuring - Blockhit animation - Armor turning red upon taking damage - Health not flashing anymore - Bow punching - Rod positioning / scaling

Pam's Simply Strawberries by Pamela Collins

Adds a new crop to vanilla Minecraft with semi-unique crop mechanics.

Chroma by veeren07, MCreator


Elite Armageddon by Cephrus

Integrated World Destroyer

Simply Coffee by VicoLee2000, MCreator

Adds Coffee to Minecraft!

Disco Mod by EnvyingGolem47, MCreator

Just my disco stuff mod! ALPHA VERSION

Thaumic Integration by alexbegt, Drullkus, Dsmario64

Lattice Mod by FyberOptic

Adds lattice blocks.

NonEvaporation by Parly

Wanna farm in the Nether? This mod can help you!