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AutoCorrect by FalseHonesty

AutoCorrect adds helpful corrections to your spelling!

OPswords by spychicken123, MCreator

adds many new swords

DominationLT's Baby Ghasts by DominationLT, MCreator

This mod adds in new baby ghasts, biomes, dimensions, and blocks


This is an example mod

Pagamos by KingPhygieBoo

One of the first dimension mods, also known as Ice Mod. This mod was designed to give a dimension relative to coldness. It's back from beta, on the latest versions of Minecraft!

Octahedroid by The_Icy_One

This isn't quantum tunnelling.




This is an example mod

coco by ExampleDude


EnhanceCraft by Pointless/WoofJr, MCreator

This modification will definitely enhance your experience while playing Minecraft by adding food, ores, armor, biomes, tools, weapons, blocks, items and more!

Spawn Protection by Kreezxil

Protecting spawn regardless of the op condition




This is an example mod


Nueva actualizacion del Tierra Mod


La Actualización de laOrden


Adds a new world to the game.

dirt_flinger by vadis365

This is what happens when I get bored,

Redstone Tools/Armor by BaneSavage AKA Killjoy0593

This Mod Adds Redstone Tools And Armor To The Game!

Tinkers' Golems Addon by sky01

Add-on for Extra Golems to support Tinkers' Construct

Stage Manager by waikitakore

Managing stage effects and lyrics for Live shows, with optional remote control from other servers.


This Mod adds the awesome Technology of GregTech-Intergalactical to your World!

Blood Arsenal Vampire Patcher by UvMidnight

Allows the Vampire Costume from Blood Arsenal to be made year round. About 4 years too late

Colorful Tools by Torquebolt

Stand out from the crowd

basketcase by Daeruin

Just in case you need wicker baskets.

Magic Rings Mod by jshreder

It's a pretty simple mod. I've taken the basic idea of Swiftwolf's Rending Gale from Equivalent Exchange 2 and have made it run off of hunger, along with some aesthetic changes, and the fact that it can be anywhere in your inventory, not just your hotbar. When you fly, instead of using the EMC system, if slowly takes away your hunger. If you are really hungry, you will not be able to fly anymore. It also prevents any fall damage. Aesthetically, it's a silver ring that turns gold and gets the enchantment-glow when flying.

Flourishing Foliage by Stormwind99

Can't keep a tree down! Tree leaves regrow outward after harvesting if enough tree trunk is left.

Magical Smither by ACE_Gaming123, MCreator

The first release of Magical Smithery!

Util by eyeq


RandomSpawner by yamato(waco)


Adds in your favorite cartoons into Minecraft!


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