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Moas by U�ytkownik, MCreator

Enter short description here

Facade Painter by Lathanael

Adds a recipe to paint Ender IO facades if the machine module is not present.


This Mod adds 3 Soft Drinks into the game inculding a machine!

Graeten Mod by ...

Now with Apples.

warlordsplus by unaussprechlich, ebicep


Nature's Compass by ChaosTheDude

Search for a biome and get information about it.

Uranium Reenriched mod by CsokiCraft

Continuation of the old Uranium mod

Integration + by RodrigoCabral

Let's integrate the whole modded world!

Hat Stands by pau101

Hat Stands for all your hat displaying needs.

IndustrialCraft 2 by Alblaka, Player, RichardG, Thunderdark, GregoriusT, alexthesax, Drashian, Elementalist, Feanturi, Lurch1985, SirusKing, tahu44

Industrial age themed expansion for Minecraft.

tech worldgen

MobLimit by TrenTech

Limit number of mobs that spawn in a given world


Mod adds zombie ores such as coal, iron, gold, diamond and other ores.

2dmc by Digitigrade

made by lettuce for hoomans


The Role Play Mod Adds Various Items For Your Roleplays

AyNotif by Manercraft

AyNotif | Savoir quand Aypierre Stream !

StoreableLevelEasy by f04041


Unify Ore by Dr0n1k

Adding ore, blocks, ingots and etc from useless materials mods


Allows You to craft things easily

Empty Dimension by Saatrox

Play God and craft your own empty dimension.


testing dimensions

AurionVoteListener by THEJean_Kevin, Yann151924

A votifier listener for Sponge




adds a machine injuring mobs, and a slingshot

Twig's Grubs Mod by twigmakka

Colourful grubs <3 (placeholder description)

§k--§r §8§lRuins of Humanity§r §k--§r by §5V§85§r, §8F§4i§7r§ce

adds a few things

Bunny Boots

Adds a new type of boots into the game that lets you jump 3 blocks high and run fast.

ChaoticKarma by SatanicSanta

A karma system in Minecraft!


This is an example mod

Longbow by c4an7

Simple additional bows

Runic Dust Mod- Testing Pack by zombiepig333

The latest, in development runes from the Runic Dust Mod. Contains bugs!!!

Wynntils by Scyu, HeyZeer0, EHTYCSCYTHE, SHsuperCM

The best wynncraft mod you'll probably find!

Iron Pressure Plate

The Iron Pressure Plate mod is a mod the adds two pressure plates into the game, A Iron Pressure Plate which only triggers on players and an Advanced Iron Pressure Plate which you can configure yourself. License for usage is included in the jar file