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OC-Minecart by feldim2425

Adds Computer in a Minecart and more.

NJay's Unicorn Mod by NJay15

This mod adds unicorn mobs and some unicorn-related items into Minecraft.

Default Enchantments by bright_spark

A Minecraft mod to add enchantments to items by default


This is an example mod

Elrol's GUI Elevator by Elrol_Arrowsend

A one block elevator mod

K9 Mod by LotuxPunk

K9, the robot dog of the Doctor !.

Additional Pipes by Zeldo, DaStormBringer, Kyprus, Anonymous

Adding many essential pipes for building the factory.

Refined Storage by Refined Storage contributors

An elegant solution to your hoarding problem

EZ Extended by sblectric

Useful additions to EZStorage

DragonSlayers 3.1.5 by Raiden, MCreator

Enter short description here

ViesCraft Tweaker by GoryMoon

A mod that adds CraftTweaker functionality and modifies some things to ViesCraft




This is an example mod

Tools'N'Weapons by Celtrius

The official Tools'n'Weapons Mod made by Celtrius (PhillessyHD on Curse Forge)! You found a bug? Celtrius#3549 on Discord! This mod adds many cool new tools to your game also some block you maybe always wanted!

Auto Respawn by lukerrose

Makes Players Automatically Respawn

Bobys Extras by Bobynoby

Little extras Boby wants to have

StoneShooter by f04041


OpenCCSensors by Cloudy, Orwell1984, Mikeemoo, Nietsnie, Lyqyd, CoolisTheName007, thraaawn, foone

OpenCCSensors is an open source add-on mod for ComputerCraft which gives your computers the ability to retrieve information about the area around them

AntiCheat Mod 4 by Izzel_Aliz

AntiCheat Mod 4 - MD5 Client Mods Verification


Hmmm... a better armor than the royal set?

Prospects by dizzydizzyd

Immersive prospecting and ore vein discovery


This mod adds the power of a zombie in a helmet

Mega Walls Tools by Cowzgonecrazy

A tool for mega walls players

Dab Mod by Mariaum

I am the one!

Rock-Be-Gone by Yvesm

Gets rid of stone layers in Extreme Hills.



Additional Combustible by IronRabbit

Need more fuel - try this!

Resonant Induction Mechanical by Calclavia, DarkCow, tgame14

Resonant Induction is a Minecraft mod (developed during ModJam 2013 competition) focusing on the manipulation of electricity and wireless technology.

tech opensource


All you can eat!

More Mystcraft Decays by Draco18s

Adds several new decay blocks and environmental effects for Mystcraft 0.10.4