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Lasers, logic, automation, etc.


Compost, explosives, generated structures, etc.


CAJlOsRealism mod made by CAJlO with Zlobniy_seledka


+ Carrot block

CC Held's Peripherals by heldplayer

CC Held's Peripherals adds some peripherals that extend the possibilities of ComputerCraft

CC's Factory Manager by Davenonymous

CC's house furnishing by CrazyCraft

CrazyCraft's mods-House Furnishing.

CC-Recipes by Lomeli12

Custom CC Recipes

CCAdvHTTP by Cameron MacFarland (distantcam)

Advanced HTTP Peripheral for ComputerCraft.

CCBarcodes by Tiin57

Adds barcode scanning to ComputerCraft.

CCHolographic by zeecant

Holograms for ComputerCraft.


CCLights add amazing RGB Lights and Light Grids to ComputerCraft.

CCLights 2 by ds84182, Alekso56

CCLights 2 adds very advanced monitors and tablets to minecraft.

CCTransport by ElvishJerricco

Adds some extra functionality