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Mackrel Automotive Industries

Just a collection of vehicles from the 40s to the 70s that would normally be overlooked in MTS :p

Dynamic Elevators by Ironclad49er

Dynamic Elevators adds an easy to build, redstone free option for your vertical travel needs. Simply place an elevator block and it will automatically detect all of the possible floors it can travel to. Add multiple elevator blocks next to each other to make bigger elevators. Right click the elevator to bring up a floor selection screen. Place elevator call buttons to bring elevators to your current floor.

Industrial Programs by Anar

A Minecraft mod adds more compatibility OC and Other Mods.

Note Block+ by Atarius

Improved Note Blocks

Wild plants by biggi107, MCreator

Adds wild carrot, potato and beetroot plant

rfeuconvert by mcNETDev

Mod to convert EU to RF.

Permafrost by Virtuoel

Prevents light from melting Ice and Snow Layers

Emerald Pack+ by CJGDesigning

Adds Emerald Armor & Tools

Medieval craft by FranciscoFunari, MCreator


Bullet-firing bows


Derpy Diamonds 1.1.2 By EmmettLego1

TheUprisingTweaks by Xaeiveer, MCreator

Modpack Version Checker by Silk

Checks whether the modpack version is the correct one when connecting to the server

Overworld Plus Mod by Nicholas Buhlman, MCreator

Portal Gates 2 by deenkayros

Portal Gates 2 is a via waypoints teleportation mod

More Utilities by FrostyMite

Adds NEW UTILITIES to your World!

Tooltip Plus by alalwww

Display the simple items tool tip when having it.

Useful Railroads by HyCraftHD

Who don't want to travel fast? I do! So i created some high speed minecraft rails: Speed 100 blocks/second. This is just a very beta, cause I have many more plans for rails.

MobTest by rich1051414


Nether Star Mod by DrLuigi

Add new items / blocks.


New Ores for the game!!!


makes addition Ores, weapons/tools, Armor and more.

Magic Muffins by Dark_Lizzy

Why drink potions when you can eat Magic Muffins instead? Yummy!

Tri-Addon Controller by Chocohead

Controller for the merging of Advanced Machines, Advanced Solar Panels and Gravitation Suite.


This is an prototype mod

MineWars by Leon, MCreator

Seiti Tools by maru

Seiti tools mod!

Simple Spam by Syameimaru Zheng

Just Lunchmeat we need.

Highlight Mod by Madakai


Crystal Reborn

CaijiSword by ExampleDude