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Plethora Core by SquidDev

Peripheral provider for ComputerCraft

IC2Stuff by SlashHacker

tech util addon

AerasFood by AerasMan2000

Adds Mayonnaise, Salt, Egg (cracked), Salt Ore, Caviar, Iron Knife, lots of chocolate items.

Squickens by cocoavalley


No More Quick Move by AustereTony

Utility to forbid quick moving items (with shift-click) in specified containers.

Combustible Lemon Launcher by iBuilder99

"I'm gonna get my engineers to invent a combustible lemon that burns your house down" - Cave Johnson

Audio Manager by TamasHenning

Allows you to select what default audio device to use.

Simple Random Stuff by Blue_Monster122

A Simple mod that adds a few simple random stuffs.

OldRemovedFeatures-1.12.2 by SillyMan0108, MCreator

Readds old features

Custom Talisman by GamingUniverse6981

Example placeholder mod.


This is an example mod


Diamond lookalike!

Nothing by F1repl4ce

Mod of Nothing

Fancy Glass by darkmainiac

Adds aestetic glass blocks to the game.

Corail Pillar - Forestry Extension by ┬ž9Corail

┬žeExtension of Corail Pillar to integrate Forestry Blocks


Mobs that are derpy

The Andrew Mod

A mod where anything can happen because it's so random.

Useful Railroads by HyCraftHD

Who don't want to travel fast? I do! So i created some high speed minecraft rails: Speed 100 blocks/second. This is just a very beta, cause I have many more plans for rails.

mod_f by f, MCreator


WalkingDead Mod by crackedEgg

Walking Dead mod adds zombies in the day time! Walkers they are called.


The Guns of Fabrique Nationale using 5.7x28mm Ammo.


Terraform your own tiny stars!! Have fun!! (It's not finished yet. It's an alpha version. Development is just in progress...)

AngelRing 2 Bauble by Portablejim

Make the Extra Utils 2 Angel Ring into a bauble


Adds sliced bread and toast!


For DLOJ With original textures made with paint,mcreator and gimp

MacroKey by Matthew Smeets

This mod enables the use of commands that you can bind to keys. PSA to all admins: This is not a hacked client, nor does this mod add any change in functionality in the player's advantage.


Framez is a mod that re-implements frames from RedPower 2

Batty's Coordinates PLUS Mod for Forge by BatHeart

Incorporates Batty's Coordinates, Stopwatch Timer and Info display.

Watering Cans by Wes Cook

Wonderful watering cans! Adds 4 watering cans to help farm crops, or quickly put out fires.

Advanced Anti-Cheat by pia3333

Anti-Cheat Guard


Provides a bunch of new technologies and adventuring into Minecraft. More to come!

Valkyrien Warfare by thebest108

Claim The Skies!