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JourneyMapDefaults by BinaryCraft

Allows mod pack makers to easily provide customised default settings for JourneyMap

Shulker Drops by polGamer29

Backports Shulker Shells & Boxes so you don't lose pickups.

Spiked Foods by Akrivus

Spiked Foods is a simple and ingenious mod that extends and improves vanilla potion mechanics by adding the ability to spike food items. With this mod, you'll have the power to assassinate your enemies, add a whole new level to roleplaying, enhance edible items like golden apples, pull pranks on friends, and so much more!

Whiskas (PetCo Foods)

Mod made for The Cat Project (TCP) in 2015

Flour by Azulaloi

Simple wheat to flour.

TwinTails by Hea3veN

Tail ON!

Pam's Spooky Tree by Pamela Collins

Adds a new spooky tree that spawns in Forests whose orange planks can be turned into all sorts of wooden building blocks.

Mod Downloader by KewaiiGamer

This most will create a config where you can write the url for the mods you want to download when the game starts

Rustic Thaumaturgy by Voxel-Friend

A mod that adds some Thaumcraft compatability to Rustic.

Advancement Book by ParkerMc

Just a mod that adds a book to open a thing.

Wynnforge by Tiffit

Wynncraft Improvement Mod

Nutricraft by TheBaloneyboy, TehLiquidToast

The Nutrigrain bar, a simple yet delicious any-time food. This mod adds many things relating to said bar, as an ode to it. (Nutrigrain® is a registered trademark of Kellogg NA Co)

ExplosiveFishing by DeflatedPickle

A Minecraft Forge mod that lets you fish with explosions.

Pyroclasm by Grondag (aka Zaerudath)

Volcanos, lava, fiery ruination. You didn't like that base anyway...

CreeperHost by Ellpeck, Cloudhunter

Mod which allows you to purchase a server in game

Soul Sandstone by DelirusCrux

Single Block Mod for Soul Sandstone

Diaernum by MarcoPlay00

This mod adds new tools and armors

EverRain by MyasisDragon

EverRain causes minecraft to perpetually rain. Forever. All of the time. No end in sight. Bring a poncho.

Loadout by mallrat208

Starting Loadout Mod

Building Blocks Mod Maker by Guff1118

A mod for making mods. Sort of like an API, but requires no Java knowledge to use!

OrechidEndium by TheRealp455w0rd

A Botania addons that adds a end-variant functional flower akin to the Orechid Ignem

False Swipe by naturaGodhead

A weapon that leaves your enemies alive.

Slime Mod (SSP)

This mod expands your F3 screen to indicate whether you're in a slime-spawning area. It takes both slime chunks and swamps into account, and also checks the height. Only works in SMP if seed is manually typed into config file.


Makes Lightning when right clicked

Anti GameShark by Oortcloud

Prevents connection from clients which contains GameShark for Pixelmon

Energy From Matter by RedmenNL

Use EMC for other things than transmutation!

mod_CrystalWing by DaftPVF, bspkrs

Crafted using 3 gold ingots, 2 feathers, and an ender pearl, this magical wing will transport you home!

Ugandan Adventures by superdextor

Welp, someone had todo it