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Ohome's Deco by Ohome Ltd., MCreator

Deco. Tools. Snacks. YAY!

Nomadic Tents by sky01

Pocket dimensions -- set up your tent and keep everything in it!


Rendez vos émeraudes utiles !

Uplink by DotDash

Adds Discord Rich Presence to Minecraft!

Programmable Command Blocks by MrDimkas_Studio

This mod allows you to program command blocks in another way you never saw!


Linkseyi's ModMaker

Cart Livery

Paint minecarts and apply stickers to them!



Corpse Complex by C4

Customize player death consequences, including selective keep inventory, soulbound enchantment, experience loss, respawn potion effects and more!


MechaRealm is the dimension companion for Mechalution, it introduces a whole dimension flowing with the elements

Custom Sword By Kelco_K22

Customize your sword using 21 blades, 21 hilts and 3 gems

Recsyscletem by iTNTPiston

A mod by iTNTPiston

Chat Tweaks by BlayTheNinth

Emoticons, Image Preview, Tabs and Filters. Client-side only.

Elemental Creepers by Lomeli12

A complete rewrite of xSmallDeadGuyx's Elemental Creepers.


§a§lThe ExtremeSwords Mod for Minecraft 1.8

Stuff For MC by Pythonschlange

This mod adds items to Minecraft...SURPRISE

Finder Mod

Finds stuff.


Basically, HUDWidgets disables the in-game HUD, and replaces it with a new system. The system is designed to support any mods which alter vanilla settings such as the maximum health, armour or hunger values - as well as be aesthetically pleasing.

AtmosphereCraft by CsokiCraft

Adds an API for simulating atmospheric gases.

Ore Drop Multiplier by LizNet

Multiplies ore drops.




This is a good light and also a good fuel too

Ricardo's Mod by ExampleDude

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Brandomine's Extra Items by Brandomine

Fill your inventory with all of the clutter thats useful!


Cool Sails for the Ships Mod

PM Highlighter by Reflxction

A Hypixel mod for highlighting PMs and plays a sound when receiving one.

Wealth of Underground by Tristrian

Add new ores and alloys with new tools !

aquaticluckyblock by fishcute, MCreator

Core mod for Aquatic Lucky Blocks