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HxC Skills

Adds Skills to MC ^_^


This is an example mod

FurnaceTool ExtendCut by KN-765, Julius Ether

Furnace Tool bloken area Extend!!

Weis Mod by mrRaduga

Weis Mod

AutoFriend Mod by CoalOres

Automatically accepts friend requests on Hypixel.

Enchanted Food Mod by tucsok007

This mod gives you a chance to get enchanted food the same way as you get the original one.

Team Marker by Reflxction

A Minecraft mod which highlights your teammates

mod_BlueMod by ame_b

new mineral: blue ingot

TameableArachneMod by Lilac

Tame the Arachne.

Clear Despawn by C4

Makes dropped items flash when they're about to despawn.


This is an SahyungSu mod

Strange by Crueltyinc (Tim M)

What is this strange thing?

LibrarianLib by LordSaad44, Elucent, thecodewarrior, murapix, werty1124, Leviathan143

A library for the Team Wizardry mods

Rojiura Mod by ExampleDude

Example placeholder mod.

RootMod by Minecraft Name : Drag0SEaters, RootSlayers

This mod is in Alpha.

Mining Worlds by Zarkov

Adds new player created dimensions suitable for (automated) mining.

Custom Capacitors by ProspectPyxis

Fully customizable capacitors!

Endergetic by SnappyDragon64 (Pengu61151), Camcamcamcam

This mod aims to expands upon The End by adding a variety of features to the barren landscape along with alien flora and fauna to make it livelier.

Wasteland Mod by 115kino

The wasteland mod is a mod that adds a new survival element to Minecraft.


This is an example mod


Adds an UltraPistol To Your Minecraft World

Baking Bread by BTeri

Advanced Bread Baking