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Ice Guild Mod by roro1506_HD

This is a mod made for ice guild members.

Grind-Core by Arch-Nihil

Core for the Grind-Complex modpack.

Bottled Animals by Ermans

Manage your animals like items in a noiseless way!

Dynamic Trees for Nature's Aura by Harley O'Connor, Max Hyper

Adds compatibilities between Dynamic Trees and Nature's Aura.

Infinity Coins by aMUSiC

Aimed mostly for server admins who want to include an actual representation of currency in their server without too much hassle.

VirtualTool by POQDavid

A plugin to provide virtual gui for all possible items

Crazybombs by TheGhastModding (89_Mods)


Captain America

Wield the mighty vibranium shield of Captain America!

Arrowverse by enzo7098631, MCreator

Adds content from the Arrowverse into Minecraft.

Tree Chopper by Duchy

Simple mod for chop down whole tree..



Minecoprocessors by ToroCraft

This mods add a programmable block that functions like a microprocessor.

Remote Bag Mod by Hakase

UnknownClient by !Privileged#8222

UknownClient developed by !Privileged#8222

Deep Mob Learning - Blood Magic Addon by xt9 (IterationFunk)

Need blood? We got ya fam.

Squirrel by Faraoman

Squirrel Client

Owner Emitter

Adds a block that emits a redstone signal when the conditions are right.

Technology Revolution Blade Extra by LT_lrsoft

Technology Revolution Blade for SlashBlade


I want to one-hit the King and Queen in Orespawn!


Linkseyi's ModMaker


Set of useful or just-for-fun blocks and items. (Old name: OpenIdeas)


Remake of BicBiomeCraft

FastBuild by kapiteon

FastBuild + FallProtect

MurderMysteryCheat by blowsy

See the murderer in Hypixel Murder Mystery.

WYE Mod by Gnomorian, Black_Saturn

WYE (Wear Your Enemies) Minecraft Mod, create armor out of mobs in minecraft and get abilities from it.

ValiantsMCUtils by JTPC, MCreator

Oneshot control by SomeAddons

A mod which allows you to configure max % hp you and entities can loose from attacks, thus a certain amount of attacks is required to kill.

ExNihilo (for 1.7.2) by Erasmus_Crowley

A mod designed specifically for skyblock maps

survival skyblock

Nylon Players by Reflxction

A mod which gives you the ability to turn players to translucent view.

Crying Obsidian by ErrorCraftLP

Crying Obsidian was intended to be a block that can change your spawn point, but it was never added to the game. This mod implements this block and adds an item version of it.

EmberRoot Zoo by Lothrazar, Elucent

Golems, Fairies, Sprouts, Deer, Slimes, and Fallen Hero.

Silent's Gems by SilentChaos512

When diamonds won't cut it.

mod_OrePlus by Balla, MCreator

Worthwhile XP Bottles by Dark_Lizzy

Makes XP Bottles more worthwhile.

Another One Bites the Dust Redux by ganymedes01, JoshWoo70

Dust ALL THE ORES! Redux

Dooglamoo Jr. Archaeology by Jason LaDere

Friendly and fun alternative ways to get mob drops and Nether resources with an archaeological theme.