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Spyeedy's Double Jump mod by

Allows you to double jump

The Stone Eater by TheVirtualGamer

Extremly durable pickaxe for VeinMining

TNT Breaks Bedrock by Rick South

Allows TNT to break bedrock. Now you've finally got easy access to the nether roof.

can of nuck by USER, MCreator

Easy Home by uno

set home or spawn point (SSP/SMP)

§9Key Effects by §6XxRexRaptorxX (RexRaptor), Steve44TV

This mod adds new usefull keybindings to the game!

read hastily and without thinking by JaoShingan

read hastily and without thinking

PeruanosCraft by FrancoYhovvany

Janpoizz Crafting Mod by JanCrafter12 (aka Janpoizz)

This mod adds some extra crafting recipes that allow you to craft uncraftable items and blocks.

Hardened Stone Tools by isoldbreakfast

Adds hardened stone tools.


This is the dankest mod you will ever see. You might pee a little.

Tektopia Thief by §6Bletch§r

§fThis extension adds a thief for use with §bTektopia§a 1.1.0§f. §fBuilt with: §bForge§f

Independent Pets by eliz37nb

Prevents cats, wolves, and parrots from teleporting to you.

Player Plates by Gaz492

Adds more pressure plates to the game

Wesley's RogueLike Dungeons by Wesley, MCreator

This mod is a remastered version of the original roguelike dungeons

Craft Cards by Lomeli12

A very simple mod that adds special cards that can have recipes encoded to them, then used to insta-craft the items.

Car Mod by Max Henkel

Car Mod

Longbow by c4an7

Simple additional bows

Decorations by Aleksey Terzi

Decorations Addon for TFC.

Simplistic Super Swords by GGCrosby, MCreator


DreamBreakerCrystal by Rob, MCreator

Inverted Enchantments by MisterPlus

A mod that adds every inverted version of vanilla enchants.

CMDCam by CreativeMD

Another camera mod


From Flan's mod!

Unnamed Dimension by Mr. Metric

Example placeholder mod.

Sandstone Armory by Happybandit

A simple mod that adds Sandstone based weapons and armor.

LotTweaks by LOTqwerty


Realistic World Gen by ted80

Adds a new realistic worldtype

World Preset Manager by Winter_Grave

Lets you manage world presets for your gameplay or modpacks.

LyAutoAttack by LiYuan

Auto click Lib.

RocketJoin by Lorenzo0111

Custom Join Messages Plugin

Lost Aether Content by KingPhygieBoo, JorgeQ

A mod that brings back a lot of scrapped, unused, and even concepted content, from Aether I, and Aether Legacy.

AutoDeathLeaderboard by HoldYourWaffle

Server-side add-on for DeathCounter (by iChun). Triggers the leaderboard in chat everytime a player dies.

TIS-3D by Sangar

TIS-100 inspired low-tech computing for Minecraft.

けんさん by けんさんとけんさん


skyblockitems by lloyd, MCreator

Flax by talons1337

A mod that adds flax.

Coke Furnace by Toble_Miner

Adding smelting recipe for coke

Vanilla Evolution by TheEnderMiner

Adds new ores, tools, foods, and building blocks.

mod_iPhone by Sdrogomico, MCreator

This mod add an iPhone

Cooked Spider Eye by PartyNorth, MCreator

Add cooked spider eye to your world! Cooking removing poison and give you 2 points of hunger saturation!