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Voxels by A_villager, Purplicious_Cow

Voxels are a new in-game currency used by sentient Creepers, who live in highly socialized Creeper Villages and specialize in trading, economics, and explosives

AsdIntergaterMod by Asd1995sse

Asd1995sse mod, specially for World of MinmaX

Modular Electro-Mechanical Enhancement Systems by Phanta

Electrically-augmented tooling!


Cross-dimensional portals done right

Goblins! Mod by Sartharis

Goblins! is a mod for Minecraft ,which adds Goblins and their Villages to your world! Those little buggers don;t like you at all and are more than willing to kill you! So get your weapons ready, because someone has to exterminate them! Goblin villages are filled with great treasures and totems! Collected Totems can crafted into magical powders, which can be used to craft many powerful items (magical weapons and awesome utilities!). Villages are often located in swamps and plains, look there for them!

Zen Triggers by TeamDman

Adds methods to execute commands when certain events happen

Endercows Mod by MineHe

Endercows 2.0!!


This is an example mod

YuTanLib by Txur'itan, yu02241

Lib for the YuTan mods.

More Explosives by NikolaiTheEpicGenius

This mod adds many new explosives to minecraft!

Don't Even Axe by Laike_Endaril

Halves the damage of axes

Saikkimus's Random Things by Saikkimus, MCreator

Saikkimus's Rainbow Mod Remake

Tea And Biscuits

Adds tea and biscuits

Extra Ores Mod by MrDerpCreates, MCreator

Enter short description here

Mutant Creatures Reborn by Darius Bennett, MCreator

The Mutant Creatures Mod, Reborn!

Biomes Tweaker by Zehir

Example placeholder mod.

Rabbits Breed Like Rabbits by The_Fireplace

Rabbits breed like rabbits, and other rabbit tweaks.

Paleocraft by Dan_Wallace, bladeking68, fisherman77

Realistic dinosaurs in Minecraft. Paleocraft adds dinosaurs to Minecraft. Baryonyx, Citipati, and more!




The Doener Mod

Slope Block Mod by mrtska


EnderHunter919's Random Stuff by enderhunter919, MCreator

Thank you for installing the mod, please enjoy it.

Ayataka Mod by shu3

The last choice is Ayataka

RaitisModCore by Raiti

This Mod is the core Mod of lychee Mod


More Gems!

Cenozocraft by insert, Jaz

The age of mammals is here! Experience extinct animals from the Cenozic era, 66 million years ago.


This is an inspector gadget mod


This is an example mod

Block Maker by Deltric

Simple block adding mod

Just Enough Throwing In Fluids by Lykrast

JEI addon for throwing stuff in fluids to make other stuff.


This is an example mod