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Tooltip Plus by alalwww

Display the simple items tool tip when having it.




This mod adds unique food!


This Mod is Cool

Shatter by iChun

Shatter mod, a general death animation replacer for mobs.

Binocular by Apa

Adding a useful binocular to make your life easier...

101 New Things by MorelPlay

Minecraft New Things

Bird's Nests by Cleverpanda714

adds a pseudo-random reward event from chopping trees.

EnhancedCore by Alz454

A set of essential functions for Alz454's suite of mods.

AutoDab Online by 9Y0

AutoDab where you can see other people dabbing too.

Spoon Mod by Player In Distress

Adding spoons to Minecraft!


This is an example mod

TrailMix by iChun

This mod adds a single food item, called trail mix. This food item does plenty of crazy things when eaten.


§d§lThis Mod have many stuff from the Spongebob series in it. §b§lCheck out my YouTube Channel: ImHaxoTV

GravityGun by iChun

Adds the Gravity Gun from Half-Life 2 to Minecraft

Fuel-Resourceful by GamersMods

Advanced Fuel System, With Machines!

Artisan's Tabs by TheUnknownFew(Sollux_Captor)

Enhance your Minecraft creative experience by creating new creative tabs of your choice!

Sumsang by LX_Gaming

Sumsang is in no way affiliated with Samsung.

Liquid XP by immibis

Liquid XP and related machines.



This mod adds many new recipes to Minecraft! (This is a pre-release!) New Versions on my homepage!


Pre Alpha of the official PigjigzMod


Maximal Perception Mod+

RSMC by Ahorner, Guff1118

A work-in-progress mod bringing RuneScape elements to Minecraft, one block at a time.

Disaster Craft by Dr_Castafole, leventreur, lucifers62, wizardofemerald

Generation of a devastated world with no ocean, no river and no grass...

Thaumaturgical Knowledge by Doctor_Benway

A mod focusing on Thaumcraft's alchemy system.

Mythical Minecraft by ZOOMTURD

Adds cool mystical stuff to minecraft

ExVanilla by SlimeNamedJerry (SNJ)

Heres Some Extra Tools And Handy Gadgets To Make This Already Cool Game Interesting! If Your Reading This You Probably Have Downloaded The Mod, I Hope You Like It, And Thanks For The Support. Leave A Comment On The Forums!


Now you can craft some uncraftable blocks

AIRI Terrain Extension by Ri5ux

AIRI submodule (up to 1.9.3)



No crafting recipe! :(


This is an example mod

CampCraft Tents by tomtomtom09

Lots of Tents