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Aquatic by UpcraftLP, abused_master, Sekwah41, EPIIC_THUNDERCAT, Radient_Sora

water based mod, with dimension


A hud for playing MineZ!.


Extrem Hard Tools


The whole internet! All in one mod :)


This mod adds five bedrock tools.

Dispensable Block Mod

Your Dispenser is updated to BlockDispenser!

Explosives++ by minerguy31

Wanted to play Explosives+, but couldn't because it isn't being updated? Or just want to cause havoc? Well this is the mod for you! Adds a lot of stuff that explodes, both from the original mod, and new stuff too! IMPORTANT NOTE: This mod runs off a canned version of MinerCore (v1.1a_src). Future versions of this mod may require a seperate copy of MinerCore installed, so have one installed just in case.

Portal Room by PriestTheBeast

Room with portal to places.

Odioita Mod! by TOMOKO_JSV, MCreator

mod_RecyclerV by Valares

This Mod will insert a new block, the Recycler. The Recycler slowly recycle blocks and items to those original materials. This allows to retrieve material from unused items/blocks.

GrowthCraft Fishnet by Gwafu (a.k.a supertoinkz)

Adds Fishnets, an automatic way of gathering fish.


This is an example mod


Workbenches, bricks, and slabs, oh my~ Furnaces thrown in for good measure

DeckTech by Deckee_The_Dead

A Tech mod.

Marble Mod by iRequire

Adds decorative marble to the game.

Parkour Mod (Assassin's Creed Style) by Shadow38PL

Mod that aims to add Assassin's Creed like parkour mechanics into Minecraft

E-Mobile by tonius11

Ring ring, I'd like to teleport! Adds the Ender Cellphone. This item lets players teleport to each other, or to spawn or their beds. Original concept by sk89q.

DatMod by xlxAciDxlx

A mod of miscellaneous bits & bobs, gadgets & gizmos.

Schr0s Material Scan by Schr0

Take It Easy !!!

Genesis Core by GameGunner5

A core-style mod designed to simplify modding. Primarily designed so GameGunner5 can easily update all his mods at once.


Russian mod by Shurikman

Material Times Mod by Putcho

Craft, the material to be used for refining to n times MOD.

Genarator by code: _Zixel_

Remove ocean biome

MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod by MrCrayfish

Adds over 30 pieces of furniture to the game!

& by asiekierka

Simple redstone gates


A simple vape mod for Liquescent