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Block Control Keys by Lothrazar

Key bindings that push, pull, and rotate blocks. Pushing and pulling is restricted to only horizontal. The block rotation key turns stairs and logs into their different positions, as well as carving things like stone brick and sandstone into alternate versions.


Mods Novedades 1.8

Cave Expansion by Candarush, MCreator

Climate Control

Climate Zone Size Reducer

Always a Wither Skull by Rick South

A drag-and-drop mod that makes wither skeletons always drop their skull on death.

PalaTrade Mod by Wardenfar

Example placeholder mod.

WeissCore by Weissmoon

Base Mod for my other mods.

Future Commands by FirEmerald

Adding 1.8+ command functionality.

Beheaded by MrSourceCoded

Just in case you wanted more Heads in Minecraft


Timmy, Wanda, Cosmo and Mr.Crocker in Minecraft!


Yeah! Orespawn!

Enchanted Apples by Ghost

Adds Enchanted Apples.

Snow! Real Magic! by Snownee

Tweak vanilla snow layer.

Levelable Weapons by SeiA

This mod is about weapons that can evolve in a different way.


This is an example mod

mod_MatojejeDragonFighter by Matojeje / Matuli Yoshi


A framework for Inventory UI.

Realistic First-Person Render by kenijey, Wyn Price

Allows you see your body in FPS mode

Primeval Forest by MinecraftPlaye

An big new forest dimension on a new planet and much more! Find it out!

Ofalen Mod

This MOD adds a new ore Ofalen, to add a new such as tools, swords, armors, balls using it.



Tinkers' Reforged by Mrthomas20121

Tinker construct support for various mods

GraveStone by NightKosh

This mod adds a gravestone to the game, which 'spawns' at player/villager/dog/cat death.

opensource worldgen dungeons

Crashma by MoriyaShiine

What's Crashma, you ask? Crashma game LOL

Rainmaker by EwyBoy

Makes it rain

Craftable Loot Bags by joeylego776

Lets you craft loot bags.

WebInfo by RedGuyGames

This modification allows you to view data about your game/ your server, as well as manage it by authorization. Change game settings, execute commands, and much more.

Apiary and Honey by queekusme

Realistic Beekeeping and Honey Production.

Tesla Core Lib Registries by Face_of_Cat

Used to register stuff after all mods did... ignore it.

HorrorMovieMonstersMod by Smakced, MCreator

The most famous killers from your favorite horror movies are now in Minecraft!

Missing Recipes

A mod that adds several crafting recipes for vanilla items, some of which, you could say, are missing from vanilla.