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Duland Armor

Aladourmod by Aladour, MCreator

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TPPI Tweaks by tterrag, wha-ha-ha

Does some useful stuff for the TPPI modpack.


Exposer by tilera

Screenshots Enhanced by UndoRedo

Enhances the behavior of screenshots and adds new functionalities to your ingame experience.


This is an example mod

UnknownPlayer by �y�R����


Oremageddon by Homicidal_Lemon

The Only ores mod you will ever need! Adds new ores, items, armour sets and underground biomes. JEI is recommended.

Rainbow Trees by SlothyGaming

Scrapped from a mod I was making.

Universal Ore Library by Enderger

A mod that adds ores. They ae meant to be used in place of writing your own ores for your mods.

MonsterRockys by Alumno, MCreator


This is an example mod


ToggleSneak v2.3 - Now with ToggleSprint and Forge support!

Magical Journeys by bullgurkan

This mod adds Soul Orbs which you use to catch mob souls and get potion effects from

Banner Loader by dmf444

A mod that allows for custom banners to be made

VanillaFoodPlus by Mordsgeier, MCreator

VanillaFoodPlus is a small mod that adds some Food with only Vanilla ingredients.

CoFH: Vanilla+ Satchels by Team CoFH

A Vanilla Enhancement mod which adds bags which hold and can automatically collect items - in various vanilla materials.

Ghostwatch by Watschman

Watschmans Ghostwatch Mod for a server project.

CPS by ivang, MCreator

temp by Amine, MCreator

Amnesia Decorations by FLUFFY2

This mod adds mechanical and decorative items to the game!

Realistic Cobwebs Mod by UpcraftLP

Make them cobwebs burn!

ree by Madison, MCreator

Caliper by NotAModder

A collection of tools for testing and developing mods and modpacks.

Showcase by iLexiconn

Showcase your Tabula models

Player's Choice by Vazkii

Allows modpack players to pick which mods they want on first load.

ItalicaClearLag by BlackInt

A tool to manage your server drops, customizable with a GUI

Modinstaller Mod by ItsAMysterious

This is the automaticly installed MC-Modinstaller Support Mod.

PixelGenocide by happyzleaf

PixelGenocide cleans all the non-special pixelmon in the server to reduce lag.


De belles utilitées au fer !

Resource Overhaul by Jackbusters

Now with full 1.12.x support, experience a mod which allows for new progression ranging from dirt, to ruby, and even up to nether star!

Survival Utilities by Aardvark

A range of blocks and items to enhance your survival experience.


This is an example mod

Ore Veins by alcatrazEscapee

Adds realistic ore veins

GEXP Tracker by Reflxction

A mod which tracks every stat about earned GEXP.