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StalCraft2 by stal111

Coming Soon

Fast Food Mod Remastered

This Mod Adds Fast Food

FTB Odyssey World by FTB

A mod that adds a portal to the overworld


MODPACK2 By JacketCh

Camera Obscura by ProfMobius, RazzleberryFox, Cojomax99

Capture your favorite moments and share them with your friends!

CJB_Chat by otakux


Minecraft Multipart Plugin

Provides multipart versions of some vanilla blocks like torches and buttons.

Machine Factory by zkiller20

New tech mods

Fusion Warfare by Calemi, Kryto627, Flakeybisquik, Robo

An independent futuristic warfare mod that adds missiles, guns and advanced machinery into your game.


Mod that add NbtCard for OpenComputers

Risky Ken's Utilities by RiskyKen

Adds utility blocks and items.

Helpful Tweaks by Icaro Perseo

Mod for Minecraft to allow crafting and smelting vanilla items.

obsidian 0,3 by bas1874, MCreator


Recall Resurrection

A balanced personal teleportation mod.


Mod senza senso

Enchantability by

Enchant yourself.

TameHumans by civilframe

Tame humans who fight and mine for you!

JustDaggers by DeflatedPickle

A Minecraft mod that adds some daggers.

HempFarmer by SeqSEE

Adds hemp to Minecraft!

Modular Powersuit Addons

A mod which expands on Modular Powersuits' module options


A mod to add money on Feed The Black Sun Server !

Custom Crafting Tables by sokratis12GR, KewaiiGamer, TheDragonTeam

Crafting tables with a range of x*y scales, Use with CraftTweaker integration


Adds CompRstone Stuff

Schematica by Lunatrius

Import and export Minecraft schematic files in Minecraft!



This adds in a bunch of items and tecniques to Minecraft.