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Elements Block Mod by AstroNoodles

The Elements Block Mod is a unique mod which combines a lucky block mod together with a detailed mod about the elements in Minecraft. The lucky block portion contains the new Elemental Lucky Block along with a lucky sword and several lucky potions. The elemental portion contains recipies for creating awesome blocks and items. How do you find these items? Go hunt down the recipies and play for yourself!!!

Radiation Mod

Some nuclear additions for Minecraft


Core libs and utilities

PistonCompression by Joseph C. Sible

Allows pistons to compress blocks into other blocks or items.

Dirt2Path by mallrat208

Want Paths? Have Dirt? Great News. With Dirt2Path when you right click on a Dirt Block with a Shovel or Shovel like tool, you to can get Paths.

Shamanism by ilja615

Magic mod about shamanism

Horse Stats V1.11.2 by lothrazar, Geektor_

Show the statistics of the horse you ride in the F3.


I hope you enjoy

CT TinyCoal by codetaylor

Simply adds smaller pieces of coal and charcoal fuel.

Recipe Tweaking Core by tterrag

Library mod for screwing around with recipes


This mod adds a REALLY Op Sword!

ReBind by AustereTony

Ability to remap internal controls (Esc, F1, F3, F4).

cloaked batman by k2b6s9j

Make all of the Forge Mod Loader mods submit statistcs!

Sandstone Pack

Adds Tools And Armor For Sandstone


Glowstone growing


Ever wanted dinos in minecraft


This is an example mod

The Void Expansion by GGCrosby, MCreator

A small expansion to Minecraft.

Exp Seedling Mod by Zacomat

Literally farm your experience!

Extreme Blocks

Adds in tons of blocks and items that are all different in some way!


Aggiunge MandaRhino tipico cibo della cucina di Dino Croccantino!!

Edifice by Robert Herhold

Create and share structures with the community

Psynaps Psycraft by roflnoob

A Minecraft mod which merges the World of Warcraft and Minecraft.


Just adding 1 item to makeinng getting more minerals easyier!

Toon's in Minecraft by AaronJohnson, MCreator

Chroma Chat by D3monw3st

Make your chat litty.

KewaiiLib by KewaiiGamer

A library mod for most KewaiiGamer's mods.

Armiger by Aurilux

Gives you slots of three more armor sets which you can switch to through the gui. These sets persist even across death

MoarRecipes by Hyghlander

Even More Recipes for Minecraft!

Computer Craft Framework by Edward Yeung (Eyeballcode).

Needed for some mods, by me and other people.

Simple Fluid Tanks by Zarathul

Adds fluid tanks of variable size and shape.

Magic Wold by osker, MCreator

A cool magic Mod