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TheLastOfDeadmod-1.12.2 by DeadMead_, MCreator

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PwnFilter Sponge Plugin

A Regular Expression (REGEX) Chat Filter For Sponge with many great features

Ninja's Cash by Paint_Ninja

This adds a physical currency to the game. It allows servers to use mods such as the Vending mod whilst still allowing players to buy stuff using the server's economy rather than normal items.


Plays a sound once the client has loaded to the main menu

RFDrills by goldenapple

Adds RF-powered Drills to Minecraft! Compatible with Thermal Expansion and EnderIO.

Rock Crusher Metal Dusts Add-On by wha-ha-ha

Adds metal dust recipes to the Railcraft Rock Crusher without the IC2 dependency, circumvents GregTech TiC ignorance, and more!


Strowberry mod

Render 360 Core by 18107

Provides hooks for "Render 360"

XP Collector by TTGImp

XP Orb Collector.

CustomItems by InfinityRaider

Add your own custom items and blocks (use with Minetweaker for maximum profit)

Yet Another InputFix by RecursiveG

InputFix MOD using ASMTransformer.

Lost Thaumaturgy by APengu

This mod adds a lot of content from Thaumcraft 2 and adds plenty of neat and useful magical tools that you may need to use while playing.

DayM by TheHaxman2 (Haxman12), TheGamingNinjaII (TheGamingNinja11)

A mod similar to the well known DayZ Standalone. However, its not a clone and it has its own unique twist. The mod uses Minecraft 1.7.10 without changing any Minecraft SRC code. Meaning its compatible with other mods, but only some mods will be white listed such a mods that help with performance, due to DayM being more as a standalone game rather than a mod. The mod includes 3D Modeled guns, New animations and functions such as going prone, blood system, stamina system, inventory system...etc

Particle Mod by dewgs

Multiples amount of attack particles ingame

Sword + + by RuSsiA_Zocker_HD

Diese Mod bring neue Schwerter in dein Spiel. Diese Mod ist in der BETA

FastFlyBlockBreaking by Barteks2x

Allows to break blocks with normal speed when flying is enabled in survival mode.


Bald zu finden unter! Dieser Mod hilft dir im Survival


This A Skyfactory Mod

GoodTime-Industrial by _JAVA7, liach, Seedking, JAVA0, GoodTime Studio



AbyssalCraft by shinoow

This mod adds new things to the game, including a new dimension and a overworld biome.

Thaumic Darkness by Yvesmiguel

Adding a touch of Darkness to Thaumcraft

Soulus by Yuudaari

You must sift through the ashes of the dead to restore life to the world.

Tiny Reactors by ArclightTW

Build a tiny reactor... Or a massive one!

Sliced by TheGuyRunningSouth

Food Slicing mod

CustomClient 2 by ExampleDude


dragonSwordEx by Takaranoao