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Necrocraft by thePalindrome

Pushing the bounds of video game ethics!

Ore Pings by Kokolihapihvi

Ore pings to easily locate specific ores Inspired by FortressCraft Evolved


PeedyGuiMod for Minecraft 1.7.10-A GUI Based Mod1

AgameR Paint Mod by peacestorm

The official AgameR Paint Mod.

Cloud Storage by immibis

Totally not overpowered.

Fishdog5000's Core by FishDog5000

This mod is required for all of FishDog5000's mods. It has some basic code that is used in all of FishDog5000's mods


Jon's Custom Mud Blocks

SpecialRules by Giccqer

Play time!

DimSotage by Gaarnik

DimStorage add a technologic version of ender chest system with owner, frequence selection and lock system.

Discovery Jar by Filloax

Jar mod for the Discovery Modpack.

Tim's Expansion Mod by Winnetrie

Adds new blocks, items, world generation and more

Forgotten Items by Tschipp

Forgotten Items adds special Items that are crafted in a unique way

FoodEx by T_Doggg, DAN

FoodEx extends the variety of food in Minecraft.

Golden Apple Leaf by Zr2

Make leaves great again


A Spoonquest addon that allows multiple dimensions in minecraft

Colored Tooltips by Davenonymous

Changes the color of tooltips in the game


HorseInfoReloaded is inspired by HorseInfo(by TTTA2)


Now there are pretty barrier blocks in Minecraft that you can craft, and use to make something look, like its dangerous or noby may go in there!

ObsTrophies by Jim MiningWorm

Trophies for Mobs

FoxieLib by CallMeFoxie

Support library for all of CallMeFoxie's mods

MineTweaker 3 by Stan Hebben

Customize your minecraft experience!


A Minecraft plugin API


Add mods helping agriculture