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Desire Paths by Corosus

Wears down grass as its walked on to create naturally formed dirt paths

SnCraft by Snooker147

Just a normal mod

Nichie Menu Mod by Nichie

Change minecraft Main and Ingame menu.

LightArea by Himmelt

Light Area Mod , Copyright (c) 2018 Himmelt.

Plena Inanis by Dagarath

Full on Empty

Looking Glass by XCompWiz

"In another moment Alice was through the glass, and had jumped lightly down into the Looking-glass room." - Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There; Lewis Carroll

Hypixel Tweaks by Aycy

A few tweaks.

Killer Pacman mod by FiskFille

Minecraft Extended by peter1745

This mod adds new weapons, blocks, etc...

Hero-Beta by KarlCraftHero, MCreator

Die kraft Der Galaxy

Minecraft AutoMap by Brian Pearce

Enables AutoMap to connect to the Minecraft client.

Teleportation Pads by senpaisubaraki

TelePads can be used to teleport to any of your registered TelePads.

More Pets by joonatoona

More pets addon for inventory pets

AutoPickup by Furgl

Allows items to be picked up automatically or blacklisted and never picked up.

Melvin's Simple Sign Pack

Melvin's Simple Sign Pack for MTS



Quality Tools by Tmtravlr

Gives tools, weapons, and armor a randomized 'quality', much like tools in Terraria.

Simply Gems by AmazigJj, Wolferain, ThanasiShadoW

Gems For All Your ModPacking Needs!

Advanced Swords by sblectric

This mod provides extremely powerful swords along with more flexible sword enchanting.


Adds a lot of commands.

Raider Explosions and Base Reinforcement by Mr.KTO-TO

English: Improve raid(grief) experience. Fortifications for buildings and means for their destruction.


This is an example mod

Evercraft by NEMESIS13cz

Super Craft by Iron_Elliot, MCreator

Enter short description here

Biome Height Tweaker by EzTerry

Custom biome heights

Alchemical Swords Mod by 0astralDragon0

A magic mod that add powerful swords


Get fun

ATM Rockhounding by GlobbyPotato, al132

Re-write of the mod Rockhounding: Chemistry by GlobbyPotato for the ATM Expert modpack, with permission

Fake Ores

This mod will add fake ores that attack the player once the block destroyed. Fake ores are hidden with true ores.


This is an example mod

Carbon Mod by jmanpenilla

Use carbon to make diamonds! Very early beta, mechanics are likely to change.

Elemental Stones

Easily freeze and smelt materials with elemental stones!



TNTSchafTimer by MysteriousHacks

Zeigt dir einen Timer fuer TNT Schafe

the iron golem summoner by Thedrawingcreeper, MCreator

now you can spawn a iron golem !!! with out colecting a buntch of iron and pumkins!