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Five nights at Freddy's V3 Mod by T0psid3 (Coder), CuchoTheSpanishman (Modeler), and iLexiconn (LLibrary)

Teleportals by Geforce, The_Pastmaster

Adds utility transport portals into Minecraft!

mod_SpicyFoodMod by Javimania111, MCreator

Add flavor to Minecraft!

mod_TheCreepyMod by Alejandro Aguado 3DJuegos: GamerGameplayer, MCreator

Mod con cosas de terror, especialmente creepypastas.

Deadly Feesh by Lyeoj

Cute, cuddly, and 100% deadly

Easy Home by uno

set home or spawn point (SSP/SMP)

Extended Farming by TheLarsinator

Improve your minecraft farming experience!

Batman by colossali


Zoids Minecraft Mod by Tyrannos23, Ashten_Pyrono

Extremely Early Version of the Mod, Still a Work In Progress.


Advanced animals in Minecraft!

Round Robin Hopper by Ruuubi

Adds a round-robin version of Minecraft's Hopper.

SwKillDeathMod by harogen_

/swKd playerName , /allKd , /swSettings

ShadowCraft by Darva

Shadowcraft adds blocks and items to let you rule the shadows


From the creator of The More Tools Mod come The More Armour Mod!

mod_Uranium_Mod by mklimek03, MCreator

This is my first modification.

iGoodie's Farm by iGoodie, Redowar

This mod is created for Redowar's modpack. Created for necessity


This is an example mod


This mod add horse armor and saddle crafting recipies!


This is an example mod

Chat Overhaul by Zeitheron

General improvements for vanilla chat like file/image sharing and voice messages.

Seeds Hidden in Things by DaemonUmbra

A semi-joke mod centered around getting seeds.... from throwing poop...

Miners Pick by Minekid878, MCreator

A pickaxe that has fortune 10. Semi hard to make.

InsLib by insert

Shared code and classes for my mods.

Ore Tweaker by EwyBoy

Allows you to tweak vanilla ore generation

AutoL by DanceDog

Be the most toxic player on Hypixel