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Mo' Furnaces Mod by Mattkx4, Pr1meSh0ck

A mod that adds more furnaces.

Ore Reeds by felinoid

Grow ores like reeds. They need special blocks to grow on, and they need to be next to lava to get all the right nutrients.

TF2 Stuff Mod by rafradek

Characters, weapons

Food Expansion by Lellson

This simple Mod adds new food into the game

SkyWars Stats Mod by KAD7

A customizable mod that overlays your Hypixel SkyWars Statistics unto the sceen so you can monitor your progress.


Make the Ultimite Sword!

Mystical Agradditions Compat by NicJames2378

Implements compatibility for Mystical Agradditions tier 6 crops in the Immersive Engineering Garden Cloche. To use, simply put the corresponding crux beneath the seeds where dirt would normally go.

Custom NPC Tweaks by austinv11

A tweak mod for CustomNPCs

Nimble by Snownee

Nimble is a mod by Snownee.

IndustrialTech by gigabit101, Mj11jM

LunaTest by Lunatrius

Debugging mod. Does nothing useful.

MekFarm by Face_of_Cat

A mod that helps with farming animals, crops and trees.

Custom Ore Generation by JRoush, noogenesis

Allows the player to customize how ore is generated.

Stuff ++ by Dude_808

Adds Stuff.


This mod reinforg gold


This is an example mod

Redstone Flux Arsenal by knoxhack

Redstone Flux Arsenal adds tools and weapons that use the RF, the energy system added by the Redstone Flux API.

ChatAlert by iLexiconn

Notifications for the Minecraft chat.

TC Node Tracker by Dyonovan

Tracks scanned nodes for Thaumcraft


Stuff and nthings

PizzaMod by xanplayzgamez and MinecraftWero

A mod that adds edible pizza.

Weighted Inventories by

Re-Write of Weighted Inventories 1.3.2

Realistic First-Person Render by kenijey, Wyn Price

Allows you see your body in FPS mode

It's the little things by Zlepper

A mod that does those "little things".