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NanoN by Weissmoon

Shotgun designed for NanoSounds.

NonHeatedUtil-1.12.2 by defeatedcrow

Minerafting Recipes by Meegoo

This mod adds recipes for items, that are not craftable otherwise


The Blue Screen Mod

PlusFPS by Estiv

With more, with better.

Greenscreen by TBotV63, MCreator

Adds a greenscreen block to minecraft.

Last Server Joiner by BONNe1704

Mod that allows to join last server from main menu.

futureminecraft by Lester822, MCreator

Inventory Management Mod by DaComputerNerd

A simple mod to allow better control over inventories in 1.7.10.



Ultimate FOOD by YoYo, MCreator

food mod

DanmakuCore by Katrix

A mod that adds the underlying structures of danmaku stuff. Won't do much on it's own.


Mineral Generator

MOre Beta 1.11.2 by KWaB90

Beta WARNING: Dimension and armor still WIP Texture may not load!!

Lucraft: Core by Lucraft

Core mod for all Lucraft mods.

Nether Foundation by TehSeph

Nether variants for Vanilla and Thermal Foundation ores! Spiritual successor to NetherOres by PowerCrystals.

Lzhx UI by huangtian_hookan


Adds CompRstone Stuff


Enter short description here

mod_WorldStateCheckpoints by MightyPork, bspkrs

Allows you to create save points in your SP worlds! Keys are F6 to get the checkpoints menu and ALT + F6 to quick-save a checkpoint.


add Cassowary In minecraft

Gargoyles Mod by Enderman_of_D00M

A mod that adds Gargoyles: a potentially vanilla mob that guards areas with incredible presission.

Tinkers' Golems Addon by sky01

Add-on for Extra Golems to support Tinkers' Construct

mod_SwordsoftheUnderworld by Javimania111, MCreator

Espadas que sembraran el caos.

Molecular Expansion by AlasDiablo

Make science with atoms in minecraft.

Extra Quartz

Are you sick of having to venture to the Nether to get quartz? Well now the Nether has come to you!.



Chatot Discord Chatbot by TaigaCait

Designed to link a minecraft server chat and a discord chat room


Enforce the ore dictionary by making ore types drop a single unified block.

Material Evolution Mod by Mofakin

A Mod about the Evolution of Mankind, their techniques, materials and metallurgy used.

Mega Walls Tools by Cowzgonecrazy

A tool for mega walls players

Steve's Machine Overhaul by SteveBeeblebrox, RedstoneTim, and Maideniles

More machines, armor, tools, and items that fit with the vanilla theme along with optional vanilla tweaks