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Blue_Stone by Skill_Devilz, MCreator



This mod adds roads.

Onion Mod by PingschelleMC

The Onion Mod (1.0.1a) adds onions, golden onions, onion seeds and the onion crop to your game!

Elite Armageddon by Cephrus

Integrated World Destroyer

Die Dye by IrresoluteArkia

Adds flowers that you crumple up to make Die Dye, which you throw at Zombies for an insta-kill. Why? Because my sister!

Smash Bats NE by Tsuteto, kegare


NetherEx by LogicTechCorp and Eleazzaar

Composter by Stormwind99

Compost stuff! Turn excess organic material and rotted food into nutrients for plants.

Fabled Works by WireSegal

A mod that adds extra qualities to weapons.


Add 6 swords

Just Enough Forestry Bees by MrDimkas_Studio

View bee breeding and production, tree breeding and production


TGS Mods

HitBoxOverlay Mod by RANKTW

RANKTW's HitBoxOverlay Mod.


Autorski mod a skytecha

SwKillDeathMod by harogen_

/swKd playerName , /allKd , /swSettings


This is an example mod

Minecraft Crafting Ideas #2 - Miecze by Xeno, Roxmb


This is an example mod


This modification changes food system in Minecraft, and also adds many other things!


Manucraft Mod 3.0!


This is mod for builders and people that don't like exploring and getting all kinds of materials in the open world. Enjoy!

Automated Redstone by CD4017BE

Better redstone cables and programmable circuits


Remake of BicBiomeCraft


custom mining dimension for minecraft 1.7.10

Hungry Mechanics by Oort Cloud

More Realistic Animals.This mod changes vanila animals' AI and feeding activity. Now they would die when hungry, eat fallen foods!

Mo' Glowstone Mod by §aKaden

Like glowstone, but with rainbows!

Terraria Buttons by Lothrazar

Just like in Terraria, this adds buttons to containers / chests that can do four actions: Loot All, Deposit, Quick Stack, and Restock.

Nametag Editor by Fiw

Allows you to change the look of nametags


ToffeeCraft Mod

§fSuper §4Mario §6Bros. by §bChampionAsh5357

§eSuper Mario Bros. is the recreation of Mario games in Minecraft, from the original to the newest in the franchise.

Galacticraft Mars by micdoodle8

Mars addon for Galacticraft.

WorldGenIndicators by Buuz135

A mod that indicates worldgen