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Today Is A Gift by Wyn Price

Whats special about today?

Amazig Lib by AmazigJj

A small lib mod for all my small mods!

Straw Golem by NivOridocs

A mod that add a straw golem, it's a farmer.

False Fire by traikanossi

An aesthetic mod.


Rustcraft re-creates Rust, by Facepunch, in Minecraft!

Foundry by EXTER

Liquid Metals


This is an example mod

Dooglamoo Painter Mod by Jason LaDere

Paint wooden planks with different designs and patterns.


This mod adds all kinds of cloud things


Enter short description here

RottenFleshToLeather Mod by Ayano Keiko, Seelenio, Sirily

Copyright by Authors

MukaStructureMod by Muka2533

Add many building blocks.

Potion Gems by MorelPlay

Adds gems that apply potion effects to the player.


This is an example mod

More Leathers by ExampleDude

Example placeholder mod.

Ic2c Extras by Trinsdar, Razzokk

Dummy mod to keep curseforge page up. Did you read the discription?

Incorporeal by quaternary

Botania addon. More tools for large-scale corporea systems.


Adds two variations of end stone bricks. Serves as an example of how to integrate blocks into the Chisel mod.

Christmas 3Dmodel

Christmas 3Dmodel adds new 3D models blocks

Gamestage Books by xt9 (IterationFunk)

Books that unlock gamestages when read.

SkyLandsForge by Asd1995sse

Asd1995sse mod, specially for World of MinmaX

DiamondSwordHandBlender by Iunius118

Adds Diamond Sword Hand Blender.

CustomNpcs by Noppes DarkSignal

The Custom Npcs mod lets you create your own npcs and lets you customize them how you want


things for my modpack

More Gadgets by black_dog20

HyperionCraft by DjGiannuzz

Firing incrase accuracy.

Essentials by Lemon_Juiced

A Random Compile Of Stuff


Disables block placement by y-level