OC Glasses by marcin212, magik6000

Addon for Open Computers which adds Augmented Reality features to Minecraft.

OC ICBM Component by Bizzycola, Michiyo

OC ICBM Component

OC RS Driver by Davenonymous

OpenComputers + Refined Storage = <3

OC's Nuggets by OCDiary

This mod adds several nuggets to minecraft, specifically developed for the Incepticube Modpack!

OC-Minecart by feldim2425

Adds Computer in a Minecart and more.


You can do even more things to the screens, with riduculus speed!

OCLights 2 by ds84182, Alekso56, gamax92

OCLights 2 adds very advanced monitors and tablets to minecraft.


This is an example mod

OMG Utilities by GKB, tokomikea, con2000us

A Special Mod!


This is an example mod


Lib for OMT and its companion mods!

OP Craft by t0my4

Overpowertes Zeug!

OP Diamonds by BHGoalie

Make crafting recipes for easy diamonds!

OP Tools by oDubzzy

Adds Overpowered tools to Minecraft!