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Mod dos youtubers da ADR

Crafting Paradise by Lumaceon

Custom mod by Lumaceon for the Crafting Paradise modpack. Biome swappers, research notes and planets. Basically a 'glue' mod to patch up the pack and make it work nicely.

Bits and Bobbs by TheIceBlock3, MCreator

Pam's Redbud Tree by Pamela Collins

Adds a new redbud tree that spawns in Forests that changes its leaf color through the month.

DWZTools by Abelatox

Mod complementario para el servidor Dragon World Z.

The BOM Plugin by osum4est

A plugin for JEI that lists components needed to craft complex items and blocks.

MobsCrops by NaturaSpell

B0bGary's Coal Tools by B0bGary

Durable coal tools made of coal ingots. Coal ingots can be created by smelting a coal block in a furnace.


More Swords in Minecraft

WolfFix by Wolfvuki

Fixes a series of issues within the BTeam modpack

Villager Guardian by yousui115

villager! guardian!


This is a mod which adds Obsidian Tools and armour

akkamaddi's Core API by akkamaddi, Sinhika

Required library of common functions for akkamaddi's Additions

Tomb Craft by SnakeRoyal

This moddifical add to Minecraft items and blocks for you can making tombs and traps

Ice Shards by ljfa

An addon for Glass Shards that adds ice shards

ScienceCraft Beta v0.1

Brings science to minecraft.

Ore Swords by UberAffe

Adds swords made of Ore for special properties and effects.

NK Mod by Katho

Example placeholder mod.

mod_MobSpawner by Bil0203

Simply spawn mobs without mob spawner or egg. You can make it on survival.

Shulker Drops Two by Rick South

A minimalistic configurable mod that allows shulkers to drop two or more shells and ignore their default drop chance.

Cloud Control by Luwin (/u/seneschal_luwin)

Allows you to configure the vertical height of the cloud layer

QuestUtils by McJty

Quest Utilities

GraveStone by NightKosh

This mod adds a gravestone to the game, which 'spawns' at player/villager/dog/cat death.

opensource worldgen dungeons

Chat Saver by Reflxction

A mod which saves chat when switching worlds.

The Ore Sniffer by Xcisso

A block that scans for useful materials, and displays them in the world.

EnigTech Utils by dong031001

Customized mod for EnigTech modpack.