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WAILA Blacklist by Pennywis3

Simple mod for disabling WAILA for specific blocks/entities/dimensions

WAILA-features by way2muchnoise

Adds some extra features to WAILA


WhiteCrystal Resources Pack

WIMP(What Is My Ping) by SHsuperCM

This mod will show you your ping in-game!

WIRED: More Augs by mallrat208

Expanding upon Cyberware with Questionable Choices


What Is That?

WITUUID by creeper123123321

Example placeholder mod.



WMATM Vehicles by George Kazanjian



This is an example mod

WR-CBE Addons by ChickenBones

Various wireless devices

WR-CBE Core by ChickenBones

Redstone Ether with some component items

WR-CBE Logic by ChickenBones

Wireless Transmitters, Receivers and Jammers.

WR-CBE RedPower by ChickenBones

Transmitter, Receiver and Jammer blocks. Integrated with RedPower Logic for covers and wall placement