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This is a mod inspired by PopularMMOs and GamingWithJen. This mod adds in chestplates that give the POWER OF HORSES... new content will come later on.

RotaryCraft by Reika

RotaryCraft is a large 'industrial-style' mod, akin to the likes of BuildCraft, IndustrialCraft, ThermalExpansion, and Minefactory Reloaded.


Add a little light to your world!

ZipChat by PaperMage

Chat compression mod.

Uk Mod Pack by uk_rules_ok

Uk Mod Pack Description.



GWMLibrary by GWM

Necessary library to run plugins developed by GWM!

mOre Usable Materials Mod by FreneticFeline

Construct tools, weapons, armor and blocks from Emeralds, Obsidian, Lapis, Redstone and more.

mod_MoreCreepsAndWeirdos by FREAKSTRITCH

More Creeps and Weirdos expands your Minecraft world with an amazing amount of creatures, friends, items, structures and challenges, all in the name of pure FUN!

Garden Core

Base mod for a collection of garden and plant mods.

CC's house furnishing by CrazyCraft

CrazyCraft's mods-House Furnishing.

Applied Thermodynamics by tgame14

An Addon to AE that Adds a new Mechanic to ME Networks, HEAT!, also melts Yo S***


Un mod hecho solo para aventureros dimensionales

Mushrooms Mod by MushroomManToad

Magic from the Practical

Shield Machine Mod by SOL Crafters

This is the mod for you to break blocks easily!

Fine Stuff by Alexiy

Adds useful blocks, items, enchantments

mod_BlueMod by ame_b

new mineral: blue ingot


For Dilleron. New Mob,Ingot and Armour


This is an example mod

Spatial Crafting by Fudge

Supplies a 3 dimensional crafting table.


This is an example mod


Mineral Generator

Test Mod

Test Mod.

Life Aquatic by aergonaut

Fun with underwater adventure!

AccessTweaks by Jay Avery

Tweaks to improve accessibility and usability.


You are invulnerable!


This is an mod

Harvest Festival

A Mod inspired by the Harvest Moon series of games

Ores Plus by Builderboy426

Add more ores, tools and more!

ResourcefulCrops by TehNut

Resource-filled crops.

Invention by War Monger, Deltric

Content creation system made by users

OpenPrivacy by Mikee

Little side-project of Mikees that'll tell you all communication your game is making with external services

Not Enough Compression by Otamusan



Rust Legacy in


Epic diamonds!