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This Mod Adds Power Tool Weapons!

PHARTMod by maphcase

Pharts by maphcase and GekkeDerp



JourneyMapDefaults by BinaryCraft

Allows mod pack makers to easily provide customised default settings for JourneyMap


The completed update to my mod based off of Highschool DxD including items and armors fromall three seasons!

Ores as they should be! by Craftdreagon

Adds a lot of new ore stuff!

mod_MajorlandsPurgatoryDimension by thebluecrusader, MCreator

A sub mod of Majorlands, Purgatory adds a whole new dimension with mobs, items, weapons, trees, fruit and more!


This Is A Very Productive Mod

AdMinecraft by Veillardt

Remote Control for Minecraft Forge

Extra Vanilla by MasterBrine

This Mod increase the possibilities of Minecraft Vanilla.

Epic Stats by Team. AppleJuice

EPIC gui stats mod

WynncraftRichPresence by HeyZeer0

A simple mod who integrates Wynncraft with discord

Dungeon Tweaks by jredfox

Modify Dungeon Mob Entries and Add NBT Ones As Well


§6§lThis Mod is a Add-On for the Spongebob Mod, it will add many new Mob's and Item's to your game. §b§lCheck out my YouTube Channel: ImHaxoTV

TNB Gilded Armor by TehNoiseBomb

Adds gilded versions of vanilla armors to Minecraft

Infinite Fill Mod by vova7865

A simple mod that add a /ifill command that does exactly the same as /fill, but can fill more than 32768 blocks!

Angry Sun by MJaroslav, TheTestMod

You will burn under the Sun!

Rubi's Rubies by Ruuubi

Adds uncraftable Gems to the game, which can be used as currency, as well as various blocks to promote trading between players.

TeamFortress 2 Mod by GoodFishMan, MCreator

More stuff in the future!


SwordsAndThings adds swords and things

Arrow Cam Mod by Jsn_man

Allows your point of view to follow arrows as you fire them.

Vacuum Horizon by RonFall

Discover new, explore the Universe. Vacuum after horizon...

JadedMaps by Developaws

Singleplayer maps for JadedPacks

Magical Instrument by armaDio, Sem_Oki, Fill (check out some of Fill's work).

Recall Resurrection

A balanced personal teleportation mod.

ChestMaker by Deckee_The_Dead

Chest On Demand

Mrgreapers starmod 1.2 by Mrgreaper aka Mr G Reaper

Craft evil bunnies give them life with the tears of orphans.. then burn them alive to get a wither skull! ...what why are you looking at me like that? bunnys are evil!

Attribute Fix by darkhax

Fixes arbitrary attribute restrictions, and makes them configurable.


This is an example mod


This is an example mod