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Ore Prospector by Nagapito

Tools to prospect for ores.

Tesla Coils by GunnerWolf

Tesla Coils is a simple mod for minecraft that adds Immersive Engineering inspired power transfer for Tesla power machines.


Boom Command And New Armor!


Adds user-configurable commands for different chat formats.

TeeLuk's SpecialArmor

Blow up your 'friends' with TNT-playte :> ..yay!

Baconators by Baijson

Bacon - ON A STICK!!!

MinePainter by hypercross

sculptures and pixel art

Craysoft Office Mod by Programmer1512

It is Microsoft Office 365 for Mr Crayfish's Device Mod

Wireless Communication by PixelGirl

Adds options for wireless data and item transferring.

Ore Crops by iC4Motorbiker

The SkyBlock companion for all your ore needs.

Amalgam by mm4cc

An API for using amalgam, a liquid created by melting down materials

HeadRecipe by Ch1a

ASM by CreSerty, kremnv8

Decorative mod

ItemChat by pie_flavor

VirtualTool by POQDavid

A plugin to provide virtual gui for all possible items

Dumpster Diving by Servant_Girl

Dig in garbage to find useful bits and bobs! Reuse! Recycle!

Redstone Furnaces by mardiff712

In this completely OP mod, furnaces only require redstone signals to function!


Made by Peach


This is Ultra-dimensionalitySuit Mod


Simple sirens, alarms and Bells


Ryota Original MOD


This adds more drinks to minecraft good luck!

Affinity Wars by TerdyTheTerd

Random things for Affinity Wars

mod_Spoonquest by JFereday, MCreator

This is the mod for spoonqest

Azurite F3 by GodMan_

Mod F3 Azurite

XP-Plus by Poke

More use for your XP!


This is an example mod

mod_Creativemod by SuperCoolRobots, MCreator

Mod with recipes for mobs' drops.

Bountiful by Ejektaflex

Bountiful adds a bounty board to Minecraft.


Bla bla bla


A small mod that adds in scuba gear, flippers, and a harpoon gun

Sythiex's Stuff by Sythiex

Adds a bunch of stuff

Custom Armor Skin

Ce mod permet la creeation d'armures en 3D entierement personnalisables.

MobsCrops by NaturaSpell