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Some GUI enhancements.

konstak mod by konstak02, MCreator

this mod adds the most op boss ever.and also some other things

BuildCraft Compat by asie, BuildCraft Team

Compatibility add-on for BuildCraft

Super Mario Mod by Jimboom7, LulzCop, branquinho_l0j

It´s a me, Mario!


This mod adds cool elements [changelog: added black Diamond -craftable and smetable but no ore for it YET, added ruby and ore too, fixed bug where old textures were implemented.] GOT SUPPORT ON SOME OF THE NEW TEXTURES AND ITEMS FROM ethonet, he is a new developer on the team! Possible features for Next Update Black Diamond tools, weapons- confirmed Cloud Block- possible Day and Night Changer GUI With block- wouldn’t count on it, pretty unlikely Emerald tools, weapons and tools- Certainly Possible, I don’t see why not Bubblegum- 50%

MatchTV_Mod by MatchTV_Infinity, MCreator

my mod


My take on some simple hammers

Fancy Fish by Colin Vella

Fancy Fish introduces a number of exotic fish mobs, marine features and craftable items including fish food, bowls, tanks and a fishing net to keep them as pets. Forge MDK build: 1.8.9-



Hotbar Tweaks by Zurrox

Adding extra slots to access your inventory via your Hotbar


Adds a waypoint system that lets instantly cross large distances around the world.


This is a crafting recipe mod

Chest Counter

Counts items in chests

Vortexcraft by Goldengamer10 (Gold)

RearCam by asbyth, KodingKing

Port of Hyperium's RearCam into a Forge mod, asked for by Purpled

Toma's Better Mob Spawner by Toma1O6

Absolutely must have mod for modded RPG worlds where you want to mark locations for special mobs to spawn. With this mod you can specify where each mob will spawn and how many will spawn. This mod is compatible with all mods as long as their entities are registered properly!

Bewitchment by Covens Team + Witchworks Team

A Witchery inspired mod

mod_road by , MCreator

Consecration by C4

Makes the undead unkillable except through fire and holy damage


This is an example mod

Plants 2 by Shadows_of_Fire

Every plant known to man. Well, almost.

Afraid of the Dark

What will you do when...?

Vertically Stacked Dimensions by CD4017BE

Effectively increases the Build height by stacking dimensions above each other with transition portals in between.

Minecraft Boom by Soupbubbles, Eridiah, merjin, Kijan

Exploiting the potential of the game

More AntiCheat by R__

Anticheat mod for 1.12.2

Better Portals by johni0702

Adds see-through portals that can be used without any pesky loading screen.

UltimateMod by RapidEv


Server Crash Exploit by NinjaLeo, Coolman

Crash the Server

I Know What Im Doing by InsomniaKitten

Small mod that disables the in-game tutorial for new instances.


Add more things to Minecraft!

The Engender Mod by Enderman_of_D00M

A mod that allows you to build armies of mobs to do battle with the world and other players