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mod_CraftableObsidian by Shane_jen, MCreator

You can craft obsidian :D

Thermal Innovation by Team CoFH

Thermal technology marches on. Adds Thermal-style tools and equipment!

NoMoreGlowingPots by ZaBi94

Remove that useless glint from pots

Cooked Flesh Mod by WesleySnipes

A simple little mod to put all that rotten flesh to use.

LandCore by Landmaster (phuong0429)

Core mod for many of Landmaster's mods

CharacterOnGui (Console Like) by samhalo007

Have ever you dream to have your character on your screen, like you were on Xbox or Playstation ? Well, your dream came true !




It's like paint in Minecraft... yay!

MyM-WorldDownloader by Knoxz, Idlehumor, Slind

Multislab by Kerberos



Addon for Iron Chest

Fantasy Kaleidoscope by BJun

Fantasy Kaleidoscope

Silent Lib

Shared library for SilentChaos512's mods.

Crystallogy by COM8

Crystallogy is a mod which is based on crystals. You can use these crystals to construct tools and armor. You can also use your crystals to control / manipulate your friends.

§aAltis-Of-Life by §cMrAnthonyPvP_G

§8Créer par §cMrAnthonyPvP_G §8interdit a la modification et à l'utilisation non autoriser. §cSous Copyright


This is an example mod

Realm Of Yendor's Artifacts of the Lost by machinespray

Add's items inspired by NetHack and other various rogulikes, along with a (WIP) deity system.

Mansion Builders: Mod by Gamenew09

The offical mod for Mansion Builders. (Currently a private mod.)

Jon's Exclusives by Jon

A custom Minecraft mod for exclusive content.


Adds a new ore and some cool stuff to craft with it! Also adds a new mob. Still in development :D

JMap Staged by Darkhax

Allows for Journey Map to be gated behind GameStage progression.

Joypad / SplitScreen Mod

Play Minecraft splitscreen using gamepad controllers!!

Simple Hammers by DaemonUmbra

A mod that adds configurable multi-mining implements

mod_Multitool by Barack Obama aka 9ReMiX9, MCreator

Don't be a scrub


Addons for Airports

Earth Life by Betkekk

This mod adds new animals to the game

Tinkers' Golems Addon by sky01

Add-on for Extra Golems to support Tinkers' Construct

Classical Alchemy by akkamaddi, Sinhika

Classical Alchemy, refined versions of Copper, Tin, and Bronze.


Made by Cameron and Daenyl!

berzik assassins by stakanchik21, MCreator

assassins mod

Anti Swear by TrenTech

Prevent players from swearing

the iron golem summoner by Thedrawingcreeper, MCreator

now you can spawn a iron golem !!! with out colecting a buntch of iron and pumkins!


Dbd mod

Lil' Buffs by CatDany

Lil' buffs <3