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Binnie Fix by SamRaven2

A Quick Hack to fix crashes caused by Binnie's Mods in The Fox Den Modpack

Electric Saw by sor593

Example placeholder mod.


adds in a pair of boots u can use to fly you wil also take no fall damage add any texture you want your allowed to use it in anything i made it for fun

Primale Age by Primale age coder Accentaur , MCreator

a dinosaur mod with scianice and magic. alongside with over 100 dinosaurs and living fossils.


[Early Alpha] Being worked on

Andy's Geological Mod

Just testing.

Whitelist Mod

An automatic whitelister that connects to a MySQL database

MinersAdvantage by DuelMonster

MinersAdvantage is a reimagening of my previous mod 'SuperMiner'. It is a rewrite from the ground up that aims to solve all previous issues and to add additional features.

Pointless Tech Two by Leon90, Leon Neary

More Pointless Tech and Electronics for Minecraft

Nobody's Stats by HeyItsMeNobody

Collects stats.

Broken Wings by quaternary

Disable flight in certain dimensions.

Fuel Current by ueyudiud

Added many kinds of fuel~


This is an example mod

RagingLib by Kolatra

Shared based code for all RagingCommandoSquad mods.

custommcplus by KevinWalker


Combatica API by Nano

An API and Library utilized in Combatica.

Mesh Mobs by derek, MCreator

Adds a few extra Mobs

Wild Netherwart by DelirusCrux

Finally some good f****** Wartgen

mod_RottonFleshToLeather by GamermadHD, MCreator

Turn your unwanted rotten flesh into leather

Ced's Kappa by CedKilleur

Add Kappa material and other stuff

Witching Gadgets

It's a kind of magic


Shoot your friends!

Apps Mod by Grillo78

Applications mod for MrCrayfis's Device Mod.

PymTech by Lucraft

Go subatomic using Pym Technologies

MoItemsAndArmor by matt3212Rocks

This is a mod about more food iems and armor mabey More we are only trying to make Minecraft more fun but some crafting recipies are outrageous because the stuff is OP but we are currently making them better and making stuff more balanced please support us in our journey :).

Yamazakura by Yamazakura



Alpha stage of the Icy Ice mod!

Iron Chest by cpw

New chests with larger sizes, with in-place upgrade items. The feature chest is the crystal chest, which is transparent - some inventory contents are visible without opening the chest


TomTom by FusionLord

Gps System based on the World of Warcraft addon, TomTom. Commands: * /tomtom <x> <y> <z> [display text] * /tomtom clear * /tomtom edit Aliases: * way * waypoint

mod_MedievalWeaponsMod by MatusMak, MCreator

Are you bored of normal Minecraft weapons? Then this modification is what you need! It adding weapons, tools, tools & food - everything you need to stay in fight alive. More to come in next updates!

Special Forces Mod

Adds High Tech Weaponary

Effortless Building by Requios

Makes building easier by providing tools like mirrors, arrays, quickreplace and a block randomizer.

LSS Extra by Niels Meijer

Wat overige dingen voor LSS.

Color Code GUI by NukeDuck

Adds buttons for color codes for use on Bukkit servers, and a Unicode table.