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Runic Dust Mod- Thaumcraft Addon by zombiepig333

A Runic Dust Mod addon that adds dusts, runes, and inscriptions for use with Thaumcraft 4.

BuildCopyer by Lucas_gamer13

Mod de copiar construções, feito para DodoFerras

MOAR Stone Tools by Porkchop

Tools made of (MOAR) stone.


The mod adds a new set of armor and a sword

Wings of Fire mod by Sorra-NightShade

The Wings of Fire mod based on the book series by Tui T Sutherland

Chocolate Mod by Pixel_craft554

This mod adds in various different chocolate items!



RedServer Mod by Andrey

Новые блоки и предметы.

Mapmaker's Gadgets

Useful utilities for mapmakers.

Invisible Armor

ArmorBeGone! Limited time offer. Act now!.



Portal Gates 2 by deenkayros

Portal Gates 2 is a via waypoints teleportation mod

Incense by Geko_X

Mob spawning with incense sticks!



Teleport Command by XCompWiz

Adds the tpv command to allow vanilla-based dimension teleportation

MoarSigns by Gory_Moon

A mod that adds a lot of different signs.

Mansion Builders: Mod by Gamenew09

The offical mod for Mansion Builders. (Currently a private mod.)

Ore Trees by CompileGeeks

Farm your resources!

BlazingBlocks by abused_master

Cooler Blocks to the game

Additional Fluids by masa

A small derpy mod that adds some fluids.


Kaenans Mod

Amnesia Decorations by FLUFFY2

This mod adds mechanical and decorative items to the game!

TameHumans by civilframe

Tame humans who fight and mine for you!

Minetopia RPG by Chris

Minetopia RPG

HolographicVictoryMonument by abecderic

Display your achievments proudly.

Bleach Mod by jdawg3636

Adds bleach to Minecraft.

GravelMiner by BlayTheNinth

Automatically mines falling gravel blocks that get in your way.

HoloGui by McJty

HoloGui: Holographic guis