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Miner and Soul

The new version of DIMplus.

MCMMO - Forge by lSoleyl

Minecraft MMO Mod

Never Enough Candy by Darkhax

Adds some new sweets to the game!


Complete Rewrite of CMM

Perfect Spawn by lumien

A mod that allows you to specify the exact player spawn.


Sand Stone Wooden armors tools and


It's a mod for my modpack!

AutoDeathLeaderboard by HoldYourWaffle

Server-side add-on for DeathCounter (by iChun). Triggers the leaderboard in chat everytime a player dies.

Working Sponges by Konitor

Have sponges which can soak up water or lava (or both). Have powered sponges. The mining sponge needs to be allowed in the config - it is disallowed by default.


This mod adds a new ore and more tools

Offhanded Gamers by GoodieBag, MCreator

ZIP Version, No proper description 4 u

Growing Up Core by Dagarath

Core changes for the Growing Up Modpack.


A Craftable Currency


Realistic, balanced, and high-tech security mod.

Zebra's Toggle Sneak&Sprint by BlauesZebra

Sneak and sprint keys behave as if they can be locked into the pressed state and unlocked by pressing them again. The function can be enabled/disabled ingame by pressing other configurable keys. Have a look into the Controls section.

§9AS: §6Extra Resources Add-on by §3XxRexRaptorxX (RexRaptor)

This is a Advanced Sticks Add-on that adds new mod based sticks, tools, weapons, blocks to the game!


Adds an expansion of cool, crazy, and twisted mobs!


This modification adds some new types of zombies!

opencommand Mod by never

opencommand mod provides supports in Minecraft China.


An red stone mod

Lamp Block by Branders

Adds a new block - Redstone Lamp which is always on.


QQ1093663086 YoHern制作


This mod lets you craft 1 pece of dirt into 64 diamond block

Parachronology by ZenDarva

Skyblock Resource Mod

Mythical Minecraft by ZOOMTURD

Adds cool mystical stuff to minecraft

Pokécube Mobs by Thutmose

Official Mobs for Pokécube.

Mine 3D by Tfarecnim

Backport of the April Fools Overlay.


this is mod about five nights at freddy's! there only the animactronics from the first game