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FoodStuffz++ by averysumner

Well, it adds more foods that you can eat, because minecraft doesn't have enough food.

TFC Railcraft Compatibility by vidaj

Fixes recipes and makes Railcraft usable with TFC


This mod nerfs diamond swords

Pokecube Expansion by Kaividian

Various items to expand Pokecube


Makes Sky Factory more fun (add Redstone tools)

TooMany1.14 by SpiN DasH, MCreator

Adds 1.14


Replace target block to another block


The essence of the Bionicle Universe in Minecraft!


This mod adds adminium and a bunch of ways to mess with it!

Colorful Potions by C4

Dyeable potions!

MrDimka's Ray Trace Library by MrDimkas_Studio

A library used for making multiple hit boxes easily.


This is an example mod

Attacking Zombies by RadekWeather, MCreator

Mod makes zombies attack different mobs.

Old-School Hunger by Elucent

Restores the hunger system from before Minecraft Beta 1.8.


Wshycaa's Zero Mod

Ultimate Doctor Who Mod by KingKirushanth also known as TheKiwiKingdom, DjMistry also known as TheMysteriousBanana

Adds in Doctor Who stuff but then it branches out to different stuff...Some sciency stuff

Pressure Point Blocks by pelep

Pressure points! Camouflaged buttons! This mod adds new pixel-sensitive blocks that emit redstone signals

SpACore by heldplayer, mbl111

Template Wands by MineMaarten

Copy and paste structures in Minecraft Survival Mode!


adds in a lot of cool stuff in to the game

JJ Skill by JdiJack

Example placeholder mod.

cloaked batman by k2b6s9j

Make all of the Forge Mod Loader mods submit statistcs!

Nuclear Relativistics

Advanced nuclear physics, and more to come!

Creative Zone by dizzyd

Automagically toggle players in/out of creative mode in a defined zone

Sonic Tech by Hazmatik

The Dcctor is Back


pistola en prueba

Named Heads by 14mRh4X0r

Shows names above heads when they're aimed at

Carbon Mod by jmanpenilla

Use carbon to make diamonds! Very early beta, mechanics are likely to change.

BTCore by AndyBTTF

Core mod for many mods by AndyBTTF.