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Adds enhanced versions of all the base game tools.


Use the power of the end for strange uses! From mining to a mob farm, the power of the end can complete these tasks!

Lapis Pack

Adds Tools For Lapis Lazuli

Thermal Tinkerer

A unique kind of insane Thermal Expansion addon.


El mod de IsaIsa

Alt F4

Simple upgrade to the vanilla furnace, with experience management, and a customizable smelting list

Offline Skins by WGOS

This mod get custom skins even in offline mode servers

Enigma by McJty


CustomSkinLoader by xfl03

Custom Skin Loader for Minecraft




Enter short description here

Material Foundation by ICannt Team

Material Foundation

FannyPack by notanimposter

Like the Traveller's Belt

MonsterApocalypse by minaduki

Monster of the Dead

mp3 Jukebox Mod by masll

a Mod that enables you to play mp3 Files

Real Train Mod by ngt5479

Compacter by bdew

Death Log by danielm59

Saves details of player deaths

SnCraft IC2 Addons by snooker147

Addons for IC2 Experimental

MobTalker2 by Chimaine, xs2007

A visual novel engine for Minecraft

New Ores - Core by MrBlockTNT

New Ores is a simple mod who add more ores, achievements and stuff.

WealthyturtleLib by Wealthyturtle

A Mod that is Required by Many of Wealthyturtle's Mods




This plugin enables server admins to give players rewards for voting for their server.

Animals' Revenge Mod by creepersgalore

Adds various hostile farm mobs.

Building Tools by Silver_David

Introduces a few tools to make building easier.


Find rubies, make powertools and more!


Linkseyi's ModMaker