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RichInfinityParadise-Core by LoopRich161




learning by Kurumi78


The Cactus Mod by Mrbysco

A ModJam 2018.1 mod.

Lag'B'Gon Reborn by FTB_lag

Lag reduction utility for Forge, inspired by ClearLagg for Bukkit.

CloneWarsMod by CloneWarsStarWars

Eine All-in-1-Mod: Das heisst: alles moegliche ist drinn!

Probe by Yesterday17

Dump information to .zsrc file for future use.


This is an example mod


Ony 8 attack damage!

Everything Blocks by sblectric

Make blocks out of any item for dense storage and decoration!

BrainTech Agricultures Datachip Package

Greetings, employee! With this expansion to your database you can increase the time testing and decrease the time spent dealing with moving lifeforms.


Base resources and crafting materials.

Twitch Notifier by FireBall1725

Twitch Notification Mod.

SioulMod by SioulZockt, MCreator

Enter short description here

Farm Helper by Jelly, Polycrylate

A mod that helps with stonks

Model RailWay Mod by mrminecraft3333, Darthrafael, vincentmet.

This mod adds model railways to minecraft! Allowing you to build a fully functional railway, right in your back yard!

Primeval Forest by MinecraftPlaye

An big new forest dimension on a new planet and much more! Find it out!

Building Blocks

See the website for detailed information on this mod!

RFTools Dimensions Tweaker by BlitzProg

Tweaks for RFTools Dimensions

FixEye API by Superiorita

API for FixEye's mods

Precision Mining

Prevents overmining by allowing you to mine precisely 1 block at a time.


This is an extra help mod

Ageing Spawners by Mrbysco, ShyNieke

Spawners that have a limit

Fists of Flesh by Idris Qe, alcatrazEscapee

Stops you from harvesting most blocks with your hand. Contains configuration options that allow you to set the speed of harvesting blocks with the wrong tools, and the opt-out ability to harvest early-game shovel-harvestable blocks with your hands at a slower rate.

Potion Snowballs by azmalent

Adds potion-infused snowballs.

FNaF MOD by thepro05_, MCreator

RecipesPlus by DragonX

This mod adds recipes that are supposed to have been added to the game, but they are not for some obscure reasons.

RealCore by Zoomiti, ytrl

Core mod for RealMods

Waltech Mod by JHTWalrus

first real mod enjoy! Adds in cool new Techium and Armor

FastCMD by DiFort

Tired of entering commands? Yeah, I know, it's pretty long. With this mod, you can type the most necessary and useful commands with a single click. Isn't that why you're here? How to use: To open FastCMD menu press key C (you can change it in the controls settings) or type command /c. You can open this menu ONLY if you have enabled cheats!


This is an example mod

Oreberries Galore by Straitlaced

Oreberry bushes and more.


This is a stupid mod that should've existed to begin with

Tool's Land by jeremi999bag, MCreator

New Dimention & New Tools

Glasscraft by Blubbeltasche

Only Glass


This is an example mod

Genshin 1.12.2 by Taoism DeepLake

A Genshin Impact Mod for 1.12.2.

Organic Additions by George Kazanjian(SoggyMustache)

Provides additional content for Uncle Genny's Organic Mod Pack

Torch Lever by Cleverpanda

A torch that's also a lever

Smooth Bedrock by Samtrion

Smooths out those annoying bumps of Bedrock. These will be replaced with high probability by stone or lava. There is a minimal chance of a diamond.

Villagers Need Emeralds!

Now villagers want your emeralds and follow you, if you hold some

TFC Pewter by Peffern

This mod adds a Pewter alloy used in cookware to TerraFirmaCraft.

TFC+ Tweaker by StrayWolfe

Provides Minetweaker 3.0.10B support for Terrafirmacraft 0.83.4. Ported to TFC+ by Awsomekeldeo

Bard Mania by Aeronica

Play musical instruments and annoy your friends