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V-Bucks Mod by DeltaNedas

A mod that just adds V-Bucks. Not affiliated in any way with Epic Games, the Fortnite brand or V-Bucks from Fortnite.

V0id's Smart Backpacks by V0idWa1k3r

Ever wanted a backpack with advanced functionality? Maybe one that can automatically pick up certain items? Maybe one that can autosmelt items? Maybe one that can compress all that cobblestone? Now you can!

V10verlap by V10lator

Stack your dimensions


Extending Minecraft with additional Tools for every ore

VB's Nine Rings Mod by VoodooBeard

Nine rings for the race of men.


This is an example mod

VK Feed by Rhino

VMC_UTILS_LITE_1.12.2 by JTPC, MCreator

VMOD by Xx_win10_xX, MCreator

Villager MOD(VMOD)

VMovement by VinTarZ


VOID BOSS by cubic, MCreator


This is an example mod

VRFetures by Commandnoonmc23, MCreator

Adds Things From VR Games

VSMobs 2 by azu_ver2.0(azudroid)

VSmobs 2 mod will realize Minecraft mobs each other battles ! Example: Zombies VS Skeletons, Ender Dragon VS Wither, and team battle by several kinds of mobs. Corresponding to the mobs of other mods !

VSimpleCoords by Vinetos

Afficher les coordonées facilement.