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Better Questing by Funwayguy

A new and improved questing mod for Minecraft pack creators

Xenorite by GCM aka UsernameZero

More Ores, Items And Much More To Come!

Heart Drop by Konlii

Mobs drop hearts when they die, which heal you when you pick them up.


A Great Mod

Lan Server Extended by KewaiiGamer

Improves Lan Servers Usage by adding more commands and features.


Chaoschunk themed tools!

Thaumic Palmistry by TheVizzy

Addon for Thaumcraft 5.0.2

jtrent238's Lost Records Mod by jtrent238

Adds in the records that was lost in Minecraft.

Jazzium Mod by Grayberd

Add an exciting new tier of items above diamond.



Advanced Lights by ExampleDude

Markdown Chat by DarkEnchanter1

A mod that makes chat use markdown formatting.

CEU by Tictim

simple converter for GTCE EU/FE


LOL, I fully faild...

Friendship Bracelet by b0undarybreaker

Make friends and teleport to them!

swampweed mod by DUCATISLO, MCreator

adds swampweed

Soda n Stuff by Bam300, MCreator

A mod that ads Soda and Candy


This is an example mod

JMap Staged by Darkhax

Allows for Journey Map to be gated behind GameStage progression.

Mob Ores

Adds several ores that can be smelted to get nuggets, which can be turned into ingots then in to tools, weapons or armor. But be careful! when you break a generated ore it will spawn the mob it is named after.


Die benötigte Mod für Obliviscate Folge 1-25

MCPVP Mod by spiderfrog

A HG Mod with many Informations and Features.

EasyF5 by Tomochie

Thank you for downloading. Enjoy :D

Pesium Mod by petitpain59

Mod pour le serveur pesium.

EvilSky by Kormic911


This is an example mod

MagicBooks2 by kjmaster2

A rewrite and continuation of MagicBooks.

Contraptions by Vanhal

Minecraft mod that provides various contraptions


This is an example mod

NJay's Easter Mod by NJay

A mod that adds over 1500 different easter eggs to the game

Obsideanshard by GalaxyNuke, MCreator

Enter short description here

Cacti by pau101

Enables categorization of the creative inventory