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Extra Creatures by EnderiumSmith

Adds more mobs. Most of of them can be...lethal.

P3NG00's Things by P3NG00

P3NG00's Things.

Arcane Arteries by jordsta95

A Thaumic upgrade for Blood Magic

Inventory Management Mod by DaComputerNerd

A simple mod to allow better control over inventories in 1.7.10.

Mixer Interactive Lib by Microsoft Corporation

Now Minecraft Java Edition mod makers can bring Mixer's Interactivity to their content creations. Add functionality that further enhances your creations, enabling totally new experiences for players when they stream on Mixer. With an easy to use library, you can add custom interactive features to your mods. The possibilities are endless! And with Mixer's Faster Than Light streaming protocol, viewers of your players will be able to watch and play with less than a second of latency. Work together, invent minigames, or enjoy hilarious chaos - it's all up to you. Start building today!

Random TNT Mod by Creepershark77

Adds Some Random Things into Your World


This is an example mod

Olaf by UpcraftLP

Let it go!


Adds Hardened Diamonds!

Computer Craft Framework by Edward Yeung (Eyeballcode).

Needed for some mods, by me and other people.

Mob Particles by wesserboy

A client side mod that spawns particles at entities that look like their drops.

EqualDragons by TechnicianLP

All Dragons are created equal ...


Alot is fixed

Name Highlighter by OfficialSammy

Highlights the fucking snipers in Hypixel Bedwars lol or just highlight player names in general idk

More Stuffz by Lapisz

Adds More Stuff to the game! Add-ons: Feature coming soon!

MC Paint by ichttt

A mod that lets you paint a bunch of blocks.


Linkseyi's ModMaker

MCPVP Mod by NomNuggetNom

Collaboration Mod - Alpha by Slime Void Crew

The Collaboration Mod is so named for the beliefs of it's creators.

Skytech Crops by HunterzCZ

Add new crops to Skytech modpack.

Negativity by Elikill58, RedNesto

It's an Advanced AntiCheat Detection

Silky Hoe by StarSheep

A small mod that allows to plough up dirt through crops.

ForgeLottery by Gamenew09

ForgeLottery is a mod that allows a lottery system inside of minecraft using Forge. This version of the mod is used for the online series Mansion Builders. No one that is in the public should get this unless mistaken.

AdminTools by Thatgunnerkid, MCreator

This is an example mod

Flat Love: Caves And Ravines

Adds Caves and Ravines options to the features

Alpha Dagger Mod by TheSparkMods, TheSparkGames

A mod about daggers

DeathCounter by iChun

This mod adds a way for the server to calculate the number of deaths a player has (since its installation).

Ender Spawn by ShadCanard

Unleash the power of the dragon again... and again, and again !

Coloured Sea Lanterns by _CA

Adding colour to your minecraft world using sea lanterns since now!


Famous Witches and Wizards Cards

Energy Drinks Mod by KeeperofMee

Simply a mod that adds energy drinks!

XL Food Mod by mariot7

A mod that adds more foods and crops to the game.


This is an example mod


keyblades in minecraft

TE AutoJoin by Refrigerbater

One click of the join button is all you need! Sit back and relax while you wait to join full servers!

basketcase by Daeruin

Just in case you need wicker baskets.