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This mod is in its beta version.


This Is Just a Snapshot! Expect Bugs!

Custom NPC Spawner by Jaredlll08

copies folders.

MoonTools by Moonpaw, Kerocat

Some nice tools, drinks, recipes and flowers for MC 1.7.10

Craftable Horse Armor

A mod which allows you to craft the Saddle and the Horse Armor.

AutoTip by KevyPorter

Auto Tipping mod

Too Many Efficiency Losses by Caffeinated Pinkie

Gives you a much needed break from the ridiculous Extra Utilities 2 power efficiency loss.

Eyes in the Darkness by gigaherz

Those eyes you think you saw when walking through the forest at night. No, you did not imagine them.

KeepInventorySponge by runescapejon

Let players keep their Inventory if they have permission - Spongepowered


right click to activate the swords special powers!

UsuallyMod by ��2, MCreator

Commutable Armor by Caske2000

Commutable Armor is this cool mod which adds in a special type of armor: Customizable Armor.

mod_SimplyLightsabers by paz2000

Simply Lightsabers Adds A Simple Lightsaber Which Can Kill Mobs In One Hit And With A Right Click It Can Be Pulled In And Then If You Right Click It Again It Will Pull Back Out And The You Can Carry On Killing Mobs.

JustWeapons by DeflatedPickle

A Minecraft mod that adds some weapons.


Adds a bunch of useful ores underground

�2Rex's Additional Structures by �cXxRexRaptorxX (RexRaptor)

Adds new structures into the game!

Minecraft-Flux by Szewek

An open energy distribution system for Minecraft.

Parkour Mod (Assassin's Creed Style) by Shadow38PL

Mod that aims to add Assassin's Creed like parkour mechanics into Minecraft


Este mod es una actualizacion dl que ya habia hecho en a 1.5.2 espero que lo disfruten.

HandStand by huanmeng_qwq

by huanmeng

Odds&Ends by yunori2011

Just a small mod to add some thingajiggers.

Gravel Ores by Elucent

Simple gravel ores that appear on the surface.

SteamWorld by Zaexides

A steam-based technology mod.

Lazy Lazuli's Pipes by LazyLazuli

Simple piping mod. Cheaper alternative for moving items than hopper arrays.

Half Stick Mod by RoiEX

A Mod adding in Half Sticks and other stuff!

Defacto's Mod by Defacto34

A not finished Mod

Bats! by Davenonymous

Thaumic Calculations by Alexiy

An addon which shows items' arcane crafting recipes and adds a block for searching aspect sources and calculating crucible recipe ingredients

Mr. Lumpkins Decorations Mod by mr.lumpkins, MCreator

Lets have a party!