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Hunter's Dream by VampireRedEye, RedstoneTim

Hunter's Dream

Ores Plus by ridebuilder5

This mod adds a variety of ores. It improves the mining experience.

Tanpopo by Schr0

mod of the Tanpopo, by the Tanpopo, for the Tanpopo

Effortless Building by Requios

Makes building easier by providing tools like mirrors, arrays, quickreplace and a block randomizer.

Mystical Adaptations by Focamacho

A new way to get seeds from Mystical Agriculture!

ElytraTrails by runescapejon

Wearing Elytra and fly with Particles!

Ore Prospector by Nagapito

Tools to prospect for ores.

Obsidian Items by CoolioSauce

Create tools, weapons, armor and more with obsidian.

ClicketyClack by boq

Mouse and keyboard on-screen indicators

Ore Dimensional

This provides ores in all dimensions.

Halloween Mini Mod by Bienkie, MCreator

Sky Resources by Bartz24

The skyblock companion mod. Everything comes from nearly nothing.

Ageing Mobs by svennieke, Mrbysco

This mod allows mobs to age and transform.

Animated Crosshair by bugfroggy

Customize your crosshair in Minecraft

CJBModItems by otakux



Fuck me


This is an example mod

Endless City by Julian Hyde

Creates a vast empty city, to be explored and destroyed. Explore and city and try to return life to this ravaged land


This mod adds all kinds of cloud things



Display by Martacus

Display Items

Ender Hunter by Pharabus

A mod for hunting Endermen

FeedPack by Moritz30

The free feedback, support, bug reporting and update checker system for Minecraft modpacks.

Items Extended Mod by ManiacYT & Herobrine 22, MCreator

Have fun with a bunch of extended minecraft items!

AutoL by DanceDog

Be the most toxic player on Hypixel

Chest Generator by MrRiegel

Generate customized chests.

UltramineServer by ExampleDude

lang file for UltramineServer

DecoBlocks by xphoese

Adds new decoration blocks!.

Tools And Weapons Plus 2

This mod adds a new ore and some new tools and weapons.

cool by albin, MCreator


More Custom Ores and Other Stuff by guekho64

Just add more fun to your Minecraft World!

PixelmonShowdown by landonjw

Competitive ELO System for Pixelmon

mod_Utilities by S_pongiBOB, MCreator

Crafting :D


Add mods helping agriculture


This is an example mod


This is an example mod