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ZenTweaker by Snownee

Tweaker for the modpack: Zengineering.

RXC's City Mod by pc, MCreator

Traladium by Gugusse

Seika Mod

Seika Mod

ExtraDiamonds by Created by Destroy

A little element to the diamond.

Immersive Energy by Crimson Twilight

An expansion of early and late game energy generation for Immersive Engineering

mcnole25decorations by mcnole25, MCreator

A small mod I decided to make.


More Ingots! More Tools! More All!

NOVA by TeamDman_9201

A Blood Magic addon adding whatever I can think of.

DreamBreakerCrystal by Rob, MCreator

Molotov by Admin, MCreator

Coctail Molotov in Minecraft Mod

Avaritia Json Recipe Maker by admin, MCreator

Lava Furnace by Mierzen

Enables furnaces to be heated using lava fuel blocks (placed below).

PlaneFix by Shadows_of_Fire

Patch mod for AE Planes

Much More Spider Reborn by min01

porting much more spider to 1.12.2

Goosebumps mod by Gusutabo, MCreator

Better With Harder Steel Recipe by kreezxil, MCreator

I different way to get stone buttons and pressure plates.

mod_MexicanMod by MX Mod Team, MCreator

Un Mod de la RAZITA para la RAZITA!

Meras Key System Mod by SecretAgent12

Mods add keys for all Flan`s Mod vehicles

Bacon Mod! by MinecraftWero

Best bacon mod out there!.

Dark Tools by Darkosto

It adds tools!

ChristmasCraft by Newt_head

Holiday Cheer and Presents for All!

BuguisiMOD by McMDK

This MOD is "MonsterHunter"-Buguisitool :)




This is a working progress mod.

Birdstar's Dream by BirdstarCat13, MCreator

Enter short description here

MonacoGod by Utente, MCreator