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YABBA by LatvianModder

Yet Another Better Barrel Attempt


You Are Herobrine! KILL STEVE!!!!!!!!

YAMCore by Namikon

Yet another ModdingCore, for all your general-purpose modding needs


Mod pack statistics tracker. Does not add any playable content to the game. For privacy information, please see

YAPP by Sark

A players-only pressure plate.

YAUM by CptSpike

Yet Another Utility Mod

YD's Baths Mod by Comma_

This is YD's Baths Mod.

YD's Korean Kimchi Mod by Comma_

This is YD's Korean Kimchi Mod.


Linkseyi's ModMaker

YFWBans by Kayaba

Mess with the best, DIE LIKE THE REST!


Enter short description here

YNot by asie

Compatibility add-ons for XNet? YNot!

YUNoMakeGoodMap by LexManos

Adds a new World Type option to generate nothing except for a inital spawn platform, useful for creative players who want to make Skyblock style maps. 2.0 reduces the spawn zone to 1 block, 2.1 is updated to 1.5.2 and srg names, *should* never need a update again ;)

YagmaCraft by Serto_Yagma

This is the first Mod of Serto Yagma and I hope you´ll enjoy it THX for Reading (:

Yamazakura by Yamazakura


Yami's BB MOD by Yami_0625

Add the (Yami's BlockBreaker) Blocks!