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Prattle by ProfMobius

Who reads that anyway ?

Mythical Realm Mod by StrangeOne101

A wonderful realm filled with candy, death and ice!

UI-AI0000-00001error by , MCreator


More NPC's by User, MCreator

Portable Craft Bench

Simple mod that adds a portable crafting bench.


A better invalid session kick message

MentionMod by ConorTheDev

Adds a mentioning system in Minecraft Chat!

srgrthns by the sloth, MCreator

Ruby + Sapphire by beeshroom

A mod that adds a mine-able ore that drops Experience. Oh, it also adds Rubies and Sapphires.

�dFancy�5Menu by Keksuccino

Give your life a fancy touch. You deserve it. COPYRIGHT: > FancyMenu (c) Copyright 2020 Keksuccino


I'm to lazy to finish this description!

Hellfire's Playground by TheNumenorean

Doom, death and destruction

TorchBowMod by noriokun4649


Barak_4484_Indutrie by 4484 Indutrie, MCreator


modcommubp by BlackPearl, MCreator

Multiblock Tweaker by Eutros

Add GregTech CE Multiblocks via CraftTweaker

JustEnoughIDs by Runemoro

Use the 1.13 chunk format in 1.12 to remove block, item, and biome ID limits.

AgameR Paint Mod by peacestorm

The official AgameR Paint Mod.

Portal Chests by Mr. llamas, MCreator



Mod adds an indestructible pickaxe.

Astra-mod by Darkcp


This is a mod which adds some very cool stuff for a lot of things! Unsolid block, two types of building wool, lightfalling material and even lightfalling boots which absorb the most part of falling damage! Don't forget to read the information about all these things on MCreator's site! Enjoy!



TFC Paths by ACGaming

Go ahead, path my way!


Aggiunge nuovi tools di Birch!

Open Grave

The simple gravestone mod.

VanillaPlusReborn by Shonz1

Example placeholder mod.

Combined Potions by crazysnailboy

Allow crafting of multiple potions into a single potion with multiple effects

Hardcore Questing Mode by Vswe, Lorddusk, Newcastlegeek

This mod will add Hardcore mode with extra lives. If you use up your lives, your world will be deleted or you will be banned,


Chatpreset by Kamesuta

You can register message to say

Nothing To Hide by MakerTim

When you have nothing to hide, you can use this mod to prove it to the server.

Queue Box by KklyAq

For all your item queueing needs

Much Better Minecraft by DragonSlayer3655, MCreator

Ground Item Highlighting by Laike_Endaril

Highlights ground items

AmethystMod1.0.2 by Zeviathan, MCreator

tapir by Luck

tapir is a script-loading system which lets you create JavaScript plugins for the Sponge API.

Vanishment Point by masa

Adds a block that disappears at the configured time of Minecraft day