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FeederHelmet by canitzp, Gamer025


A mod containing a load of kickass stuff

OfflineSkins by zlainsama

made it possible to cache your skins/capes for offline use

Shadowrite by TheCallunxz

When the moon goes away, the shadows come out to play

WynncraftRichPresence by HeyZeer0

A simple mod who integrates Wynncraft with discord


allows it to be night forever before you had to right click with it in your hand now auto

ObjectPriorities by TheGoldenProof

Allows you to give items and blocks an object priority. By default, your Object Control Authority is your SimpleRPG level, but can be changed to your Minecraft level in config. Slowness will be applied based on how far below the required level you fall.

CorsairCraft by gudenau

Changes your LEDs based on ingame-status.

PneumaticCrap by MineMaarten, AnodeCathode

High pressure version of the PneumaticCraft Gas Lift

DreenDex Cheat Mod by DreenDex

Just another cheat mod

GravityGun by iChun

Adds the Gravity Gun from Half-Life 2 to Minecraft

HariboteWheels by Ferne

Built against Forge




A plethora of new enchantments! UPDATED TO 1.7

Dark Gems Reborn 2 by d4rkstar00

Dark Gems Reborn 2 adds new Gems that can be used for tools and armor.

Ru Hats Mod by HellGamer

This modification adds a decorative hats. It was created for the creator's project and the portal

Academy Craft by Lambda Innovation

A mod about superability. Become an ESPer and alter your reality in Minecraft!

More Lights by Redstoneguy129

A simple mod that adds new coloured lights.

Ascension by CitadelCore

From security chips to wave machines.

No Nausea by lumien

Replaces the vanilla nausea effect with something less headache inducing.





BigMarioFan's Prop Mod by BigMarioFan

This is a Alpha Version of The Mod. Only with BigMarioFan's Direct Permission can You use this Mod.

Little Looter by Funwayguy

Lootable containers for structures


Melee Overhaul

Enhanced LootBags by Namikon

LootBags. As they should be

Fission Based Neutron Collector by AceMuffins

A bridge between NuclearCraft and Avaritia that noone asked for. Why? I dont know.

Extreme Farming

Extending Minecraft with Extreme Farming!

Super Hero Core

The Core Mod for the Super Hero series