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Back2block by Sukus, MCreator

Turns slabs and stairs into full blocks ecs dee

Discovery Jar by Filloax

Jar mod for the Discovery Modpack.

Villager Market by Face_of_Cat

A villager market mod.


More Gems!

FarmAssist by AGS_Phoenix

Farming for lazy people.

Watercan by codetaylor

Simple, configurable watercan mod.

Terraqueous by ShetiPhian


This is an example mod


ChineseWorkshop_The beta

ItemScanner by Kashin

ItemScanner adds scanner peripherals for ComputerCraft enabling the retrievel of itemID and likewise information

DenPipes-Emerald by denoflionsx

opensource addon tech

Acro's Tactical Explosives by Acrogenous A.K.A acrominer

A mod that adds more explosions to the average minecrafter's life

Various Tweaks by Wyrrrd

A simple mod that alters some other mods' behaviour to provide a cleaner and more intuitive gameplay.

War on the Mobs by §8Shadow_Mods

Turn your world into a battleground!

mod_DemonTools by Golokios, MCreator

Demon Tools 1.1 new Blocks

Custom Main Menu Sound by _Socol_

Play custom sound when you open main menu

PanoStream Mod by CrushedPixel, johni0702

A Mod that allows livestreaming of 360° footage to YouTube.

Pokextras by Karston, MCreator

Additions to the pixelmon mod

Cloud Boots by Tiviacz1337

Cloud Boots from Chocolate Quest mod!


Enter short description here

ChemLab by Itaros

This mod adds the ability to play with items at molecular level. Hardcore automation experience awaits you!

tech addon worldgen survival

DatMod by xlxAciDxlx

A mod of miscellaneous bits & bobs, gadgets & gizmos.


The Mixer Mod add mixed swords that you can craft!


The Ultimate MOD!

Suspended Server by Blargerist, superckl

Suspends the server while no players are online.


This is Jason Voorhees Mod!

MultiToolHolders by A.K.

Add Tool Holders

The Last Sword You will Ever Need Mod

As if it isn't obvious... It adds the last sword you will ever need.

Beta Creepers by Darius Bennett, MCreator

Adds the Beta Creeper to 1.12.2

Compact Machines 3 by Davenonymous

It's all so tiny!

Quick Consume by Kain

Adds the ability to quickly consume items


A hud for playing MineZ!.