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This is an example mod

M'Ore Seeds by Z_Doctor

Adds material plants into the game. Send feed back to:

M-Ore Trees by general3214

Build a portal of diamond ore to teleport to Oreleans.

M.E.T.A. by EliteMasterEric

Extract energy from Minecraft mod ideas.

M3D by Marvinblocks & Creeper_beast1, MCreator

A mod that Turns all blocks in to 3D

M4th Things by M4thG33k

A random assortment of blocks to make your adventures more mathematical.



MAGE by asiekierka

Mildly Advanced Graphics Extensions

MAH by Mykindos

Mykindos Anti Cheat


The easiest way to amplify your game!

MBDiscordLink by Eufranio

Addon for MagiBridge that links in-game accounts with Discord accounts

MC ClassWriter by jredfox

ASM Library for writing classes

MC Economy by シフト (Shift)


MC FireArms Mod by Demitto

This is a mod.

MC Heli Privacy Shield by Kamesuta, kokoa0429, sjcl

Protect your privacy from the malicious spyware, MC Helicopter Mod

MC Helicopter Addon by Flenix

A couple of useful tweaks for the MCHeli mod, for example preventing placed vehicles from being broken.