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Infinity_crystals by kuuy3,kunerin

Added Infinity Crystals.

Subswitch by ArloTheEpic, MCreator

Switch up that underground, Ben.

No Firework Damage by UnRealDinnerbone

Fireworks != Damage

§bThrowable Items & Blocks Mod by BronzeBee

This mod allows you to throw any block/item.

FullThrottle NEI by matthew_117

Additional NEI addons for FullThrottle Alchemist.

Mo' Swords Mod by Syntthetix

My first original mod that adds more swords, and will be updated with more swords in the future.

ModpackTweaks by ljfa, CoolSquid

A collection of specialized tweaks for our modpack

Epic Siege Mod by Funwayguy

Makes Minecraft's mobs extremely difficult and dangerous with an unending lust for death and destruction. One might even say it's just down right unfair

Le Chunk du Milieu by pifou92000

Un mod qui ajoute � Minecraft des cr�atures et �l�ments issus de la Terre du Milieu !

Viesis' Dismounter by Viesis

Take back control of your minecarts!

CJB_Teleport by otakux


Advanced Solar Panels by SeNtiMeL, Icedfire

Advanced solar panels is new generation of using solar power. This is addon for IndustrialCraft 2



This Mod adds lots of Improvements and a new dimension


Best mod ever.

EPS Mod by MysteriousHacks

Zeigt dir EP Staerke an

Xack Mod by Xackery

Xack's custom mod for minecraft

Rotten Flesh to Leather

This mod turns rotten flesh to leather in a furnace

Induction Charger by Shadowfacts

A Tesla/RF item charger.

Tree Mod by PhantomApfell

A mod about Seed-Ores! It adds new Food, as well as some new Ores, both conventional ones and such for Seeds.


A Dragon Ball Z Skins Mod

Steve's Pantry by kg6jay, awweaver, Inari

Steves Pantry full of awesome food.

ArrayPro's Hardcore Expansion by ArrayPro

Changes many game mechanics!

Modular Music! by MrPonyCaptain

Modular Music!

Kwasti Bust Monsters

Busting monsters


this is super noob

sev_tweaks_npc by vadis365, Shinoow



Adds a sword crafted with lapis


Wool to string. Duh.

HyperDimensionalBag by A.K.

Add HyperDimensional Bags

RoleplayCraft by Kreezxil, efbrfburfhfufrffrfrf

It's about role playing with your partner.

Diamond Farm by ExampleDude

An Odd Farming Mod

HighLighter by GiantNuker

Highlights mobs and gives a warning display if they try and sneak up on you.