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PeedyGuiMod for Minecraft 1.7.10-A GUI Based Mod1

Water Hooks by Henry Loenwind

Adds Event for Infinite Water Source Forming


This mod tweaks a few things and adds a couple items. More features will be added soon. Thanks for downloading!

ChatAlerts by JaSpr

Minecraft client mod to play alert sounds for chat messages matching specific rules.

Pirate Route by GLizxc2



This mod adds a lot of new delicious food. Yum.

Obsidian Glass by flup52

More types of glass.

Hypixel - YouTube by boomboompower

Use §9/youtube§r to get started! §7|§r Made with §d<3§r by boomboompower

RF Core Mod by ReisfresseDE

This is my Core Mod

Shut The F Up by Six-One-Three

Background music is annoying.

DBS1 by JopGamerNL, MCreator


Block Commands by cxAndy

Blocks with scripts & Commands


Filled ores mod lite version 8


Discover new world structures such as Volcanos and Marble caves

Dump OreDictionary by Lunatrius

Dumps the entire OreDictionary into a CSV and JSON file.

Artifacts by Draco18s

Adds randomly generated magic items to treasure loot generation.

TeamInfo by Kovu

Displays friends' stats and other stuff.


This is an example mod

Pocket Angel by Wixey99

Adds a pocket angel, and a pocket devil. The first cancels negative status effects, and the second positive.

Death Chest

Climbin' in your inventory, snatching yo items up, trying to save them so y'all better hide yo kids hide yo wives

Lanterns by Aleksey Terzi

Lanterns Addon for TFC.

Rollercoaster Mod by roboyobo, modmuss50

Adding the ability to create roller coaster tracks into minecraft!

Rail Bridges

Adds a self-supporting rail block to allow for the building of minecart-only bridges

The Basic Elements by gurujive

Master the 4 basic elements, create your own spells!


Simply adds a Nether Star Block

ToroTraits by ToroCraft

Shared Mod Library to add new Attacks, Strengths, and Weakness to mobs.

Redstone Furnaces by mardiff712

In this completely OP mod, furnaces only require redstone signals to function!

noshelter by TheDespite


Hollowing by Darkmainiac

Adds a Dark Souls inspired death penalty system to survival Minecraft.


Divine Weapons adds really strong(but also hard to get) weapons to your minecraft world [currently only one weapon]

XyTech by domi1819, TH3ON1YN00B

A WIP replacement mod for XyCraft, which is hopefully updated more frequently