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AbyssalCraft Integration by shinoow

A mod that handles AbyssalCraft integrations.


Wanna revive your dinner?


This is an example mod

Immersive Intelligence by Pabilo8, Choroman

Adds new machines related with data, logistics, warfare and intelligence.

Gany's Surface by ganymedes01

This is one of the three mods in the Gany's Mods collection. Gany's Surface adds blocks and functionalities related to the over world (duh). Poop everywhere! Detect when is raining, make armour out of wood, and have a nice cup of tea in the morning before going mining, just don't put the milk in first!


This modification adds some new types of zombies!

Server Utilities by rafii6311

Some useful functions for your server

Stone Chests by kjmaster1

Stone chests for minecraft

Magical Talismans Mod by HoopAWolf

A Mod which adds in Magical Talismans that have abilities you can use!

Pearl Home by uberifix

Simply teleport home to your bed with an enderpearl

Custom Tinkerer by Stacra

Adds a variety of new modifiers to Tinkers' Construct.

ModernCraft|Core by CsokiCraft

Provides the vital inner-workings of ModernMods.

Garbage Bins by LizNet

Simple trashcans for items and fluids.

SkyLandsForge by Asd1995sse, WorldofMINMAX

Asd1995sse's mod, especially for World of MinmaX project. Flying Island, Creeper, hardcore and romance! All you need for a good time. This mode may generate the world ore from other mods.

Extra Creatures by EnderiumSmith

Adds more mobs. Most of of them can be...lethal.

Mo' Commands by Kapry30GB, MCreator


Adds in new Ores and Items

Demo: Combat Training Mod by Rosen Stefanov

The player has a life guard, armor and weapons and hints how to battle mobs. Write /help for the list of all available commands.

ModelLoader by cout970

More Police Items mod by cadergator10, MCreator

A mod that adds police items to the game.

RTN-ArmeInvocateur by SoraxDubbing

Arme Invocateur du Serveur Road To Nincraft



ymer by lona


Omnis Core

Common and core code for all Jezza's mods.


Foundation mod

Molotov by Admin, MCreator

Coctail Molotov in Minecraft Mod

Easy Books Mod by MetaTresch

Make it easier to craft paper and books.

Aelpecyem's Bedrock Snoozer by Aelpecyem

This mod implements the Bedrock Sleeping Feature from the Monk Mod in a separate mod

Survival Additions by CrimsonDawn45

The Lion King Mod

The Lion King Mod adds another realm to explore: the Pride Lands, complete with new blocks and items, animals, ores, biomes and much more, based around the Lion King. Meet characters, trade for unique and valuable rewards, undertake quests and defeat enemies in an adventure like no other!

Turkish Meals by hakan, MCreator

TFC Stacks by Lumintorious

TFC addon for configurable stack sizes.


This Cool New Mod that drops more ores when Mining!

Environs++ by RollingThunder

Adds biomes with a distinct Vanilla Feel

Chat Notifier by XeliteXirish

Simple notifier to notify you when someone says your name