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Mystic Ores by oitsjustjose, GotoLink

Adds ores into the Nether and Overworld


Made the flares 100% canon

DecoToys by D�bora Guimar�es, MCreator


A Naruto Mod

Login HP Fix by Laike_Endaril

Makes it so players login with the same HP they had when they logged out (ie. when max HP is changed)

Fampack by Fampat

Adds some very useful egg-laying-wool-milk-sows

CQC by mallrat208

Close Quarters Combat, an companion mod to Vic's Modern Warfare

XMeowMod by XMeow

XMeowMod make your life better! Enjoy :D


Simple and easy.

Forge Microblocks

Microblocks for Forge MultipartCBE.

Natural Biomes 2 by Allstar602

Adding more biomes that feel vanilla!

Pipsqueak's Halloween 2015 by Pipsqueak737

Happy Halloween from Pipsqueak737! This mod includes stuff like monsters and candy!

Nether The Farm by Terrails

Mod created for farming in nether, WIP

Avartia SwordEx Mod by Takaranoao

AvartiaSwordEx Mod

MionCore by Stefan Wimmer

Provides useful functions

Bow-Swords by Jagm

Adds multi-purpose weapons which can double up as either a bow or a sword.

Ultimate Loot Boxes by Avrye

Adds tons of new items and weapons found in loot boxes dropped by enemies.

Useful Ores by TheGamer37, MCreator

PokexpMultiplier by happyzlife

ProjectInventories by TrenTech

Multi world inventories

duisterethomas' mod by duisterethomas, MCreator

adds in things i miss in minecraft and/or mods

Random Decorative Things by Mrbysco

Just some random decorative things.


Full Terraria Game in Minecraft!

Compact Kinetic Wind and Water Generators by PinkaLulan

Kinetic Wind and Water Generator compact version!

Lumber Tycoon by ItzYaBoiMyth, MCreator

MediaMod by ConorTheDev

Get integration for your favourite streaming services right in Minecraft

Example for JourneyMap API by TechBrew

Example mod showing how to write a plugin for the JourneyMap API.

PacketHandler by oDD1

Технический мод для обработки данных поступающих клиенту от сервера


This is an example mod

NovaServMod by _Rtinox

Mod pour le serveur Novazia

Iron Dimension by bgwoo (Code and Textures), 7ggw88 (Textures)

3 new dimensions to explore! Iron, Gold and Diamond. New Dimensions, Blocks, Items, Mobs, Tools, Armor and More! Craft a portal lighter, build a portal and light the portal. Time for a journey!


This is an Alchemy mod


Plugin to set nickname over Bungeecord


This is an example mod

mod_TooManyOres by Marinos, MCreator

Too many ores in Minecraft!

Gunpowder Recipe by Halkony

Creates gunpowder recipe for Industrial Craft 2

Terramap by TheSmyler

A tiled map in minecraft as an addon for terra121