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Zevac's Coordinates by Zevac

Where am I?

Whazaaaaa's Mod by Whazaaaaa

Whazaaaaa's First Mod.


sirluxxy é foda

Pam's Melon Spawn by MatrexsVigil

This mod adds melon patches in the world similar to pumpkin patches in forest, plains, swamp, ocean, and jungle biomes


Speeds up vanilla minecraft processes

mod_diamondstoemeralds by Pirosmani, MCreator


hPermissions by HoBoS_TaCo

hPermissions is a server-side permissions mod for a Forge-modded Minecraft server.

Console locker by Xakep_SDK

Locks console with specific password

Base Defense 2 by Akkarin

Protect, attack ... Wait what is ...? *BOOOM*

Snow Variants by Trikzon

Submission for 2018 MMD Winter Jam

ZEONmod by mike cat

this mods add ZEON Armor and weapon.

Quick Get by TheBaconChomper

Quickly get items from your machines!

PalaCrack by NeroZbeub

Crack For Paladium.


This mod adds a new C´coffee plant




This is an example mod

Inventory Tweaks by Jimeo Wan, Kobata

Tweaks to inventory handling for ease of use, including sorting and automatic replacement of broken tools or exhausted stacks of items.

util opensource


discover the dragon dimensions

Arche by Jason_Anaminus

More Philosophers Stones

Minecraft Animated

Developed by WorldSEnder during the making of the Monster Hunter Frontier Craft mod to serve as a basis for animated models.


Mod adds Wild Boar and other items.

Terraworld by terrapin47

A simple mod that adds blocks.

Scaffolding by LogicTechCorp

A mod that implements scaffolding.


This is an example mod

Extreme Blocks

Adds in tons of blocks and items that are all different in some way!


A plethora of new enchantments! UPDATED TO 1.7

Helpful Changes by ThunderBadge

This mod help integrate content from other mods

Power of the Elements by Prime17

This mod allows you to control the elements of fire, ice, lightning, air, and earth!

WHAT by BordListian

Local modder obtains unlimited power.