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TheBoyScoutMod by MrpYA45

TheBoyScoutMod adds: New blocks, woods, fuels, food, bigger container blocks (Boxes), structures, flowers, items, weapons, advancements, bushes, mobs. It's a complete mod with things that will help you to survive in your world with little improvements and additions.

CobbleDrops by dakaratekid11

A mod made specifically for Skyblock and other hardcore survival maps, enabling the player to get ores and other valuable materials.

Faster Ladder Climbing by JaSpr

Go up or down ladders faster by looking up or down.

IE Cloche Compat by NicJames2378

Implements compatibility for other mods in the Immersive Engineering Garden Cloche. The Garden Cloches are used the same as with standard crops.

Ex Cinere Adscendere by FlyingPerson

Mod for modpack Ex Cinere Adscendere

Simple Additions Mod by TheUncannyScrub

This Mod give more functionality to under used items in the Vanilla Game, Early game and late game!

Ender Zoo

More Mobs

MapFrontiers by Alejandro Coria (MemeSapiens)

Nomisma by Ferreus Veritas

A simple currency mod.

PlusTweaks by MisterPlus

Provides some random tweaks.

Time HUD by The_Fireplace

Adds an HUD showing the time and date. Highly configurable.

Forge Microblocks

Microblocks for Forge MultipartCBE.


See the website for detailed information on this mod!

Arcane Arteries by jordsta95

A Thaumic upgrade for Blood Magic

Garbige by MorKazim, MCreator

Enter short description here

Golemist by Lily_yuri

A wonderful partner and the pet.

ExtendTheLow by Onimen

Extend the Minecraft when you are playing TheLow.

DarknessLib by shinoow

Library mod for handling light calculations and similar things


Added in new armor made from mobs. As well as new swords.

Colorful Building by johnc, MCreator

Adds colored block to your world!

Yanma Tweaks by Yankas

Various tweaks for the yanma mod pack..


This is a working progress mod

Block Launcher by rafradek

Kill with pure essence of Minecraft

CuiLian by lvhaoxuan


CFSupport by Darkenlord1, MCreator

Mod which require to run Compact Factory modpack

hrtt by Cheos

Adds CraftTweaker functions for DraconicEvolutions fusion crafting

iGoodie's Farm by iGoodie, Redowar

This mod is created for Redowar's modpack. Created for necessity

Thaumic Wonders by Daedalus4096

Create wonders with Thaumcraft 6!

good by User, MCreator

FTB Trophies by RazzleberryFox

FTB Expert mode trophies!

TheFlippingMod by MadeByQOLBOI

A Snipe Bot

Custom Backgrounds by lumien

Allows you to change the default dirt options background