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This is an example mod

TheBrisingrMod-1.12.2-1.0.6 by Baraxor, MCreator

The Brisingr Mod

MaidCall by pekorin



Made by Linkounnet

Kiraeyl's Feather by fuzzyray

Kiraeyl's Turkey Feather.

MorePlayerModels by Noppes

More player models lets you edit your player model to your hearts content


Deep In The Dark Dimension An Unstopable Creature Grows. Go Defeat This Creature User And Save Minecraft


This is an example mod

TbscClick by Tbsc

Tbsc's auto clicker mod!

Flat Colored Blocks by AlgorithmX2

A Minecraft mod about building with vast quantities of colored blocks.

Crafting EX by kegare

Crafting Table will be to support crafting of duplicated recipes.

Misc Junk by server_default

Miscellaneous Junk


you Can Craft Spawneggs

The Hunt by Arkif

A hunting mod for Minecraft, the hunt is on!

Essential Additions by spikespaz, thvardhan

A mod that adds what Mojang forgot. Essential Additions is a Minecraft mod that adds what many people think should have been in the Vanilla game. Credits: Jacob "Dasepos" Dachenhaus (AKA Invisibru) for the logo, Perry Berman for rewriting tool classes. Special thanks to Thvardhan for all his contributions. The mod probably wouldn't work without him.


add leather into pixelmon

HidePassword by Ldcr

闅愯棌浣犳墦鍦ㄨ亰澶╂閲岀殑/login鎸囦护 lol

§eElementa §fEt §2Plantae by tattyseal, FluidMods, Fuzew, MAPCraftCoding

This strange new world is the combination of magic and the elements creating an adventure around every corner.


Render Item Big


Le mod qui rend utile les poules

So Much Stuff by TwiLordMC

A Great Mod That Adds Great Things To Your Game.

Turtle Mod by Lemonzap

A mod that adds in various turtles.

Durability Notifier by Mrbysco

A minecraft mod that notifies you when your durability gets at a certain percentage

Commands Plus Addon by LMH01

Adds new Commands

Serene Seasons by Adubbz, Forstride

Adds seasons with changing colors, temperature shifting, and more!

ObsAoA by Jim MiningWorm

Addon for Advent of Ascension

WandItems by _Zixel_

WE & WG Items

RF Guns by GemOfEvan (ign: Victor31415)

Adds the RF Gun to the game plus upgrades!

Prospects by dizzydizzyd

Immersive prospecting and ore vein discovery

Sander Mod by Sand_er_Block

The mod thats not not a mod.