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Shamanry by Asyncronos

Adding Shamanry to Thaumcraft


This is my first ever OFFICIAL MOD!!!


§6KKaylium Conspiracy

LittleMaidReengaged by MMM, EMB4, Verclene

Improved minecraft life with cute & little maids

Planter Helper by portablejim

Also known as VeinPlanter. Helps plant crops.

Read The Wiki by traxys

Read that wiki please !

Assisted Progression by pauljoda, dyonovan

Tools to help you throughout your world

IceSquad Guild Mod by TheMadMillenium

The official guild mod of IceSquad and Hailstorm!


Enter short descriwption here

Smiths Core by TimtheBrick, OrionOnline, SmithsModding Team

Core Mod for all SmithsModding affiliated mods

あんふぁぼられったーMOD (Twitter Unfav Mod) by つてと (Tsuteto)


Demo: Combat Training Mod by Rosen Stefanov

The player has a life guard, armor and weapons and hints how to battle mobs. Write /help for the list of all available commands.

iPixeli's Gender by iPixeli

Provides gender and age settings for players. Adds new models, textures, and sounds.

Floocraft by FredTargaryen

Thank you for using Floocraft! This mod aims to add a little magic by implementing the sooty joy of Floo-powder-based travel.

Jewellery by Kethas, ICallHax_TV

Adds Jewellery.

Portal World RPC Mod by EdgarPi

Use Discord RPC for Portal World


This mod adds a new substance called Chrismonium, which can be used to make swords, tools, and even a new dimension. The tools are OP!

Tricolore by Cynthian Conspiracy

Extract textures and mix dyes to decorate your world.

§aLittleUtilities§r by §bMCE626§r

Just small little things.

Spider Man Mod

Sling your way throught the minecraft world as the amazing spiderman!.

Useless Utilities by Horatio_Caine

Best Mod ever created lol

Breakable Tables by Funwayguy, Darkosto

Crafting tables with limited uses


mod vrey good

magma_monsters by vadis365, Kashdeya

A mod that adds a Magma Monster.

Mechanics Mod by cdkrot, Pfaeff

Mechanics Mods - Pfaeffs mods enhanced and brought to you by cdkrot. Version 1.6.4 :: 4.0

CrystallineMagic by tm1990

Crsytalline Magic is a crystal based magic mod.

Roadworks by WThieves, The Minecraft Community

Giving minecraft some detail by creating more realistic streets!

Electro-Magic Tools by Tombenpotter

Electro-Magic Tools is a mod that combines magic and tech by allowing for magical tools and machines that run off electricity

magic tech opensource