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Bow Of Death by safe7229, MCreator

OP bow

Thaumic Augmentation by TheCodex6824

An addon mod for Thaumcraft that tries to add new content that fits in with the source material.


Add COLOR to your MineCRAFT

Mystic Ruins by oitsjustjose, GotoLink

Magical structures to explore in your minecraft game!

Draconix-ThePowerOfUsers by Mysha_VoidWalker

Playeble Build

mod_WeatherWandMod by , MCreator

Zero Mod by subzer0mc, minegames121

Zeronium doesn't combine with coffee...

Long Fall Boots by NanoHeart

Long Fall Boots. What else could be said

FoxThings by Zorn_Taov


PotatOre by nekojess

Adds a new and exciting ore block to the game

Everything Glows by ThatGamerBlue

Everything is glowing!

React by pie_flavor

A little game to be played in chat.

DyeableGlowstone by DemoXin

Multi-colored Glowstone! For all your decorative needs!


This is a Mod that adds some Epic PowerUps

Meldexun's Extra Spells by Meldexun

More Spells.

Re-Zombies-V1.5-Ver-1.12.2.jar by Jenssons, MCreator

Re-Zombies is a mod inspired by Mo-Zombies that sadly hasn't been updated sense 2015.

Extended Blocks by Max_Freemen, LeyxorCheysen, max100500pro

This mod adds a lot of decoration&building blocks to your Minecraft world.

Nickname by kegare

Give the nickname to player.


This mod adds cool 3d Weapons in to minecraft

Dynmap-Nucleus by mikeprimm

Nucleus support for Dynmap

Tweaker by asbyth, h1nk, prplz

continuation of h1nk's tweaker mod / prplz steev mod, using mixins

D3Core by Dries007, Doubledoor team

DoubleDoor Development Core

Ore Veins by alcatrazEscapee

Adds realistic ore veins


Mobs with Ranged Weaponry