Ruby-Craft_Mod by JamesDisco13

Adds Rubys to the game, Only to be used in the Ruby-Pack.

RF Conduits by Tinkerlad

Conduits for transporting RF

Parachronology by ZenDarva

Skyblock Resource Mod

HungerKeeper by Tictim

Nice shit for U.

AkaneSlimeMOD by 内藤 キリエ@Biome's ruler Akane

ウチナー セヤナーモッド ヤデー

MIPS for OpenComputers by GreaseMonkey, gamax92, Sangar

Finally, a real CPU for OpenComputers!

UNSC Armory (G3ckobot) by G3ckobot aka GeckoBoyJ1

Go to war with the best of the UNSC's weaponry!

BloodUtils by Wasliebob

A Blood Magic Addon

Simply Juices by Baijson

Bushes, Berries, Juices!


Framework with various functionalities, but no ingame influence.

No Time Fix by CanVox

Because who has time to debug?

Ice Shards by ljfa

An addon for Glass Shards that adds ice shards

Romaji Search by BRE

Enable romaji search on NEI/JEI. migemo-dict is required to use.


Create your models in Minecraft!

Companions by InfinityRaider

An addon for Traveller's Gear by BluSunrize that adds title scrolls which give you a companion.

Ore Pings by Kokolihapihvi

Ore pings to easily locate specific ores Inspired by FortressCraft Evolved

TbscFPS by Tbsc

Simple FPS Counter! Configurable

Thecow275's Electrica by thecow275 (Furry_Fox_Male)

Thecow275's Electrica is a Replacement For The Ever So Popular GregTech

Blood Arsenal

Multiple blood infused tools added to Blood Magic!


Shadow Cunt

Animal Blocks by Kerberos


Waffle Mod by WFlyingSquirrel

More than Waffles.

ExFoods by Andante

Adds more foods to the game

food potion

CJBModChat by otakux



O Futuro Chegou!!!

Invisible Block Mod by Lfaoanl

Adds a fully configurable invisible block to minecraft