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A Spoonquest addon that allows multiple dimensions in minecraft

P.Footsteps Fix Mod by

Fixs block's null-pointer exception.

SunStroke by TehNut

Brings out your vampiric side.


Epic chain armor and iron swords!

More Variants by TurboLazer240

Adds variants to wooden buttons and pressure plates.

Equivalent Exchange 2 by x3n0ph0b3, pahimar, NickNusgart

Transmute stuff into other stuff! Become a Minecraft God!.

Insomniac by Tage

Disables sleeping, but still sets your spawnpoint.


This is a mod for those elements!

Everlasting Tools

Makes it possible to have tools that never break.

Teleport Command by XCompWiz

Adds the tpv command to allow vanilla-based dimension teleportation

ato Three Meals by Ato

Seems to be a mod that alters the way hunger works, including adding debuffs if you get too fat!

Chicken Nugget by quaternary

Adds a chicken nugget.


This is a working progress mod

Discovery Jar by Filloax

Jar mod for the Discovery Modpack.


A mod for more dirt

PixelmonCheck by Cocanuta

A mod to check if Pixelmon is installed.


This is an example mod

Beef Jerky Mod by jjpotatoes49

This mod Is For Beef Jerky Lovers

WildNature mod by matek200412

Improve Minecraft Nature! This mod adds 65 new biomes, 17 new trees, new plants, blocks, animals and many more!



Pocky by sora_suke



This is the better Emeralds Mod! Textures by Zombiecrafter Konsicrafter: Zombiecrafter:

Lever & Button Lights by Kreezxil

Levers that lights and buttons that flash.

Water Hooks by Henry Loenwind

Adds Event for Infinite Water Source Forming

mod_TooManyFlowers by Poiuy2010_2011, MCreator

This mod adds a lot of new flowers to Minecraft!

Simple Drills by xMrVizzy

The mod adds some drills

Blood Baubles by Z_Doctor

For the traveling BloodMage.


First Instalation Of GI.