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Valtiel�s Clothes Armor Mod by Valtiel

Armaduras para Gamer Girls


Sand Stone Wooden armors tools and

RFTools Power / OC Integration by BrisingrAerowing

RFTools Power / OC Integration

On Further Tales: Explore Further by martinbv95, MCreator

Take Your Adventure Further

SimpleBroadcast by TrenTech

Broadcasting plugin

Hot Water Mod

Add more liquids and new fuel into the game

TazerMod by Joshisfriends, MCreator

Tazing Mobs in Minecraft!

Star Wars mod by Digital Dragon Studios

The whole StarWars universe in minecraft!

Dragon Extracting by EX.MAKS, gerod220, MCreator

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This mod allows you to fly with the armor of Minecraft

Practicalities by Jotato

Making your Minecraft life easier since 1984

Infinity Block by Henry Loenwind

The Infinity Block is a distributed storage. Each player has 16 channels, and all Infinity Blocks that belong to the same player and channel share an inventory.

DrSquidsGunModv1.5.0 1.12.2 by DrSquid97, MCreator

A gun mod

LightArea by Himmelt

Light Area Mod , Copyright (c) 2018 Himmelt.


A mod that adds awesome gear you craft with blocks

HarvestWithDispenser by defeatedcrow

KAGIC by §bAkrivus§7

KAGIC is a mod that adds machines to your Minecraft world that let you harvest your own servants and soldiers from the ores in the ground.

ManyBabies by eyeq


Ender Tech by spacechase0

Doing stuff with ender pearls.


This is a Internet Mod that allows you to enter the Internet


Clash of clans... in minecraft?

Mineralogy by Cyanobacterium

Fills the world with real-world rocks

Tomb Many Graves by M4thG33k

Stores your stuff when you bite the dust.


This is mod

End Teleporters by Markus1002

End Teleporters is an End-themed mod that adds a new, balanced and quick way to travel around in your Minecraft worlds.

Mystical Trinkets

Adds Amulets, Belts and Rings that give you special effects.

Marble Blocks by Kerberos


AutoClassLoader by makeo

Loads classes on fml start.

Build All Ya Can Mod Downloader by CJ Burkey

Downloads the mods required to join the BAYC2 Modded Server