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This is a good mod


Adds Loot Crate into minecraft!

Laggist by Le Duy Quang

A simple mod by Le Duy Quang that displays FPS and ping.

Mobmania by Got Gaming?

Mobmania, the ultimate mob mod.


This is the DanTDM Minecraft mod

Smooth Zoom by Fiw

Crossroads by Da_Technomancer, 5284973

A Tech and Magic mod

Dark Destiny Helper Mod by Hazroh

Dark Destiny Helper Mod.

ZombieTech Reborn by Baushawat, MCreator

Adds new zombies to spice up your game !

Item Transform Helper by TGG

Interactively change the position, scale, and rotation of an item

HarvestCraftGenControl by DelirusCrux

Allows to configurate HarvestCraft Plant Spawns per Biome.

Mystcraft Info by Veovis Muad'dib

Try moving the slider...

ExoCraft by XxRexRaptorxX (RexRaptor)

This mod adds new cool exo suits!


What Is That?


This Mod Is A Very Helpful Mod


Made by Peach


Unleash that Power

Transprot by MrRiegel

Item transport over short distance without cables.

Sliptopian Utilities by ProRed

Made for the Sliptopia Modpack

Mini players by Lucky_fish20

Primeval Mod by 45_NICK_45,45_TOBI_45

This mod is dedicated to indescribable things - Anomaly

Growing Up Core by Dagarath

Core changes for the Growing Up Modpack.


This is an example mod

Villager Market by Face_of_Cat

A villager market mod.

Fullscreen Windowed by Hancin

Activates fullscreen windowed mode for Minecraft

Essential Alloys by TuxCraft

Essential Alloys

Tesslocator by LatvianModder




This mod allows you to make and grow ameo which lets you make dirt with -

Fu Dao by entropy

All Da Nuggets by Cursed_warrior, MCreator

Adds new Nuggets