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ICBM by Calclavia, DarkCow, Tgame14

ICBM is a Minecraft Mod that introduces intercontinental ballistic missiles and loads of explosives to Minecraft.

tech pvp


Chunkloader for Forge server

Thermal Science by Creysys

Adds various science related machines and recipes.

Superior Shields by EpicSquid

Adds Borderlands styled shields for various mods.

Extended Debug Renders by Silly511

Adds keybinds to toggle a couple hidden debug features.


마크에이지 4


Weapons 'n Drills

Mo' Pickaxes by CoolComixs

Adds more pickaxes!.

mod_NoobMod by Crafting_lord1, MCreator

Adds Noobs and a buch of other cool stuff!

Keep Inventory by TheAwesomeOne36, Calenria, Rediomand

Keep your inventory!

FoolsLib by UpcraftLP

Library for creating Lucky Blocks

mod_Companion_Cube by Killian Wilson, MCreator

mod_Hwand by PinguRares, MCreator

Herobrine's wand, right here for you!


create dimensions with the sky in different colors

Stygian End by SuperFluke

End Biome Expansion

Silent Lib

Shared library for SilentChaos512's mods.

Walaryne's Fly Mod by Walaryne

Enables a person to type /fly to fly!

Survivalist Lighting by Wolfie_Waffle

Makes light more of a limited resource.

OresDropMores2 by BStramke

Rewrite of


Acest Mod E Facut pentru Marius si altele.

Cavern by kegare

Adds the cave dimensions.

Frostwave Client [Private] by 2VeryIcey_Gaming // Zach

A Forge Based Client Designed By The User 2VeryIcey_Gaming, It Is Fully Optimized For 2b2t, And Is Currently A Private Client!

ItemsToOres by Jacob Daniel Rees, MCreator

Turns items into ore!


Stuff That I Made That Would Improve Minecraft!

RTFM by Sangar, Vexatos

A markdown-based manual.


createve fly mod


Enter short description here

VoteRestart by SeraphJACK

Vote to restart.

Glasscraft by Blubbeltasche

Only Glass