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Livestock + Realism by insert

Bring realistic livestock to your Minecraft world.


Kaenan Mod

Enchanting With Thaumcraft by Frostnox

Allows normal enchantments to be created through Thaumcraft infusion

Forecaster's Backpacks by Vexatos

Adds some new Forestry Backpacks.

Draconix-ThePowerOfUsers by Mysha_VoidWalker

Playeble Build


Guns mod 1.2.2, adds guns; Auto Rifles, Rifles, and Pistols. It also adds traps like Stick Traps and Spikes!

Render360 by 18107

Renders the game with a 360 degree view

Literal Ascension by JamiesWhiteShirt

Adds intuitive solutions for vertical mobility

Guide Book by Creysys

Adds a book that helps.

Demon RPG 0.0.4 by TempestOfiicial, MCreator

New Structures

mod_MoreCreepsAndWeirdos by FREAKSTRITCH

More Creeps and Weirdos expands your Minecraft world with an amazing amount of creatures, friends, items, structures and challenges, all in the name of pure FUN!


YT - Wolf_fang77


This mod adds some strange string related items.

Plena Inanis by Dagarath

Full on Empty

Treecapitator by DaftPVF, bspkrs, Lunatrius

Treecapitator is a mod that scares trees. Seriously, they are terrified of it.

tweak util opensource

AutoSwitch by Thebombzen

AutoSwitch automatically switches your tools and weapons when you dig or attack. It has a very advanced algorithm, taking into account not only dig speed, but harvestability, enchantments, damageablity, etc. You can easily configure its options with the config screen (look to the lower left).


Autorski mod a skytecha

More Paxels by Beanxxbot

A Mod designed for the We All Play Cast Modpack that adds Manasteel and Elementium Paxels!



ZMoreRessources by Zilkoniss

This mod adds a new possibilities to obtain resources, BackPack, more craft , more food and others...

Skill Display Mod by yhr_C

Made by yhr_C.

Divine Favor by Aurocosh

Divine Favor

Falling Meteors by AlexDGr8r

Adds Falling Meteors to the game that are made up of three types of materials to use in crafting tools, armor, and other meteor-related items.

Remake of First Mod by Christopher_1993, Harry's Tech Reviews, MrCrayfish, Champion Ash5357


IndustrialAge by Ikol43,Cyber_Shoot,GromoZeka, CF Company

IndustrialAge Описание: Можно использовать как с ic2 так и без него. Добавляет свои механизмы,,3 блоки, руды, предметы и т.д. Делает более хардкорным выживание в мире майнкрафт. В будущем будет добавлена своя энергия. Развитие идет очень быстро. Мод обновляется постоянно! Пишите что бы вы хотели увидеть в моем моде!

Colorful Tools

Dye all your tools.


Adds Every Color of Brick

Notifly's Questing Mod by Notifly

This mod is a tool for players to make quest tracking easier. It detects which game to track by checking which lobby or game you are currently in, then displays the quest info.


Enter short description here

Rope Bridge by czechmate777

A mod that adds rope bridges to Minecraft. Craft the grappling gun and shoot it over a gap large or small to build a rope bridge across it.