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Memory Bar by Henry Loenwind

Adds the splash screen memory bar to the F3 screen, and with a hotkey to the ingame HUD

AntiCheaters by

Anti cheat.


Enter short description here

StalCraft2 - Weapons by stal111

Coming Soon


You can dye wood logs and make planks. More to come!

Balkon's WeaponMod 1.12.2 by Titoo8899, MCreator

Weapons from old mods in 1.12.2

QuestUtils by McJty

Quest Utilities

RPG Race Mod - Fantasy Races by KillerOfCubes

Adds RPG-like races to the game.

RFTools Dimensions by McJty

RFTools Dimensions Addon

ReachDisplay Mod by Fr3ddy

Shows your reach distance on the hud


Only for the epic serer

More generators mod by TheGhastModding

Adds more RF generators to the game.

Modular Powersuit Addons

A mod which expands on Modular Powersuits' module options

ChickenShed 1.11+ by Vazkii, ZeroLevels, HoldYourWaffle, holmraven

Chickens shed their feathers occasionally.

JSONAbles by Jared

Lets you add custom Tinker's Construct materials via json.


Use These Amazing Blocks To Decorate Everything You Ever Wanted

Breaking Bad Mod by StardustSugar!, MCreator

Cook like Heisenberg!


This is an example mod

Quest Mod by Rilai

Quest Mod Created by Rilai

Hospital Mod - Theatre Pack (Alpha V1) by LeonJah90, MCreator

Theatre Pack (Requires Minecraft Forge)

Essentials by Lemon_Juiced

A Random Compile Of Stuff

Another One Bites The Dust by ganymedes01

A small mod that allows processing Ardite, Cobalt and Aluminium on IC2, TE3, Railcraft and Mekanism machines!

Larger Inventory and Hotbar by spacechase0

A mod that gives you a larger inventory, and a larger hotbar.


Fixed bugs: changed craft

Aperture Craft by UltimateKevin, Jammy780

Cores. Potatoes, Buttons and more!

FyreCraft by FlashFyre

Example placeholder mod.

Custom Recipes by anti344, TheBoo

Create your own recipes without any coding knowledge!

More Metal Mod

This mod adds a smorgasbord of new tools, items, and blocks to your Minecraft world including: New metal ores and blocks, New metal ingots and alloys, and finally four new sets of armor and tools!


Adds 15 new plants to the game, most of which have useful properties besides looking nice!


Recipe of nether star

mod_CraftBack by Esteban Perez

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