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Pam's Portal Poof by Pamela Collins

Disables Nether Portals

Wool to String by AngleWyrm

Recipe to convert 1 wool to 4 string

MorePicks Mod by Werns

Adds in various pickaxes made from sturdier materials.

Geko's Lasers by Geko_X



Armor dy FallebDayZ

Power Creep by amazigjj

Sharplay Protection by BaluMonster

Server protection

dao_za_blockdrops by Dao_Za



Adds Soft Drinks into the game incuding a machine!

Natural Industry by 15098D, MCreator

A mod with 2 sides, nature and industry

'Capes for TFH' Wrapper by TheFreeHigh

A Wrapper for TFHCapes. Acts as a Standalone Mod

Tmtravlr's Timer by Tmtravlr

Adds a simple timer set by commands. All commands start with /timer, so type that and press tab to see what's available.


Custom Crafts!

Fancy Fish by Colin Vella

Fancy Fish introduces a number of exotic fish mobs, marine features and craftable items including fish food, bowls, tanks and a fishing net to keep them as pets. Forge MDK build: 1.8.9-

Help by jacob, MCreator

Enter short description here

ZakModPackWaluta by Skuq, MCreator

Mod dodaje walute na server ZakModPack

AutofarmCraft by CJ Burkey

Automatic farming made easy.

Particle Blocks Mod by TG_Officials

A mod with over 20 particle blocks!

DogCatPlus by flameFox

add Mobs (Doggy, Kitty, Skeleton, Cactuar, Bunny, Enderman)


Add A Fish In Minecraft Using This Mod

No Escape The Crates Mod by Rubix_Revenge

Stuck in a world of crates that regenerate on break!

com.behindyou.mod.BehindYou! Mod by ScottehBoeh

Quickly switch perspectives with a Hotkey

Gravity by ASCii

Gravity is just really a suggestion...

Silent's Gems by SilentChaos512

When diamonds won't cut it.

Modular Chest by Darkhax, Ghostrec35, Thisguy1045

Modjam 4 entry, more info soon


WhiteCrystal Resources Pack


Gems that you can make magical wands with.

NoMoreGlowingPots by ZaBi94

Remove that useless glint from pots

Iblis by Foghrye4

Skill from experience

Probably Not Wings by Kitten

A simple but effective transportation mod.

ObsAoA by Jim MiningWorm

Addon for Advent of Ascension