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Cave Ores by AlexIIL

Aggressive Furries by 14155, MCreator

mod_PercyJackson by matt8tnt, MCreator


Updates Herobrine



Itembuy by Cepera

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Conflux Cubes by Jaredlll08, Darkhax

Adds blocks with randomized effects. Has Twitch integration!

Server Sync by SuperZanti

Sync files between client and server for Minecraft Forge

Paper Lanterns by Blauflammen

Adds a paper lantern to Minecraft.

Improbable Plot Machine by Arekkuusu

Eons ago, a highly advanced civilization once ruled this land, their deep understanding of everything led them to create technology so unthinkable, even today it would be considered magic. So much time has passed, and the remainings of their creations are long gone, but their knowledge, written in stone, will last for ever...

HitBoxOverlay Mod by RANKTW

RANKTW's HitBoxOverlay Mod.


Pretty Useful

Obsidian Expanded by Lunchington

Obsidian stuff and things...

Nulla MODs' core by Kanbe Kotori, xfgryujk

Front MOD for Nulla-made MODs

Dragon World Tools by TANC57, MCreator

Modification was created specifically for the Dragon World server.

Crystal Revolution

Made for Purpose but don't know which XD

Swylands by Swyftgaming

Generate aesthetically pleasing skyblock islands.

mod_aholeinthewallmod by pan100eg, MCreator

what the hole is coming on?

Skytils by Sychic, My-Name-Is-Jeff

GGHumans by ���, MCreator

Disaster Craft by Dr_Castafole, leventreur, lucifers62, wizardofemerald

Generation of a devastated world with no ocean, no river and no grass...

Netherending Ores by ICannt Team

Netherending Ores




Mods Novedades 1.8


This is an example mod

XiaojiaAddons by PotassiumWings

Cheaters get banned.

Essential Additions by spikespaz, thvardhan

A mod that adds what Mojang forgot. Essential Additions is a Minecraft mod that adds what many people think should have been in the Vanilla game. Credits: Jacob "Dasepos" Dachenhaus (AKA Invisibru) for the logo, Perry Berman for rewriting tool classes. Special thanks to Thvardhan for all his contributions. The mod probably wouldn't work without him.

Main Mod by MY PC, MCreator

New NPC Mod by GuyGAMING_YT, MCreator

Colors by A Deathly Touch

Colors adds 16 differently colored blocks, a pretty Rainbow block, and an Enderpearl that goes farther! And all blocks light up when given a Redstone Signal! (Configurable)

Desired Servers` by Kreezxil

Ensure that some servers are always listed on the client.


You now can extract Fire!


DBCApolloCore only for DBC Apollo

IGauntlet Mod by rootheworld,Josia50

Control Reality, Space, Power, Time and Mind!

TerraCart by Lime

Don't stop me now! I'm having such a good time!

DtG by Unslaad, MCreator

Enter short description here

Instructions unclear, sword dropped into lava. by Vexatos

In case you are too bad at this game.

Minecraft Student by DaddyDaddyDaddy

Become a better Student by playing Minecraft and answering questions!