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This is a mod that adds all sorts of candy and treats!



XyTech by domi1819, TH3ON1YN00B

A WIP replacement mod for XyCraft, which is hopefully updated more frequently

Inevera Craft by Gomer3261

Use magical wards to affect the world around you!


This Mod add any Items of the Game The Forest

OpenBlocks by boq, Mikee

All the things you never thought you will ever need...

opensource random enchanting

Ragdoll Corpses by GoblinBob

Adding an amazing death effect seen in a lot of modern games... ragdoll physics :3


An amazing mod that adds deadly weapons and useful stuff!

Missing Pieces by sboy205

Some blocks I wanted in the game.

Gradient Block Mod by TheGamingBee

This Mod was made to add some cool looking blocks.

EZGapples by IWillRekU3206

EZer Gapples


This is the sequel to Dream Mod 3


A way to get jungle wood very early on when mining at night.

ExtendPolyphonyLimit by piccho2112

Extends the PolyphonyLimit.


This is an example mod

JTTC Portal Tweak by Funwayguy, Darkosto

A mini mod for the 'Journey to the Core' modpack to make portals one-way

Odds&Ends by yunori2011

Just a small mod to add some thingajiggers.

ruspropeller by MrOlegTitov, MCreator


Batuhan Celik tarafindan olusturulmustur.

D3Commands by Dries007, DoubleDoor team

Some useful command things


This mod gives you fake blocks. (More info coming soon)


The Final Update

Armor++ by Complexicon

This Mod adds more Armor to the Game.

Rainmaker by EwyBoy

Makes it rain

Petroleum Generator by DrCeph

BC/IC crossover mod. Adds a Petroleum Generator that produces EU directly from Buildcraft Fuel/Oil, based heavily on SirSengir's Forestry BioGenerator.

Advanced Kinetics 2 by hexaguin

A variety of tools and constructs to influence and control motion.

LongMessages by RandomByte

Better Wood

A mod which allows you to craft items with different types of wood