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Watering Cans by Wes Cook

Wonderful watering cans! Adds 4 watering cans to help farm crops, or quickly put out fires.

Auto Rank by tacticalsk8er

Automatically ranks players based on their play time.


This is an example mod

mod_BlazeCraft by LeonardoZ3, MCreator

The amazing blaze mod for minecraft that adds lots of blaze features to your game

SoulCraft by Somar Ani

Venture into the darkness and unlock your true potential.

Witching Gadgets

It's a kind of magic


Adds a tedious but easy way to get emeralds.


Linkseyi's ModMaker

ArmorMovementMod by JSut210

This mod adds some advanced armors like parachute boots and helmets



Do you like ores ?

Magical Map

A map to find structures


HouseSpawnMod (Demo)

lectronice's Delicatessen

Convert rotten meat to merguez, craft edible swords and paper feathers, paper lanterns, and other bizarre stuff.

Thaumic Palmistry by TheVizzy

Addon for Thaumcraft 5.0.2

Etheric by mangoose, werty1124, Elucent, Azulaloi, Eyrion of Ox, Alsender, Ingoleth

WIP Magic Mod.

Inventory Interactor by Java_Power

this mod add block to import & export items in inventory player

BTFU by capitalthree

Server backup done right

Hearthstone by Xeladaren

The mod adds two useful items, the Hearthstone and the Scroll of Recall, this two items have the same utility, but one is for single use and the other can be used infinitely. These items allow you to teleport to the last recorded bed, but if you don’t have bed, or if your bed is obstructed, the Scroll of Recall and the Hearthstone doesn’t work.

Placeable Gunpowder

This small mod lets you place down gunpowder, which you can ignite with flint and steel.

Advanced Inventory

Adds advanced features to players inventories.

Auto-Miner by felesmortis

A small mod adding an autominer with upgrades.

Thingummies by squ1b3r

Things... Thingies... Thingummies...

AOTBTFixes by geret13

This mod fixes some issues with the Attack of the B-Team modpack


This mod adds pizza, rolls and baked cookies

Vivecraft Forge Extensions by Techjar

Forge companion mod for Vivecraft which handles packets and modifies base code for VR players.

Arrow Cam Mod by Jsn_man

Allows your point of view to follow arrows as you fire them.


A Star Wars Mod by MaggiCraft.

Rough Mobs by Lellson

Small mod which makes some vanilla mobs significantly harder

FFxiDisplayGlassMod by flameFox


Crafting Harmonics by TarynWinterblade

Mod for managing crafting recipes.