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EssentialBlocks by BrutalSkillz16

Some useful blocks and items for doing all kinds of things in modded minecraft.

AlchemyCraft by HZY

More ways to create material and potion.

Forge TeamSpeak Integration by DjGiannuzz

TeamSpeak 3 chat in Minecraft.


Manages Monthly Dim Resets

GrowthCraft Core: Cellar by Gwafu (a.k.a supertoinkz)

Shared files within GrowthCraft


This is an example mod


This is an example modwaffa

Redstone Gauges and Switches by wile

Adds redstone (metering) gauges, bistable switches (lever like), and pulse switches (button like) to the game.


Is it okay if I can just stay like this?

Pioneer Terrain Survey by TTFTCUTS

Generates biome map previews on command.

IndustrialCraft 2 by Alblaka, Player, alexthesax, Elementalist, RichardG, Feanturi, tahu44, Lurch1985

Industrial age themed expansion for Minecraft.


This is a mod that once you have 1 type of resource and an empty ore, you won't have to mine again

Minecraft Worlds mod (TC/MCW)

Advanced custom world generator. Based on TerrainControl, which is based on R-T-B's PhoenixTerrainMod, which itself is based on Bucyruss' BiomeTerrainMod.

Tiny Mob Farm by David Ma

A Minecraft Mod that adds single block mob farms that generates mob drops passively.


The Justin Sword is very OP.


This is an example mod

Fix Chisel Stone Gen by connorrowe

Implements the natural generation of Chisel's stones.


This is an example mod

mod_Spy by Shanedaman112

Be a spy with your full Black Suit and Grenade Sticks, trick your friends with holograms!

Steam Motion by jf908

Steam Motion Mod

StepUp by NotTooManyItems

Allows for stepping up 1 block height without having to jump. Like in the game Trove. Client sided mod that works on singleplayer and some multiplayer servers.


This RPG mod is my take on the RPG mod genre.

Resource Exploit Fix by Sk1er, Punkeel

Fixes a critical bug in Minecraft 1.8 that can be exploited to check if files exist on a users' computer


This is an example mod

PowerCraft Reloaded by Dannikinfo

Smart HUD by InsomniaKitten

A dynamic HUD for displaying inventory items.