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Furby Mania by Chris Albery-Jones

Furby Mania adds Furby passive mobs and monsters, plus a number of craftable items that are useful more widely, such as the Copy Wand and the Monster Killer.

Ultra Addons by Andrey96

Some features for UltraMC servers


More Bosses For your minecraft!

Foamflower by kamildanak

Minecraft GUI library.

Copy Folders in new Worlds by Filloax

Allows to automatically copy certain folders in new worlds.

MinePainter by hypercross

sculptures and pixel art

Induo Hammers by Vaileasys, Turin464

Standalone mod for Induo Hammers

Ricardo's Mod by ExampleDude

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The Ninjago Mod

BearGrylls by WiseClock

Allows you to eat anything and sometimes even with potion effects.

Hardcore Cheater by Portablejim

For those that want to cheat in hardcore

Keep Hunger by Terrails

It saves your hunger when you respawn


Fuel minecraft with more!

Adventurer's Amulets

Who needs diamonds when you can have a belt?

Mine & Blade: Smith

Alows the use of an anvil. The anvil alows you to repair items without loosing enchantments

Vending Machines

Adds a vending machine that lets you sell items.

Kytraan's Combat by Kytraan, MCreator

adds 4 guns a new fuel a block and 1 melee weapon

DWYW Support Mod by EliSussman

Do What You Want Support Mod (made for the modpack DWYW - Do What You Want)



Apps Mod by Grillo78

Applications mod for MrCrayfis's Device Mod.

duang Mod by duang

搂bduang Mod for NetEase. 搂cAuthor QQ:2398003522

Bedrock Bricks by Wixey99

A mod that allows the harvesting of bedrock, and the creation of new blocks with it.

Elytra Boost Mod by Shoelaces_(Zoey Wilson)

Adds a set of configurable options to allow you to boost when using elytra (among other things).

Lucraft: World by TheCrafterL

The ore core mod for Lucraft Mods.

Balloons Mod by ZanyLeonic

A fun mod that adds Balloons to Minecraft.

Spawnable Fluids by jordsta95

Small mod that adds tools to spawn source blocks of fluids that do not flow

JABTM by TheOldOne

Very basic biome tweaks.