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Coal to Diamond by Aespher, HoloF0X

Lots of random stuff! You like stuff, right?

Adventure Pack by Brobotato

Adds adventure themed items aimed at making the game less tedious.

Enderfuge by TheMasterGeneral

Increased output from smelting vanilla armor/weapons.

Spinning Wheel Mod by Gamblerrur

§l Now you can spin 1 block of wool into 4 string!


enjoy girls who want guns

Coloured Lanterns by lerrific

Now you can colour lanterns! .. Hurrah?


Enter short description here

Essential Features by Willbl3pic

Essential features mod adds various new features

MightyLoot by Arckenver

A treasurehunt-like sponge plugin.

Wetstone by legobmw99

A mod that adds some blocks which can turn lava into obsidian and act as farmland.

& by asiekierka

Simple redstone gates

SteamCraft by Proloe, GotoLink

Unknown Ores

Useful Unknown Ores!

Mo'Pigs by Herobrine770, MCreator

Enter short description here

AsieFixes by Asie

AsieFixes is a mod that adds general compatibility tweaks

Better Animals Mod by Hypeirochus

A mod to improve the vanilla animals in Minecraft.

Caterpillar by Daniel Appleby, The_Fireplace

Adds a caterpillar drill to Minecraft. Tookit (Lite)

Tools for working on the wiki.

Knowledge Share by Rongmario

Because sharing knowledge of researching in MP environments is essential

Quick Consume by Kain

Adds the ability to quickly consume items

Emerald Nugget by The_Icy_One

Si alimentum ambrosiam amoris est, coquo.

Block Properties by FatherToast

Allows advanced customization options for blocks. Based on Mob Properties.

Scott's Blocks by ScottKillen

Scott's Extra Blocks

Steam Motion by jf908

Steam Motion Mod

Add Bread by ematan, MCreator

made in japan x64




discover the dragon dimensions

Realistic Armor Tiers by Mentits, PocketStealer

Makes low-tier armor more interesting and high-tier armor less op.

mod_DungeonsandWeapons by Xaron, MCreator

More Dungeons, Weapons and Mobs

Horse Upgrade Food by Lothrazar

Carrots that upgrade your horses heath, speed, jump height, change its colour, and can transform it into a zombie or skeleton horse.


A Simple Beta Mod that Test Healing items

Reap Mod by Max Henkel