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This is an test mod


This plugin adds towns, which users can create and use to work together.

Yummy Beans by Vertex101

Beans that give u weird effects when you eat them.

PackCrashInfo by BloodWorkXGaming

Adds a modpack name to the crashlog.

Example Mod by ExampleDude

Example placeholder mod.

Mob Beacon by Cleverpanda714

Adds a block that will attract animals.

Alchemagy by CJMatRox

Break down items into base matter and recombine it

blocklayering Mod by Lothrazar

blocklayering mod.

Soda Drinks 2 by VeloceHD, crazybram

A mod that adds several drinks to the game


ADALINE is an adventure/rpg type of mod. With the addition of powerful items, warriors that fight by your side and the elusive dark matter, you can take on new enemies and bosses

Cola by SoniEx2


RankCapes by Jadar

This mod lets you see and change your cape on RankCapes equipped servers!

rareores by MasterDeity

Rare Ores is a mod that adds 5 new ores, two of which are located in the Nether

Weird Ores by VHBC, MCreator

Adds weird ores

Mindcrafts Crossover Mod by EdwinMindcraft

A mod that make a link between some mods


Adds stick drops from breaking leaves

Color Blocks by KeeperofMee

Adds glowing blast resistant clean colored blocks which can be used for pixel art.

Flex Tape by MoriyaShiine

The ultimate repair kit!

Mineralis Medicus by turkish4delight, MCreator

Hunt rare and exotic minerals!

MagicCraft by SeizefireGaming

In this mod, there is MAGIC

Watercan by codetaylor

Simple, configurable watercan mod.

Energy Shields by leety4

A mod that adds energy shielding to minecraft.

IrON Metals by IrresoluteArkia

An extension mod for IrON, mostly to make it more compatible with other mods; especially Omega Craft

AntiAFK by Mareckoo01

AntiAFK mod

Extra Alchemy by ZaBi94

An expansion on vanilla alchemy


Chiwawitos Mod, es un mod que agrega a minecraft algunos estereotipos quecaracterizan a Mexico! Gracias por preferir ChiwawitosMod , Tu comentario e simportante, Pasate por nuestra pagina!!