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YABBA by LatvianModder

Yet Another Better Barrel Attempt


You Are Herobrine! KILL STEVE!!!!!!!!

YAMCore by Namikon

Yet another ModdingCore, for all your general-purpose modding needs

YAMDA by Sunekaer

Yet Another Mining Dimension Attempt


Mod pack statistics tracker. Does not add any playable content to the game. For privacy information, please see

YAPP by Sark

A players-only pressure plate.

YAUM by CptSpike

Yet Another Utility Mod

YD's Baths Mod by Comma_

This is YD's Baths Mod.

YD's Korean Kimchi Mod by Comma_

This is YD's Korean Kimchi Mod.

YDMs Weaponmaster by YourDailyModder

With this Mod your Hotbar items will be visible on your Character, with a unique location for a Shield and Banner. You can turn on or off the visibility for all of them one-by-one. More info at website.

YDTVHead by LazyGom


Linkseyi's ModMaker

YFWBans by Kayaba

Mess with the best, DIE LIKE THE REST!

YMC Mod by baker, MCreator


Enter short description here

YNot by asie

Compatibility add-ons for XNet? YNot!


YUNG's Better Caves overhauls Vanilla Minecraft's cave generation, making caves much more structurally diverse and exciting!