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Auto DAB by Sk1er

Auto DAB for the Hypixel Network.

Pandora's Box

Adds Pandora's Box to the game. What does it do? There's only one way to find out...


This mod will be add ore cow


This is a mod that adds all FNAF 3 animatronics to minecraft

Utilities³ by bk1325

Utilities³ is an open source mod currently in very early stages. Right now it only contains a few goodies but with many more to come


This is an example mod

Laggist by Le Duy Quang

A simple mod by Le Duy Quang that displays FPS and ping.


The cheesecake mod inspired by MrBigCheesecake

Gun Customization: Infinity by CAS_ual_TY

Guns with Hundreds of Thousands of Attachment Combinations

Lightwave's Tweaks by Lightwave

Items and resources for my Adventure


Joint and build!! Move and ride!! Have fun!!

Mo' Furnaces Mod by Mattkx4, Pr1meSh0ck

A mod that adds more furnaces.

Rob's Stuff by Venrob

Mod for misc things

Skorpio's NotOnlyMoreOres Mod by sorash67 || Skorpio

Bunch of stuff added by Skorpio!

Dorito Mod by By: Jul2040

Official Mod of Dorito Squad.

ToMe Setup by ToMe25

ToMe25(0)'s Setup Mod.

ccSCADA by Mr. Byte

A set of peripherals for building factory automation systems.

Graber by ExampleDude



Provide 1.11 blocks, items and mobs

Auto MyPosition by WaningMatrix

A minecraft mod which does /myposition before every game on the Hypixel Network. Do /automp for help.

Iguana Tweaks by iguana_man

Various tweaks for vanilla

mod_MoreRecipesMod by Eric Amato (Craft_Logic/Stantreac), MCreator

Craft items you've always wanted to, in single player with NO cheats!

Liquid Dirt by ace5852

Yes It's Mud.

Peaceful helper by Libroru, MCreator

SGS Salandaar's Orb 1.7.2 by Sal'andaar Stone

This mod adds Salandaar's Orb to vanilla minecraft. It allows you to see through adjacent walls and discover underground tunnels and caverns.


New Crafs and new Mods This is MCMod!!!

Apiary and Honey by queekusme

Realistic Beekeeping and Honey Production.

Simple Flight

Simple Flight isn't your average, wimpy flight mod that lets you creative fly in survival mode -- No, Simple Flight is HARDCORE, brah. You take fall damage if you aren't wearing glide-enabled wings, you only get a limited amount of flaps per flight, and there is a cooldown between flaps. Good luck. You'll be needing it.

Lost Your Hope by Hayazo, MCreator

Additional mobs and items

CivRadar by TealNerd

Radar mod for Minecraft.