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DirectionHUD by bspkrs

DirectionHUD is a client mod that shows a magnetic compass heading at the top of the screen.

clientside HUD opensource

The Zedaph Mod by Unlocked

A mod that has stuff that Zedaph has asked for at some point.


U Get Free Diamond or at least very very cheap


this mod is breathed in God cookie then you are as a mod in alpha want to say at the beginning


In this mod you are able to make emerald, ruby, sapphire, lapis, obsidian and quartz tools, weapons, armour and battle axes.

Born To Be... by RealGecko

Spawn non vanilla villagers in the world



PixelmonArmorsMod by BaX

This is pixelmon armors mod.

Optifine by Lunatrius

Import and export Minecraft schematic files in Minecraft!

Miscellaneous Mod by MusicIsLove1416

Much random, such stuff, yep!


my first mod :D make hamburgers!!

EnderIO OpenComputer shim by BrewingCoder

Provides OpenComputer integration with EnderIO Capacity Banks.

Francis Rabbit by GodRabbit

Francis Rabbit mod.

SmoofyDungeon by Yeregorix

An advanced dungeon generator


This is the ONLY KFC mod fuck the others

WalletDrop by TrenTech

Money Money Money!!!

Thaumic Exchange by MelonBeast

An add-on for Thaumcraft 4.2.3, adding some ee3 feelings.

ChunkDeleter by SirWill, Slind, Xfel11

CompressedDirts by Sanshirooo, McMDK


GraphicsExpanded by LDT-Team

Library mod that provides support for VBO, VAO and Shader rendering for the LDTTeam.


This is an example mod

Youtubers+ Mod

This mod adds youtubers and other people into minecraft

Pay2Spawn by Dries007, CCM team

Screw or help your favorite streamer!

Quantum Anomalies by SourceCoded

Ores by Luke Plechaty

Fast Leaf Decay by Olafski

Increases leaf decay rates.

S.T.E.M by bright_spark

Super Transformable Energised Matter. A Minecraft mod that uses RF to create this matter, which can then be turned into almost anything. Inspired by IC2 UU Matter.

Translocators by ChickenBones

Translocates stuff!

Tesla Core Lib Registries by Face_of_Cat

Used to register stuff after all mods did... ignore it.

Furnace 3D by spAnser

Changes the furnace block into a 3d model.

Spongy Island

A skyblock plugin for sponge

UsefulCraft by Finalruner

For all your daily minecraft needs