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VB's Nine Rings Mod by VoodooBeard

Nine rings for the race of men.


This is an example mod

VK Feed by Rhino

VMOD by Xx_win10_xX, MCreator

Villager MOD(VMOD)


This is an example mod

VSimpleCoords by Vinetos

Afficher les coordonées facilement.

Vacuum Horizon by RonFall

Discover new, explore the Universe. Vacuum after horizon...


This mod for Black DragoN server

Valkyrie Lib by ValkyrieofNight

Valkyrien Warfare by thebest108

Claim The Skies!

Valkyrien Warfare Control by thebest108

Adds a set of Items and Blocks allowing for more advanced Airship construction

Valkyrien Warfare Drivers by Djeezuss

An addon mod to Valkyrien Warfare and OpenComputers.