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K9 Mod by LotuxPunk

K9, the robot dog of the Doctor !.

KAGIC by §bAkrivus§7

KAGIC adds Kindergartens from Steven Universe which the player can use to create Gems that protect, transport, and work for them.

KAGIC by §bAkrivus§7

KAGIC is a mod that adds machines to your Minecraft world that let you harvest your own servants and soldiers from the ores in the ground.

KAGIC by akrivus#1337, taaffeite#1748, Seartisian#8944, Lattie#0575, Tourmaline-Iris#8832, Alfhilld#7231, Joel#0215, XXAMYXX#0782, msTheo#8900, SchnappDragon#1141, Azura#0004, obsidian29#5576, HeimrArnadalr#2490, Judacraz#6509

The Steven Universe mod that adamantly denies it is a Steven Universe mod, KAGIC adds machines called "Injectors" that players can build to infuse the earth with an essence that transmutes the surrounding ores to create various magical soldiers and servants called "gems." Use your new gems to make more new gems, allowing you build to colonies and invade the world!

KAGIC: Brisé by Rhodonite (0Q0), Peridot5XG (Joel)

Rhodonite and Joel's KAGIC addon that does some cool stuff.

KAGIC: Rejuvinate by TahitiansWorks, Hekapoo, Androbean

KAGIC: Rejuvenate is an official continuation for KAGIC.

KAGIC: ZCP by Cillian Ryan (Androbean)

A little something something, for a certain someone(s) :D

KAMI by 086

KAMI Blue by 086, S-B99

カミブル A Minecraft utility mod for anarchy servers Written by 086 and continued by S-B99



KBH Mzsui by Mzsui

This is a API about Keyboard , Made by Mzsui

KC's Weapon Mod v0.1.1 by Killer Chief

KC's Weapon Mod v0.1.1 for Minecraft 1.7.10. Weapons v1.0. This mod allows users and other mod makers to easily create any kind of projectile launching weapon they can dream of (and design themselves by using this extremely complex and simplistic mod). This Version is NOT user ready yet and is Limited to a Maximum of 21 different rendered projectiles.

KCNerfer by mrkirby153

Nerfs players on the KirbyCraft server

KCommands by kneelawk

A mod for the host who wants more useful commands.

KDiscordRPC by KaiNoMood

Shows Rich Presence on Discord.

KFC Experimental by Alobin90

KFC Experimental Version 0.1 Created the KFC Experimental mod Added: - Added 10+ different foods and 2 tools - Added crafts Version 0.1.1 Added: - Added custom sections for food and tools Fixes: - Fixed food textures Version 1.0 Added: - Added salt and its extraction method - Added the entire KFC chicken section - Added hot pepper seeds and corresponding crafts Fixes: - Fixed textures of food and tools - Fixed a problem with melting all potions into a bottle of salt. At the moment, only a bubble of water melts. - Fixed breaded food crafts. Added salt to the craft. Preferences for 2.0 - Adding a Burger section - Adding new seeds and vegetables for burgers - Adding custom workbenches and stoves: stove, chicken Board, Burger Board - Possible texture changes for existing items Preferences for 3.0 - Adding blocks for building KFC establishments - Adding Mini-KFC establishments to villages - Adding residents-working KFC establishments Experiment with food and crafts. Have a nice game !