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Consensus by pie_flavor

Allows players to vote for things to happen.

RF Void

Adds a block that consumes infinite RF.

Lazy Lazuli Pipes by LazyLazuli

Simple piping mod. Cheaper alternative for moving items than hopper arrays.


Cross-dimensional portals done right

mod_DirtCraftsDiamondsMod by StanLeonard, MCreator

Why go down those caves just to not find diamonds? And when you do find it, You have to smelt it, and first you have to risk your life near lava and climb up and things. Well turn that useless brown dirt into usefull diamond gems!


This is an example mod

Bables by DrMeepster

A test of Baubles.

Sprawlydragon by Cynthian Conspiracy

Various pack-specific things for the Sprawlydragon pack.

The Pre-Historic Mod by ProPercivalalb

Travel Back in Time to find a world with inivative terrain generation, amazing creature, intuative blocks and Much More!

Darty Potions by Darty11

A mod that adds new potion effects to minecraft. Effects are used by other mods. Currently, this mod does nothing to effect survival unless another mod uses its effects.

Premium Core by BudSkywalker

Premium Core is a required mod the the other mods in the Premium Series to work.

Toolbox Addons by Wolfie_Waffle

More content for Adventurer's Toolbox.

Thaumic Exploration by Flaxbeard

An add-on for Thaumcraft 4.1, adding a variety of content.

Calculator by Roxox1/QVBA

Adds a functioning calculator to minecraft.

Ender Tanks by ShetiPhian

EnderTanks will share storage with all other EnderTanks on the same network with the same color code.

Vanilla Supplements by Sythiex

Adds emerald tools and armor, additional recipes for vanilla items, and alternative ways of acquiring several resources.

Menu Mobs by superbas11

Gimmick mod for Minecraft that renders the current player and a random mob on the in-game menus. Credits: bspkrs.

mod_ThnxCyaSneekPeek by Airsoftking118, MCreator

DiscordIntegration by Chikachi

MC <=> Discord communication


This mod added a lot of new weapons!

NeXTech by KingNXT and NeXTech Dev team

A mod that implements real time Tech!

RootMod by Minecraft Name : Drag0SEaters, RootSlayers

This mod is in Alpha.

kash_spawns by vadis365, Kashdeya

Spawn Mod For Kash.

DiscordCE by Duke605

Allows you to chat and manage your friends list on Discord.

PalaCrack by NeroZbeub

Crack For Paladium.

Derp Cats mod by its_meow

This mod is an addition of funny and random cats to Minecraft! I hope you enjoy it.

Rainbeau's Mithwood Forest by Rainbeau Flambe (DBurgdorf)

Adds a new biome, as well as a few mobs and some new armor and tool sets.

Structure Generation API Demo Mod by coolAlias

A mod demonstrating the capabilities of coolAlias' Structure Generation API.

NotEnoughIDs by fewizz

Extends hardcoded block ID limit.

ZCoins by Kiamate

Adds Z-Coins for Trading

MacroKey by Matthew Smeets

This mod enables the use of commands that you can bind to keys. PSA to all admins: This is not a hacked client, nor does this mod add any change in functionality in the player's advantage.

DBCHUtils by Abelatox

Mod complementario para el servidor DBC Hispano.

Architect's Friend by TheBrazillianForgersTeam, TheFreeHigh (Code), Armelin (Textures)

Pixel Arts, Big Builds, doesn't matter. With Architect's Friend you can build it!

RPGLevel by XVicarious

Adds RPG like levels to Minecraft

Explosives++ by minerguy31

Wanted to play Explosives+, but couldn't because it isn't being updated? Or just want to cause havoc? Well this is the mod for you! Adds a lot of stuff that explodes, both from the original mod, and new stuff too! IMPORTANT NOTE: This mod runs off a canned version of MinerCore (v1.1a_src). Future versions of this mod may require a seperate copy of MinerCore installed, so have one installed just in case.

Super Smash Bros Mod by pedobear_is_awesome

This Mod adds a bunch of armors of all your favorite SUPER SMASH BROS fighters! become the fighter and play survival! or have fun in creative mode! whatever you use it for this mod makes you kick butt while at the same time looking stylish!