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Kind of Magic by MrRiegel

Kind of magic.

Show Monsters by Kabo

Shows monsters that spawn at the players location (feet).

InsLib by insert

Shared code and classes for my mods.


Adds in Gru, Farts, and more!!

Agriculture by Freyja, RebelKeithy, Shadowclaimer

Agriculture is an expansion of the cooking, farming, and hunger systems in core Minecraft.

food hunger

Storage Drawers: Erebus Pack by jaquadro

Adds additional wood styles from the Erebus mod.

mod_overworldHellMod by 3mptied, MCreator


Adds things of 1.10 , 1.11 & 1,12, the mod also adds extra things! Thanks to Jay for the textures of Minecraft Story mode!

Compressed Items by Xesar_Zk

Provide more space in your warehouse.


This is an example mod

Blocks NewLand by Guerry Arthur

Blocks for newLand

Minecraft Uncovered - 1.8 to 1.7 (OlympicNetwork version) by TheSilkMiner

Would you like to have all the new features of Minecraft 1.8 without losing all your mods? Now you can with the Minecraft Uncovered Mod! Special version only for OlympicNetowrk!

Blood Baubles by Z_Doctor

For the traveling BloodMage.


Adds Ninja chickens to your game! Also includes shurikens, samurai swords and life draining swords! Also Shuriguns!

MC+ Adventurer ModPack

A MinecraftPlus ModPack for brave Adventurers! - Eat, Explore, and Explode. . . wait. . .

Regressments by Jaredlll08

Disabled Advancements.

Multimeters by CJMinecraft

Adds multimeters which can view details about tile entities without opening a GUI.

MoarSwords by ButterCheetah266

A lot Moar Swords to play around with!

Cute Hamster Mod by manmaed

Adds Cute Hamsters To the game!


Adds grappling hook stuffs.

Industrious Mage by Gaprosys

A magic mod for automation

Blood Bank by Palaster

Getting a loan of power from a demonic bank that charges interest.

Nice Hay by iLexiconn

Catch me!


This is an example mod


Enter short description here

Simon's Mod by Simon

A mod where I, Simon, add things to minecraft that I see fit.


Das ist die Lidl Mod (Bitte NICHT mit den Original von ArazhulHD verwechseln.)