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Adds ruins to your minecraft world

Fence Jumper by p455w0rd aka TheRealp455w0rd

Easily jump over fences


This mod adds 125 completly and utterly random mobs to minecraft

SilverFishTorchMod by Rushmead

a Mod I made For GeekTech

ServerTours by RandomByte

AGP by AnDwHaT5, Nick, Jay113355, Simon_Flash

Another Gym Plugin


Linkseyi's ModMaker

Event Stopper by Ristelle

Denies Events. Formerly known as "Make The Nether Great Again". Now with 50% more Pikohan power.

Error by 303mojang.com303,

FakeBlocks by Max Henkel



This is an example mod


This mod enhances your world with blocks, tools, and the Crystal Dimension.


This mod adds new building blocks to the game.

srgrthns by the sloth, MCreator

Modular Flower Pots by jaquadro

Adds versitile larger flower pots.

Rationcraft by Squeekblach

Military style rations, canning and preservation


EnderGun Mod


The ultimate copy!


This mod add armor and effect

Hypixel Bruh Mod by LifeKnight

Plays bruh when you die. (/bm, /bruh, /bruhmod)


Enter short description here

Fabricators Mod by robotbrain

Adds fabricators to minecraft

Frozen Slime by skymory_24

Adds Frictionless blocks


This is an example mod

Not Enough Enchantments by Rin

One of the three enchantment mods, this mod represents the non-vanilla enchantments that were in so many enchantments.

Simple Inventory sorting by cpw

Simple inventory sorting. Middle click to sort your inventory. Scroll wheel on a stack to move in and out

Ore Drop Multiplier by LizNet

Multiplies ore drops.

HandStand by huanmeng_qwq

by huanmeng

Compressed Base by MiningMark48

It's a compressed base!


This is an example mod