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The simple CamMod

Turtle Gun by Lomeli12

Because why not?


This is an example modEL

Alchemy++ by MokonaModoki, jakimfett

Extending Minecraft with new brewing methods, Alchemical ingridients and more!

Mystic Ruins by oitsjustjose, GotoLink

Magical structures to explore in your minecraft game!

More Leather by Tminor1

Makes cows drop at least 1 leather every time a cow dies.

More Vanilla Armors by hibobjr, Aneljo

A mod that adds a TON more armors to minecraft!

UraniuCraft'm by TheeAnonymousOne

You can craft a bunch of stuff with uranium. This mod is in beta release so just expect a few bugs.

The Auto Login Mod by ATE47

I haven't your time.

mod_MuffinCraft by EpicPieSlap, MCreator

Muffin Mod

Automation by CD4017BE

X Name Loader by xiaoguai0992

Change Your Minecraft Window Title!

mod_ArianaGrandeCraft by Drock34000, MCreator

Do U love Ariana Grande well this mod is for u

Recurrent Complex by Ivorius

Adds structures to worldgen, handles exporting and importing structures, and provides build tools.


A Mod For All The Sky

Clockwork Phase 2 by Lumaceon

Adding time magic to Minecraft since tomorrow.


Faster than you!Or me???Nope!


In Beta

Fancy Fish by Colin Vella

Fancy Fish introduces a number of exotic fish mobs, marine features and craftable items including fish food, bowls, tanks and a fishing net to keep them as pets. Forge MDK build: 1.8.9-

The Camping Mod 2.0 by RikMuld

This mod adds a some camping elements to minecraft


Slay Steves Throughout Your Minecrafr Journey!

Shulker Armor by zr2


Bityard by epolixa, daydrifter, SailorPupper

Imagined by the Bityard community

FoxThings by Zorn_Taov



Coin mod 1.1


Adds stick drops from breaking leaves


Oot kuin tulva!