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EZGapples by IWillRekU3206

EZer Gapples



Spawn Protection by Kreezxil

Protecting spawn regardless of the op condition

MeziCraft 1.12.2 V4 by DinoGames0039, MCreator

Dinosaurs AND prehistoric creatures!

Battle Royal Mod by MrCrayfish

Adds in features that are similar to Fortnite

Golem's Disco Mod by EnvyingGolem47, MCreator

DEV TEST ENVIROMENT... wait how the hell did you get this???

SkyTower by zetaPRIME

Custom things for the SkyTower pack


This mod adds lots of gems.

slegBlocks by Simone James, MCreator

just some stupid bullshit

Mob Drip by Horfius

Mobs will now 'slime' their way if they're caught in blocks.

Level Storage Mod by mak326428

LevelUp-ing max tier of IC2. Now for reals!

BetterChunkLoader Forge Lib by KaiNoMood

A lib for BetterChunkLoader

Team Marker by Reflxction

A Minecraft mod which highlights your teammates

JumpPlates by �biDinya�f, �dZarak�f, �eDesha�f

This is fun mod


Ichiraku Ramen mod by Flash

Simply Hammer by LionZXY

Mod add hammer

Abilities by Titan

Adds player abilities.

TerraFirmaPunk Tweaks by JAWolfe, OneWolfe

Various tweaks for the TerraFirmaPunk Pack.

Tinkers' Steelworks by Toops

A steel-based expansion for Tinkers' Construct. Now you're tinkering with steel!


Adds a dimension made of obsidian!


A mod based on The Last Of us Game

More Bees by lach_01298

Adds more bees to forestry

Stredge Universe:The end of all things. Endless stars by

Stredge Universe:The end of all things. Endless stars.

Aspectdumper by ExampleDude

for minecraft 1.7.10.

BugPatch by williewillus, deNULL

Fixes for vanilla bugs!


Items, Blocks, mobs, and more!

Mob Stages by Darkhax

Allows mob spawning to be gated behind custom progression.