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ItemChat by pie_flavor

Somethings by Quentin, MCreator


A special Mod for SLCP!


Makes things happen based on theh chat

The Tool Tooltip Tool by thor12022

Show tool stats in the tooltip


This is a funnymod

Mod List Dumper by UntouchedWagons

Writes the list of installed mods to the standard output.

AkaneSlimeMOD by 内藤 キリエ@Biome's ruler Akane

ウチナー セヤナーモッド ヤデー


Mod rajoutant des minerais de nourriture !

OresDropMores2 by BStramke

Rewrite of


Adds 2.0 Mobs into the game

Vulcan's Revenge by pauljoda

Vulcan's sword was his pride and joy, then one day an adventurer broke it, sealing him away forever.


Enter short description here

Creeper Temper by Vazkii

Creepers turn red as they start to ignite, if they're too far to ignite they'll always be green. Stay safe!

Amnesia Decorations by FLUFFY2

This mod adds mechanical and decorative items to the game!

Thermal Conversion by Stuin

Universal energy translation through basic furnace mechanics.


Bug do three eyed crow removido

Auto-Miner by felesmortis

A small mod adding an autominer with upgrades.

LagFix by Andre L Noel

An op tool to remove all Items or Mobs or Entities or TileEntities or Blocks within a distance of the op.



Brewery by TjKenMate & WhiteAutumn

Custom Potions

Bone Armor Mod by monkeyfunk26

Adds new craftable armor sets and tools. Introducing: Bone and Withered Bone armors! Look like a Skeleton, or a Wither Skeleton - but wait, there's more! Recipes, natural drops, balanced armor (with effects), swords (one with a potentially life-threatening effect imbued) can be made. Oh, but it's not that easy. The Withered Bone armor and tools can only be made by applying some Solution of Wither, something that isn't too easy to come across. Enjoy!

Thermal Expansion by CoFH

Expanding Minecraft thermally - provides new options for automation and processing!


TerraFirmaCraftNEIplugin by Dries007

TerraFirmaCraft + NEI = <3

Stuffed Animals by lKinx

Enjoy your fluffy friends!

sev_tweaks_npc by vadis365, Shinoow