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Web-API API by Valandur

API interface for the WebAPI

MyTown 2 by Alpha, Legobear154, AfterWind

Create towns, protect your stuff! Continuation of the original MyTown by Alpha!

JER Ore Integration by _Axieum

A JER addon that integrates various ores with its graphing capabilities.


Edible cobblestone and more!

Alexandrite And More by maceswinger2000

Adds armor, tools, blocks, mobs, and so much more

mod_CobblestoneArmor by cocut, MCreator

My first mod


This is an example mod

Prehistoric Nature Triassic by Aecht_Rob

Adds the Prehistoric Nature Triassic dimension



Mistcraft by Hennamann

A small mod that implements the mist present in Final Fantasy IX



Herbs 3D by Straiker123, MCreator

Finally, a new plant called Gilom !

Ichorium Kit by KELETU66666

A mod bringing back Ichor items from TC4's addon Thaumic Tinkerer

Ofalen Mod

This MOD adds a new ore Ofalen, to add a new such as tools, swords, armors, balls using it.

LianQiFuShu by hxyzg, MCreator

ViesCraft Tweaker by GoryMoon

A mod that adds CraftTweaker functionality and modifies some things to ViesCraft

Overlay Suppressor by YiraTheForlon

Delete overlay whitout chat.

mod_DungeonsandWeapons by Xaron, MCreator

More Dungeons, Weapons and Mobs

Archani Commutatio by Xetosphere

The Archani Commutatio mod.

mod_Xnadertech3 by xander, MCreator


HeartGem by Mcreator, Geroan

This mod adds two new heart items to regenerate or heal your life in minecraft. (This mod is in beta version, is not complete, very simple mod)!

Creative Block Replacer by Rick South

Allows easy switching in between placing and replacing blocks in creative mode.

Slender by iChun

Adds the Slender gameplay into Minecraft

Ender-Sausages by Janus122333

This mod adds ender-sausages. WIP

JNDIPatch by SuperslowJelly

Standalone patch for the Log4J JNDI exploit.

Forgotten Items by Tschipp

Forgotten Items adds special Items that are crafted in a unique way

Practical Logistics

All things data - Requires SonarCore

BookMenus by jakearoo

Usable book menus for minecraft

BuildCraft Compat by asie, BuildCraft Team

Compatibility add-on for BuildCraft


Mais Coisasa

Player Rugs by Kihira

FPS Spoofer Mod by dewgs

Spoofs the FPS display in-game


Gems, armors and tools

simple_pink_diamond_dois by PROFESSORA, MCreator