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Food Ores ;)

LMH01_lib by LMH01

This mod is the core library for all LMH01 Mods

derp by theplamC, MCreator


Interdiction Pillar by momnop

Interdiction Pillar is a mod which adds many types of pillars which function similarly to EE2's Interdiction Torch.

FrozenCraft by Wuppy29

FrozenCraft is a mod which adds everything about the movie Frozen to Minecraft.

GridLines by Gjum

Simple Surface Ore Veins by Shadowmaster435, MCreator

Enter short description here

GuiFix by Ayou


Eatable Livestock

Adds lampchops(yes I know they should be called muttons but it will feel as if I'm coping off the mutton mod along with the ablity to shift-right click on a livestock like cow, sheep, pig, etc. and eat it.

Just Enough Pattern Banners by Lorexe

Add a category to JEI displaying items craftable with banners

Glove by shadowfacts

A glove/empty-hand mod

Proactive Mod by shu3

I Love, You Love, Proactive

Group Mod by Vytex0

Groups mod

Radiation Mod

Some nuclear additions for Minecraft


This is an example mod

BloodStains by AbrarSyed, GUIpsp, Royalixor

Blood stains that allow you to see how you and other players died.


things for my modpack


Linkseyi's ModMaker

Gun Customization: Infinity by CAS_ual_TY

Guns with Hundreds of Thousands of Attachment Combinations

BamsMod by opum2

Adds some cool stuff for Jon Bams' new modpack. - Found a bug or have a suggestion? Tweet me!

Mineable Mob Spawner by DotSplat

Mineable Mob Spawner

Ultimate Vidium by Max51196 aka EGSOO aka Kasu

Build with the new material -Vidium- and master the World of Minecraft!

BreakEvents by k0jul

Random chance of a command firing when a certain block breaks.

Carbon Mod by Christopher Ye

Carbon Mod

bug fix by godkiller05, MCreator

Enter short description here


This is a mod used for permission stuff!

Extra Coal by Ruuubi

Re-adds different charcoals from 'Plugins for Forestry' as well as various coal-related items.

BeardedLib by Dr_Schnauzer

QuickLeave by CoderPixels

QuickLeave is a mod that makes clicking a bed in a game quicker!


Hi i'am gusosasi and this is my Sword Mod habe fun!

BetterVanilla by Agadar

Attempts to improve vanilla gameplay by changing existing mechanics and expanding upon existing content.


test mod

DestroyerBoat by defeatedcrow

Crush and Destroy!!