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Gems+ by RobZ51, microjunk, ahojkaj, Mitrix50, rolfXD, Torzel, Zealot067

Adds lots of gems which you can make tools and armor out of.

Exp Seedling Mod by Zacomat

Literally farm your experience!


Adds a new material

Redstone Lock by JES, MCreator


The greatest mod ever

Armor_Hero Two by 86157, MCreator

PMV by ��, MCreator

ExeCraft 1.0.1 by XPandaPalX, MCreator

Enter short description here

transtemporal by Maumee Tattoo Compan, MCreator

Spartan Weaponry by ObliviousSpartan

Spartan Weaponry adds a variety of new weapons to Minecraft.

mod_Utilities by S_pongiBOB, MCreator

Crafting :D


Enter short description here


Adds some simple broadswords.

New Item by jason

new Item

No Debug 5 You by quaternary

Prevent mods from rendering things to the F3 debug screen.

Advanced Cables by gggamer

A little mod I made that adds a more interesting way to transfer rf.

MoreCows by MoMo

Cows can not only produce milk now. Use a bucket or bowl to hold them all! Try to feed them with different condensed wheat

kamusama by Administrator, MCreator

BartWorks by bartimaeusnek

A Gregtech Addon.

Better HUD

Adds many different elements to the in-game HUD.

Prefab by WuestMan

Provides ways of making pre-fabricated houses and other structures.

SuperGeniusZeb's �cC�6o�el�ao�9r�5e �rMod by SuperGeniusZeb

This mod adds new ores containing the essences of pure color, which can be smelted and crafted into colorful decorative blocks which you can use in pixel art, buildings, and anywhere you can imagine!

��֮��ԵV by Maccaronne


Steve'sWasteland2 by Angel, MCreator

Fragile Glass by FredTargaryen

Thank you for using Fragile Glass! This mod adds a new type of glass - made from sugar water - which shatters on impact!

Illagers+ by LiteWolf101

A mod that adds additional Illagers

mod_recipemod by , MCreator

Halo Mod by Cooper, MCreator

Bedwars Item Generator by Kreezxil

Generate items into your world with blocks like in Bedwars!

RebornMod by Reborn Team

Dwarven Candles by EnderiumSmith

Adds Dwarven Candles for easier explosion mining


A use for Rotten Flesh!