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More colorful swords


Mod that adds more mobs


This mod adds food from brands

Progressive Automation by Vanhal

A mod that adds automation that can be built in the early game and upgraded throughout late game. (Currently only adds a miner)

Blood Arsenal

Multiple blood infused tools added to Blood Magic!

The Stone Eater by TheVirtualGamer

Extremly durable pickaxe for VeinMining

CraftingCosts by Sangar

Addon for NotEnoughItems for showing overall costs for crafting items.

Neuro Control by Gem2578

Example placeholder mod.

AutoGG for Hive

Automatically says gg once the game ends.


Craftable Gunpowder the second version

Edible Tools by NotTooManyItems

Adds crafting of edible Minecraft tools

Model RailWay Mod by mrminecraft3333, Darthrafael, vincentmet.

This mod adds model railways to minecraft! Allowing you to build a fully functional railway, right in your back yard!

Homecraft Mineware by AtomicBlom, Rorax

Tile Interface by elix_x


Create By JacketCh

Les accessoires de SCAREX by SCAREX

Les accessoires fournis par SCAREX

RhyAntiCheatMod by Rhythm_Nz

Rhycraft AntiCheat Mod


A mod containing a load of kickass stuff

Squickens by cocoavalley




HyperionCraft by DjGiannuzz

Firing incrase accuracy.

ItemsToOres by Jacob Daniel Rees, MCreator

Turns items into ore!

Ranged Pumps by Ranged Pumps contributors

Ranged Pumps is a simple mod that adds a pump that pumps liquids in a range


This is an example mod

MaidVillagerExpantion_01 by MMM


Charcoal Block Mod by ExampleDude

Adds a charcoal block and some new coal/charcoal as well

BotaniaBecameBetter by CatDany

B^3 and Botania suddenly became better!

Permissive by CruzBishop

A plugin that provides advanced permissions via the use of Access Control Lists

AdvanceBase by MCAdventureCity

Example placeholder mod.


This is an example mod

Wasteland Mod by 115kino

The wasteland mod is a mod that adds a new survival element to Minecraft.

Sproing by Azmarok

Sproing when trees grow!


This is an example mod


A mod that adds various items related to toast and tech.


A minecraft Mod