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Sliptopian Utilities by ProRed

Made for the Sliptopia Modpack

Captain America

Wield the mighty vibranium shield of Captain America!

BringLifeMods by killeur54

Mods qui ajoute quelque minerais dans votre espace de jeu.

WoodStock by Sewef

Stripped log for 1.12

TWKFOOD by liteworks


This is a mod that allows you to find twelve different coloured stone blocks throughout your world!

More AntiCheat by R__

Anticheat mod for 1.12.2

BedBreakBegone by Fonnymunkey

Fixes the checks for respawning at a bed to help prevent nonsense *Your bed was obstructed* errors.


This is an example modd

SodiumCraft by CsokiCraft

Gives Mekanism sodium a purpose.

LaserCraft by Fmwo

‚×�`‚½”Å ŽQ�l‚É‚µ‚Ü‚µ‚½�¨CoFH Core, TE, BC, CCC, NEI, ‚½‚­‚³‚ñ‚̃`ƒ…�[ƒgƒŠƒAƒ‹

Mob Farm by Shadows_of_Fire


CosmeticArmorReworked by zlainsama

This mod allows you to wear two sets of armor, one for display, one for function. You can also hide armor for your skin. For PVP, you can stop the mod from functioning on your client side.

Infinity Water Bucket by coolsim

Allows the enchantment Infinity for Water Buckets, providing an infinite portable water source

AdolfMir Roleplay by SuperJ10500, MCreator

Flow Utils by FlowArg

Helper for my mods

PickItUp by FunnyMan3595, narc0tiq

Allows you to pick up most blocks with your bare hand.

mod_EllianDetector by EllianRahl

A mod displaying a minimap which enables you to detect any material within a given range (vertically or horizontally) configured in the menu using the V key by default. Using others keys (zoom, material switch, view switch), you can changed the information displayed in the minimap.

Kaas' Crop Mod 1.7.10 Port by xxKaaspianxx

Kaaspian's Crop Mod



Chouzetu_Kawaii_Mikosan by fururin, NurseAngel


1.13 Water Mechanics Backport by xFra

Simple port for some features introduced in 1.13.

Korean Maps for BuildTheEarth by tf2_mandeokyi

Renders korean map for BuildTheEarth project.

NEI Easy Search by pdos_95

Easy to use search in Chinese


Derpy Diamonds 1.1.2 By EmmettLego1

Activator by Shadowfacts

Automatic clicker


Adds more stuff.

The Great Sun Rising by �����ͱ���, MCreator

IWannaBeHappy by [SBFTGroup]WZOV

The almighty tool to fuck Hypixel's laws and rules :D


Sons Ambientes para Serviidor de Naruto C

Transmuter 1.12.2 by wmcrobbins, MCreator

Diamond Cheat

PCraftGuide by important__

VexView by LK520