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While real-time statistics are (permanently) unfinished, OpenEye has very basic API for querying cumulative stats.

To make it all simple, everything described on this page can be queried via simple GET requests.

All of those URLs return content in one of three formats: plaintext, CSV and JSON. To select which one you want to get, simply append correct extension to you URL:

  • .txt - plaintext. Not exact format, just something easy to read.
  • .json
  • .csv

For example, /stats/packets/total.txt will return plaintext, while /stats/packets/total.json will return more structured data.

Packet statistics

Counters for raw requests received from clients.

Analytics statistics

Aggregation of few values contained in analytics packets.

NOTE: tags and obfuscated values are collected since 2016-10-15. Other are collected since 2015-12-05.

File statistics

This endpoint allows to query information about single file hash.

For those statistics there is only one URL: /stats/files/{hash}.{ext}. Example: /stats/files/sha256:8772f727448b8c68785331ae051cb5d80ac6ade14b36646eed101f621356b1b1.txt.

Note: this URL does not return file name or other file metadata. For that, use query for database browsing, like /browse/raw/files/sha256:8772f727448b8c68785331ae051cb5d80ac6ade14b36646eed101f621356b1b1.