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Growtopia Items in Minecraft


This mod is in alpha!

TerraThaumcraft by TaeoG

Compatibility overhaul for Thaumcraft to make it work with Terrafirmacraft

Gear Swap by McJty

Handy block to swap your gear


Dr. Dialgas Interesting Ites Mods Has The Most Interesting And Unexplainable Items Ever!

LWC by Hidendra

LWC is a single block protection plugin that is primarily used to protection chests.


Prevents Nether Portals generating

Camouflaged Creepers by GeorgeTsak

This mod changes the default Creeper Texture to the texture of the block that it is standing on.


More Swords in Minecraft

Pedalo Mod by Pavocado

A novelty mod that adds paddle-boats into your world.


This is an example mod

World Manager by jplee

Managing your worlds so you don't have to.

iYMTs Weapon Mod by iYAMATO

FTB Achievements by modmuss50

A mod that takes achievements beyond the next level

Hypixel - ToggleChat by boomboompower

Use §9/tc§r to get started! §7|§r Made with §d<3§r by boomboompower

Glowing Cocoa MiniMod by @Leopardengruen

Adds a new kind of Cocoa to the Jungle: the Glowing Cocoa! It lights up the night.

Light Processing by JPisaBrony, Rellik55

Just an other Utilitymod by siiikooo0743

Add useful things like Buildingblocks!

HiddenField Mod by HideMod

get Client Ping

fortnite mod 2.1 (season 4 stuff) by Jasper, MCreator

adds thanos!

Common Sense Food by MrFancypants

Adds delicious, extra foods and drinks.



SpawningFactory Mod by Andreas Hiller

This mod gives you the opportunity to create spawneggs

Survival Industry by jeffpengMC

The core mod of Survival Industry that adds relevant progression changes to the game

MegaCorp by pkmnfrk

Have a lot of items laying around? Want to get into extensive automation for more than automation's sake? Using ProjectE and have more EMC than you know what to do with? Turn your extra items into liquid gold with your very own MegaCorp!


This is an example mod

Chunk Analyzer Mod by otter-in-a-suit

A mod to analyze your chunks for couple of ressources.

Better Stones by FMC

Brings back memories that aren't crafted yet

ForgeHax by fr1kin, Babbaj, Chunkr

Hax 4 forge

Pixelmon Go by Jaredlll08

Pokestops and eggs in minecraft.

Potion Icon Remover by Kashdeya, Darkosto

Removes the Potion Icons in game.

Unikitty Mod by Pauls Mods

Adds Unikittys which can be tamed as pets & a very OP armor.

Elements of Power by gigaherz

Magic for Minecraft

Super Diamond Tools by Alexcamostyle

Adds a ton of AWESOME tools to the game!

TeeLuk's SpecialArmor

Blow up your 'friends' with TNT-playte :> ..yay!

Master Chef Mod

The Master Chef Mod add's many new foods to the game! §6Programmer, Developer: Kander18. §eTextures, Gui & design: Hacoline18. Textures: Reghon28.