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Spoon Mod by Player In Distress

Adding spoons to Minecraft!

FlightHelper by Giselbaer

Helps setting your pitch when Elytra gliding/using fireworks

Space Bees

Space themed bee expansion for Forestry and Galacticraft


Archaeology mod for Minecraft


Bored Of The Minecraft Items Dont Worry Use This Mod To Get Ruby Minecraft 1.7.2 Updated Bug Fixed Planning For The Next Mod!

Shops and Stuff by TheRedMajora

Adds shop blocks, etc.

Skin Mod by SecondAmendment (Samuel P Caetano)

Alters second skin layer visibility when sneaking.

Les accessoires de SCAREX by SCAREX

Les accessoires fournis par SCAREX

Et Futurum by ganymedes01

A mod dedicated to bring future features to 1.7.10

The Math Mod by javaforfun

A mod filled with math stuff!

Hypixel Skywars Stats Mod by ConorTheDev

It shows your stats inside Skywars on Hypixel.

Dofus's Stuffs by Kujaroth

Read the Title !

Placeable Gunpowder

This small mod lets you place down gunpowder, which you can ignite with flint and steel.

Dense Neutron Collectors by Tfarcenim

Adds additional tiers of neutron collectors to Avaritia to ease grind and tps issues

Rainmaker by EwyBoy

Makes it rain

Sorcery by Vroominator

You're a wizard, Steve.


This is for Nugget

VoidCraft by Tamaized

Explore the Void

Wearable Backpacks

Minecraft mod which adds beautiful, balanced backpacks

Debug Stick by Tfarecmin

Debug Stick.

Clans by The_Fireplace

A server-side land protection and PVP system.

Imaged Creative Tabs by LNDF

This mod changes de creative tab background images. (For updates chek in MinecraftForum or PlanetMinecraft)


My craft

Advanced Food Mod by Zapling

Makes food recipes more advanced.

Universe Mod

Universe Mod adds 3 more universes(dimensions): -Land of the Spiders, Dark-realm, and the Unknown; -12 new ores: Land of the Spiders: ~ Sekiton, Aian, Gorudo, Daiyamondo, Emerarudo Dark-Realm: ~ Meitan, Tieding, Jin, Zuanshi, Cui The Unknown: ~ Symbols 1, Symbols 2 -2 new bosses(Names are a WIP): Tarantula (Land of the Spiders), Unknown (Unknown) -10 + new hostile mobs: Land of the Spiders: ~ Emerald-Cave Spider, Anchor Spider, Black Widow, Wolf Spider (Based on the actual wolf spider not a MC wolf) Dark-Realm: ~ (Grim) Reaper, Dark-Realm Villagers, Grinder, Ghoul The Unknown: ~ ?, ?!, !?, Cubes -New Villagers (just well without villages for now) found free roaming the Unknown

Armor Chroma by NukeDuck

Adds colors, including leather dye, and enchanted sheen to the in-game armor bar.

Prometheus Integration by Baughn

Exports statistics to the Prometheus monitoring format.

InfChest by Kotori316

Add a chest that can have infinite items.

mod_RandomItemsandBlocks by PioPiki2, MCreator

Random shizzvizz!