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Tough As Nails by Adubbz, Forstride

Adds survival features to increase difficulty and realism, including thirst, body temperature, and more!

Gear Swap by McJty

Handy block to swap your gear

Affinity Wars by TerdyTheTerd

Random things for Affinity Wars

Magical Rings

Make rings and infuse them with magic!

Reinforced Armor Mod by NikolayNIK, MiracleMishka

§d Project: Velocity Mod™ by Wysssy

Project Velocity adds a racing mechanic with over 15 different cars.

TechNodefirmacraft by §6AnodeCathode§r

§bProvides ore names and textures for custom items.


HeisenUI is a library that aids in the development of GUIs.

Simple Item Collector Chest by JamDoggie

Adds a chest that can collect items in a 5x5 radius.

Quicksave-quickload by Foghrye4

Quickly restore state of a game from a single checkpoint. For single- and multi-player game.

Emojify Mod by canelex

Renders an emoji of your choice over the face of players.

Blocks Plus by DylanGore

This mod adds a variety of decorative blocks to the game.


Adds sliced bread and toast!


This is an example mod

Fuck Herobrine by oran_ge

Fucking Herobrine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Extra Moas by KingPhygieBoo

This mod is a parody on the Modding Leg-XD April fools joke, where a Moa Skin DLC was joked about.

Animations by TheCahyag

Animations - Allowing the creation of frame based animations.

Amplasio by T3rr1X, MCreator

Ascension by TheXFactor117 and wildbill22

The ultimate adventure journey experience awaits. Are you up for the challenge?

Better Sand by GotoLink

Changes sand into a mix of fluid and solid

TFC Scales by Chogata, AcidMaker

Scales for precise food dividing in TerraFirmaCraft

Suspended Server by Blargerist, superckl

Suspends the server while no players are online.


Linkseyi's ModMaker

Ganzu Utility by TehNut


Time Arrow by ItzDennisz

A silly mod I made for fun. It adds a new arrow which you can toggle it's movement by pressing a key.

mod_DiamondApple by By AyMaN-ViRuS, MCreator

Diamond Apple V1.1-Forge-1.6.4

BuguisiMOD by McMDK

This MOD is "MonsterHunter"-Buguisitool :)

Advanced Hook Launchers by Endertech

This mod adds different hooks with launchers which give you ability to climb, abseil, jump off the cliffs, pull entities or players, and even slay the dragons!


This is an example mod

ModifyWorld2 by AlphAest

Uses PermissionsEx nodes to block certain actions


new item useful