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Easy Multiblock by SeiA

Mod about easy making a multiblock structures.

ItemFavorites by -Unknown-

Allows you to favorite items in your inventory

ManaTweaks by Nihiltres

Allows mana manipulation in CraftTweaker events

sample project by xgraham1, MCreator

Six6Stars Item Compactor & Olympian Armors by Neo Anderson of Six6Star Studios

Compact common blocks into hard building blocks and coal into diamonds. Make special armors from the new blocks.

Fire Mod by ElFrostburnMC, MCreator

Adds Fire Armors, Tools & Blocks


This mod add iridium


This is an example mod

Hydrophobic Skeletons by Xesaniel

A simple mod to harm Skeletons when they try to swim in water.

SuperMiner Illuminator by DuelMonster

SuperMiner Illuminator by DuelMonster.

FireMod200 by Marfin, MCreator

Enter short description here

Precise Time by CreeperShift

Change Minecraft day&night time

Mine Through by tommy__123__

Allows players on different networks to play together without a server or port forwarding.

Mod Amethyst Ore by Darber7005, MCreator

Amethyst Ore Mod

SimpleDifficulty by Charles445

Mod that adds temperature and thirst mechanics based on Tough As Nails


Maquinaria para Minecraft

Big Boi Basics by jmanholt929

Additional armor and tools

SD MOD by mtmt8, MCreator

Mod 6502,1 by Enderman842 (Merlin_Paesch)

A Mod that adds Building Blocks, Ruby Stuff, Cups of tea, Some weird rotten egg, Saphire Stuff and more...

Cravings by Darkhax

Adds cravings for random food items. Eating a desired food can give the player benefits.

Harder Mobs With Distance by UnstoppableN

Increases mob damage and health over distance

bedrock2 by graed, MCreator

Dragon Fruit

This mod makes cactus to have a small chance of dropping Dragon Fruit when destroyed

SoundName by yamato(waco)

Hexi's Functional Decoration by Hexicube

A collection of control panels and displays for controlling dense redstone systems.

Finder Compass

Make the vanilla Compass point on new and exciting Things! Diamonds! Strongholds! Any Block!

RIF-Mod by MiningMark48, Codyrule040

Adds a blast-proof version of almost every block in the game, with some added things for more enjoyment.


Enter short description here