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The UFO mod for minecraft


This is an example mod


This is an example mod

Bee Specific by Vexatos

An addon for Hardcore Questing Mode.

NABanMod by 914554688wyt

NABan Support MOD

Minenite by Tigercraft, MCreator



Coloured Torches by TimtheBrick

Adds different coloured torches into the game!

Knock Knock by iLexiconn

Knock knock, who's there?


This is an example mod

UnlovedVanilla by Impelon

A Mod adding many, different features that got left behind in the development of Minecraft

Enhanced Bow

Adds the Enhanced Bow! Wheeee!


This is a mod all about a brand new creepy gem!

Activated Carbon by _Socol_

A simple solution to all problems.

SkullForge by Entropimus and MuscleMan1234

Want some trophies? You've come to the right place...

So Much Stuff by TwiLordMC

A Great Mod That Adds Great Things To Your Game.

?_(?)_/? by kerbybit


Nowy_Minecraft by U�ytkownik, MCreator

Enter short description here

HempFarmer by SeqSEE

Adds hemp to Minecraft!

Jukebox Mod by SR2610

Mod that adds an improved jukebox to Minecraft.

Botania Needs These Things! by Workbench61

Mod adds things that in my opinion that Botania needs

Natsumod by Natsu

Natsu's mod.

OpenComputers Sensors by Davenonymous

Sensor Mod for OpenComputers

DonutCore by DoughnutDev

DonutCore is for DoughnutDevs modpacks!


Punishment plugin

Magnetic by Jotato

Just a magnet

MoreRecipes by eyeq


Note Block+ by Atarius

Improved Note Blocks