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Overworld Mirror by HyCraftHD

This mod just mirrors the overworld and let you travel with a portal between them

ChemLab by Itaros

This mod adds the ability to play with items at molecular level. Hardcore automation experience awaits you!

tech addon worldgen survival

SeedCopy by SatanicSanta

Copy your world seeds with a simple command!

Stuff A Sock In It by Darkhax

Stops logs from being annoying

Fureniku's Roads by Fureniku

Simple roads for your Minecraft world!


This is an example mod

Note Trail Mod by harogen_

/noteEx /noteTrail

BCMod (Brad16840.Common mod) by Brad16840

Provides a system that allow multiple interfaces to be open at the same time, also allows items to be uniquely identified and adds support for storing inventories inside items

[SL] X-Mas by Squareland Development Team

With love.


Linkseyi's ModMaker

SanchanCustomModOne by sanchan, MCreator

Enter short description here


Bedizenation adds many new blocks Minecraft, allowing you to decorate your buildings in any way you like.

EnderTweaker by Shadows_of_Fire

CraftTweaker + EnderIO

The Last Sword You will Ever Need Mod

As if it isn't obvious... It adds the last sword you will ever need.

Lumina by Nuparu00, MCreator

Lumina is a mod that adds throwable glowstick to Minecraft. This mod is meant to be used as an example of using an external API (in this case - Mirage API by Elytra group) in MCreator.


Enter short description here



Solar Flux by Nauktis

Example placeholder mod.

Valtiel�s Clotes Mod by Valtiel

vestimenta con proteccion

Realm Of Yendor's Artifacts of the Lost by machinespray

Add's items inspired by NetHack and other various rogulikes, along with a (WIP) deity system.

Master Addiction by MaxterDesigner, MCreator

Um mod que adicionar tudo e mais um pouco!


This is an example mod

Mob Drip by Horfius

Mobs will now 'slime' their way if they're caught in blocks.

Nether Overload by MCJediYoda

Making the Nether dimension more interesting.

Adventure Backport by ljfa

Brings the CanDestroy and CanPlaceOn features from Minecraft 1.8's adventure mode back to 1.7

PhonesAlpha by HadiBuilds

Thanks For Installing The Phones Alpha Mod! This Mod Adds A Bunch of Electronics and Phones to The Game With Realistic Textures!

Ingame Account Switcher by Elvm

Allows you to switch between accounts.

Voyage Ark by Scarecrow

A simple mod.


Enter short description here


Oh Magical

Lazy Lazuli Traps by LazyLazuli

Simple traps mod. Kill your unsuspecting enemies with spikes!

The Hunt by Arkif

A hunting mod for Minecraft, the hunt is on!

BlipBot Points by BlipBot

Let your viewers on Beam gain points by watching and interacting with your stream, which can be used to affect your game.

HorseInfo by rumickon

Show horses stats (health, jump strength, speed and owner nickname).

Torojima's Build Helper by Torojima <>

Adds wand item for convenient building to the game.