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Without the special abilities


Hi i'am gusosasi and this is my Sword Mod habe fun!


Adds craftable redstone armor and tools into Minecraft!


More Food Mod 2, reamke of More Food Mod

JoelGodOfWar's Simple Coordinate Mod by JoelGodOfWar

Adds various utilities and enhancements to make your life easier. Designed with the Newbie Minecrafter in mind

Health and Hunger Tweaks by CerulanLumina, 66GearHead66

Modifies the way Minecraft manages food and the corresponding health regeneration


This is an example mod

Harvester's Night by Lykrast

Entry for MMD Spooky Jam 2018. Fight the Harvester when its night comes.

V10verlap by V10lator

Stack your dimensions

AccessTweaks by Jay Avery

Tweaks to improve accessibility and usability.


For Dilleron. New Mob,Ingot and Armour

Block Hologram by ffba04

Block holograms and new block highlight

Custom Crosshair Mod

Mod that changes the style of the crosshair.

Hat Stand Crafting Mod by manmaed

Addes a Crafting Recipe for iChuns Hat stand (And Other Things)

CreeperChicks by DoctorWiggles

Bread and raise Creeper infused Chickens.

noobsmod by rlsch, MCreator

n00bs oNly!!!

Kelpie by Darkhax

A the kelpie from scottish lore to mc!

ForgeAnvil by Mitchellbrine, LexManos (Jk, but don' t rage)

A Utilities mod so I don 't reinvent the wheel OVER AND OVER AGAIN!

Animania by RazzleberryFox, Purplicious_Cow, cy4n

Immersive and realistic animals in Minecraft, with improved models, textures, animation, behaviors, and drops.

Water Pipe mod by Reaper

Have Water pipe in minecraft. You can smoke different stuff to gain special effects. You can even smoke using magic potion instead of water.


This is an example mod

Caliper by NotAModder

A collection of tools for testing and developing mods and modpacks.


This is an example mod

mod_Xandertech by xander, MCreator


Adventure Pack by Brobotato

Adds adventure themed items aimed at making the game less tedious.

CTKor Mortar by codetaylor

A simple mortar and pestle mod that adds four tiers of mortars with configurable durability.