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MekanismOres by phantamanta44

Another one bites the shards!

mod_CarrotsComprehensive by pwnage365, MCreator



This is an example mod

Koopa's Critters by Redkoopa & Coda

Adds various small animals to minecraft most just for sheer decoration. They also make good additiosn to zoos!

FreToZzAnyThiNgs by My Computer, MCreator

zhuroulao by Administrator, MCreator

GlareTorch by Guriguri

This torch illuminates a wider area than a normal torch.

Tiny Crop Farms by JoshieGemFinder

automated crop growing.

Arsenal Mod by MaxIsHot

Project Z Mod


Enter short description here

Pixel Galaxy by RamiLego4Game

Galacticraft 3 add-on that adds new galaxy (Pixel Galaxy).

HavvaCraft II ModPack by AksanSai

Provides the bigger and badder experience

MedievalTimes by Bobby Moss

Minecraft with a Medieval twist!

DarknessLib by shinoow

Library mod for handling light calculations and similar things

Toggle Perspective Fixed by ArchUsr64

Fixes 'Toggle Perspective' not working properly when bound to a mouse key.

YD's Baths Mod by Comma_

This is YD's Baths Mod.

Optifarbric Mod by Optifarbric

Optifarbric mod.

Thaumic Readoption by Zoko061602

Another Thaumcraft Addon

finallysword by rainbow

by rainbow

Beacon Craft by S4ncho, MCreator

The First Mod who you can Craft a Beacon

Hotkey Ore Dictionary Converter by MattDahEpic

Converts specified ore dictionary items on keybinding.

Cloak by Wyn Price

A mod used to combine block models and other block textures

Emerald Thingies Mod by Mintyglibbs, MCreator

A Mod That Adds 4 New Items.


This is a mod but its just a unique and strange addon its extra drops for Lucky block Metal


New Steel Itens...

MenderMod by Sadan

A simple mod created by Sadan.

Elemental Arrows by Cybermaxke

Everyone wants more arrows!


Civilization Mod by JanCrafter12

Not Enough Essence by SM9

Adds conditional essence drops to hostile mobs.

byg by AOCAWOL, MCreator

A biome and adventure mod

pinat by Natan, MCreator

ReallyUtilies by Brachini, MCreator