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Particle generator by JoseluGames

Particles, YAY!

Rustic BOP Woods by Wolfie_Waffle

A mod that adds some Biomes O Plenty wood compatability to Rustic.

More Buckets by BlakeBr0

Adds a bunch of new buckets.

Better Warehouse by cam72cam

A mod which adds full scale warehouse style storage to minecraft

Christmas Fun! by BlueyGames

Christmas in minecraft is boring. Not anymore!

Stone Blind by toblexson

Adds a range of different stone types to world gen for decorative purposes

Controller Block by Controller Block Mod Team

Inventory Sync by The_BrainStone

This plugin synchronizes the player inventory with a database

AdCrafting by Ectalite, MCreator

Basic mod with new Craftings and Money

ThingsThatMatta by Ellpeck

A mod that adds things that do stuff

Skin Layer Switcher by Whodundid

Continuously toggle the Layers of the skin to create basic animations!


TeleApples Can teleport you

Vanilla Enhancements by OrangeMarshall

Currently featuring: - Inventory centers, even if a potion effect becomes active - A key to drop a whole stack (when pressing Drop Item) when it's pressed (additionally to LCTRL) - Fixed '<' taking a screenshot when chat is focused - Hitting people will make a sound and spawn particles on every single click, even in Multiplayer - Open your Inventory to see your current protection and projectile protection level in the bottom left - Config file ".minecraftconfigenhancements.cfg" has been added, launch a new version once to create it, then modify it to your liking! You can disable all features seperately! - Better F3 / Debug screen (more organized and stripped; not finished yet, any ideas?) - Shows ping and current server ip - Left click speed (CPS) and right click speed (RCS) are now being tracked, too! - Longer chat history, now supports 500 visible lines! - Warning message once your highest memory reached 90% once. - /gamma to switch between 1.0 (default max) and 100.0 for bright vision in darkness! - Shows your current arrow counter whenever you hold a bow. - Added a /fov command. Do /fov <1:2:3> to choose from your custom profiles (check the config file!) or do /fov <value> to switch to that fov value directly, e.g. /fov 70 - /name <IGN> shows the previous names of that person! - watermark every 5 minutes - /enconfig opens the folder that contains the config file - /copy copies coordinates to clipboard, /coords and /pos sends them as a chat message! - now shows the distance to whatever the crosshair is pointing at in F4 screen! You can toggle that off obviously :) - /ping <name> to get someone's ping that is in your lobby, also you can enable showing their ping right in tab list in the config. Do "/ping all" to list all player's ping! - You can turn off portal sounds and wither sounds in the config (disabled by default) - Dynamic hitboxes and more config options - you can make them only show from a certain distance, turn red upon aiming at them and some more stuff! - Enchantments of your currently held item show above your hotbar - /time shows date, day and the current time Additional ideas are highly appreciated!

Ender Book by duke605

Allows you to teleport around your world quickly and easily using Ender Books, there are four Ender Books, normal, Iron, Gold, And Emerald

Zollern Extras by ZollernWolf

An extras mod that changes the world and adds new things to it.

Valiux by VeyzeD, MCreator

Adventures & Ores !

Zombie Steak by Jagm

Adds some early game food items, and more things to do with all your useless rotten flesh.


This adds all sorts of rainbow-related stuff to your game!

YoshiCraft by palmerjj01

Do you like Yoshi? Lets go on an adventure to Yoshi Land!

Zero Point Module Mod by MayusYT

Lorem ipsum.

Craft Cards by Lomeli12

A very simple mod that adds special cards that can have recipes encoded to them, then used to insta-craft the items.

elemental stones by kalaxi

A mod that adds rocks

EndPlus by Valiec2019

Improves the Nether and End, as well as adds new ores, mobs, tools, armor, mob spawners and more.

Truss Mod by RainWarrior

A mod that adds RP2-style frames

Tesla Core Lib by Face_of_Cat

just another electric machines lib

Rocky Core by Mohron

ScienceCraft Beta v0.1

Brings science to minecraft.

The Birdwatching Mod by Ikerleon02

This mod will add some rare and unknown bird species to your Minecraft. It will add an accurate spawn according to real life distribution. And finally some items like a bird book and binoculars.


19 Agosto 2015

Dynamic Earth by Karuberu

A mod that adds life and variety to dirt in Minecraft. Now it's actually useful!