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More Building by crystal_Miners

Add Prebuild Building To MineCraft For TekTopia.


Time Change is Morning or Night

Eroding Stone Entities by Rick South

When stone-type entities are left in flowing water for some time they turn into sand.

Cloche++ by phantamanta44

Makes garden cloches more garden-y!

MineFX by superbas11

Adds Alienware LightFX support for minecraft.

Client Tweaks by BlayTheNinth

There, I fixed Minecraft for you.

Magic Doorknob by Tom Boshoven

A mod adding a magic doorknob, which does not need a door to work.

Caterpillar by Daniel Appleby, The_Fireplace

Adds a caterpillar drill to Minecraft.

mod_MobSpawner by Bil0203

Simply spawn mobs without mob spawner or egg. You can make it on survival.

Expanded Armory by mallrat208

Expanded Armory is an add-on for Balkon's WeaponMod that increases the number of materials that can be made into weapons

Chaotic Craft by Lidar

You never know what you are going to get when you deal with a bit of chaos.

Viral blocks by moob212

§dRE: Core by AlasDiablo, TheKilleur2001, LiotaMiu

The only one.

mod_SetWorldSpawnExample by DashNK, MCreator

A Simple mod to allow you to set the world's spawn, without changing yours!

Named Heads by 14mRh4X0r

Shows names above heads when they're aimed at

BlazePower X by appelgebakje22, sandvich2302, BlazePower Team

Add Über-Powered Stuff to the game!!

Compressed Factory by PriestTheBeast

A space managing mod where you can compress space and have a whole 11x11x11 room of space out of a 3x3x3 cube.

EnigTech Util by dong031001

Mod only for EnigTech2.

Capsicum Annuum by Max Askew(darkmoon3009)

Capsicum Annuum(Chilli Plants)

From Snapshots by hwylacarrot

Mod adds a new features from latest MC snapshots, and from MINECON


This is an example mod


A mod that adds an endgame weopon: A pistol

Accelerator by PK, MCreator



Advanced Tooltips by Shirakami

Adds some more Tooltips for your Items. It shows durability, tool harvest level and efficency as well as damage reduction and slot of your armor.

Incognito by LX_Gaming

Hide your mods with a mod! Patreon - Source -

Tweaked Excavation by Srki_2K

Adding more options to IE's excavators.

Remember Me

A mod based on the Remember Me game.

Easier Dyes by AtlasTheFirst

Adds easier to obtain versions of blue, black, and green dyes




This mod adds Metal Gear Solid Equipment!

§eCustomized Dungeon Loot by §6XxRexRaptorxX (RexRaptor)

This mod adds new vanilla dungeon loot with special abilities, like enchantments, custom names, attributes, effects and more to the game!

MoreFoodStuff by mercedesforlife, MCreator


Soda n Stuff by Bam300, MCreator

A mod that ads Soda and Candy