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JGSB's Halloween Mod

Make your minecraft spooky for Halloween.

Omni-Goggles by Selim_042

Adds a singular pair of goggles, with the HUD effects of different mod's helmets.


Adds new sorts of life to Minecraft.

PalaCrack by NeroZbeub

Crack For Paladium.

Terra by The_Kipster, MCreator



Armour WTF


This is an example mod

New Stefinus Guns by Stefinus321

A 3D guns mod by Stefinus.

StepUp by NotTooManyItems

Allows for stepping up 1 block height without having to jump. Like in the game Trove. Client sided mod that works on singleplayer and some multiplayer servers.

Harshen Universe by kenijey, Wyn Price

Rituals&souls&blood, big structures with powerful bosses&mobs&traps, armors&tools&accessories, new dimensions and more


add more coal


Like rubies? Here ya go!

Falling Meteors by AlexDGr8r

Adds Falling Meteors to the game that are made up of three types of materials to use in crafting tools, armor, and other meteor-related items.

Aesthetics+ Mod by Medic_Gaming

This mod adds in some aesthetic blocks as well as the chisel tool, a beast of a pickaxe.

mod_Dogepie by , MCreator

NEIlootbags by Gigabit101

Adds Lootbags loot no NEI

Treestumps by Codewarrior

Encourages the creation of treestumps.

Illuminati Mod by Hytear

The power of Illuminati between your hands !

SamCore by samtrion

Base Library for mods written by samtrion.

Siggy's Mod

A mod that I (Siggy) will use for testing, and possibly achieving something even remotely useful!

Core347 by Jake Janzen

Required dependency for most, if not all of MetroidMan347's mods

XL Food Mod by mariot7

A mod that adds more foods and crops to the game.

MaidVillagerZW by MMM, remixed by ‚o�VЋt, voms, ‚«‚їЃ—’К‚и‚·‚Є‚з‚И‚ў, akai_kudamono, hanku, ѓyѓRѓЉѓ“



Adds in items for a RPG map.

SleepHealing by eyeq


BetterLAN by AJWGeek, Kovu, Kicjow

Adds an internal Bukkit server to your Minecraft installation.

Craft and Build Plus Mod by Wargoffe

More blocks and items that aims to build its way into your heart, yet staying true to the vanilla feel of Minecraft.

TFC Wells by Peffern

This mod adds Wells to TerraFirmaCraft that can be used to produce Fresh Water.


This is anSingular mod