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Multiblockstages by SkySom

GameStages support for MultiBlocks

BCGUI by ntrwansui


Strange Zombies Mod by bigboypadilla9, MCreator


StarbucksMod by JulianMagicCraft

A Starbucks Mod

Cordage by Cassie

Adds a few shapeless crafting recipes for string (2 of either saplings, tallgrass, or vines).

Death Teleporter by ZettaSword, MCreator

A simple mod that give you Death Teleporter when you die!

[1.11.2] Potatorium 1.0.1 by _chuchu_, MCreator

A mods for potato and fries lovers.

FastFood++ by MattyPlays270

Floaty Armour

Bouyant Armour! Swimmers Beware!

bruh. by boomkill, MCreator

Shiny Gems And Ores Mod by DiamondGamer8000, shakeesnake and 77894372, MCreator

This Mod Adds Ruby, Sappire, Amethyst, Silver And Emerald Tools And Armour

Tardis Mod by DarkholmeTenk

A mod which adds functional TARDISes to minecraft


FireBallsForPlayers Makes It Easier To Take Down Flying Mobs Like For A Example: Ghasts, Blazes, Bats, ETC.

mod_HotDogMod by TeamFordDkPlayer

This mod is made by TeamFordDkPlayer hope you like it:D

TC Research-Helper by Knoxz

Makes your Thaumcraft Research easy!

Craft It! (Obsidian edition) by csikker, MCreator

Craft It! (Obsidian edition)

Dead Guy's Buffxolotl by Dead Guys Stuff, MCreator

axolotl but b u f f

Porco Dio by Paolo, MCreator


This is an example mod

Progressive Core by Lellson

Core mod for the Progressive Ores series

Fiat Lux 0.5 by ssauer

Need more Light? - This version of Fiat Lux will give you 4 new light types. - Icon (light bulb) by Yusuke Kamiyamane ( (CC-BY)

Resynth by Ki11er_wolf

Adds growable resources to Minecraft.

Oxystatic Field by JayRayHay

This mod adds in a Oxystatic Field that can be used to keep oxygen in and repel water. Also for use in mods that add dimensions/planets with harsh or no oxygen


Tokyo Ghoul 1.7.10 Minecraft Mod

God Sword Mod by ModdersAndCreators, MCreator

Adds God Swords To Your Game