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Clear Despawn by C4

Makes dropped items flash when they're about to despawn.

Ex_Nihilo-Reika Bridge by Rivaryn

Small bridge mod to allow for some Reika's resources to be gathered via Ex Nihilo.

§6Auto§aE§2S§3K§9E§5T§4I§cT by §2Fx (§6PR0CESS§2)

The AutoESKETIT mod was created for Turbotot & infamousbluepvp, it will automatically say ESKETIT at the end of a game. Supports Hypixel completely and some other servers!

Harry Potter Wands

Brings a touch of Harry Potter magic to Minecraft.

SimpleEnergy by Aaron1011

Provides some simple blocks that act as Forge energy sources


This is the most OP pickaxe in the world! PS. You should enchant it :D


Another update

EntityModeSugarBiome by yamato(waco)

Custom Music Discs by pifou92000

Add your own music discs to Minecraft !

NationsSocial by Noppes

Adds multiple functionalities for

ViesCraft by Viesis

Airships through the eyes of Viesis!

Eden Mod by TheMikexx

Add´s Eden Stuff

TooManyDanyOres by CatDany

Too Many Ores? Solved!

GimmeNBT by iTitus

Adds useful information to the the tooltip and adds a /dump_inv command

MCMMO - Forge by lSoleyl

Minecraft MMO Mod

ViaRewind by Gerrygames



Quintessential Creatures by Firehazurd, Kratuh

This mod adds several new creatures to Minecraft.

Archani Commutatio by Xetosphere

The Archani Commutatio mod.

Magical Rings

Make rings and infuse them with magic!


Adds Infinity Ore, but it needs external input to recipe the unstable infinity ingot to the infinity ingot


Adds mobs from the tv show Heroes

Chroma Pixel by KevyPorter

Best Mod.

Cooking with TFC by StrayWolfe

Extends the diversity of cooking with TerraFirmaCraft 0.79.29.

Improved Crops by Hyago Santer

A little mod that change your crops!

Craftable Elytra 2 by CynicalRoses

A 1.12 mod that allows Elytra to be crafted.

BendyCraft by NightmareByDesign, MCreator

The mod of Bendy And The Ink Machine

Godzilla Mod

Minecraft Just Got A Whole Lot Bigger!

EE Limited by ExampleDude

Equivalent Exchange Revival Trial mod.

Solar Energy Craft by AntonLandao, MrDimkas_Studio

The Middle Torch by Henry Loenwind

Places a torch on key (e.g. the middle mouse button)

Fuel Current by ueyudiud

Added many kinds of fuel~

Simply Backup by Sima214

A simple mod for backing up world data