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Torched by iChun

Adds a couple of items which aids with torch placement. Mainly a gun, rocket, and launcher

HighLighter by GiantNuker

Highlights mobs and gives a warning display if they try and sneak up on you.

Fire Peripherals by FireHead996

Various peripherals for ComputerCraft.

TutorialMod by Chr0n4s

An test mod.


Why do I have to explain? In the development that's all!


This is the better Emeralds Mod! Textures by Zombiecrafter Konsicrafter: Zombiecrafter:


This is an example mod

ChristmasCraft by Newt_head

Holiday Cheer and Presents for All!


super man and weed meat op

TrailMix by iChun

This mod adds a single food item, called trail mix. This food item does plenty of crazy things when eaten.

NPC Mod by canelex, OFP, boomboompower

Summons a client-side NPC, 1.8.9 version by OFP & boomboompower

The Middle Torch by Henry Loenwind

Places a torch on key (e.g. the middle mouse button)


check my french youtube channel


This is an example mod

Aqua Munda by McJty

Aqua Munda

Twitter2MC by ScarabCoder

Use Twitter in Minecraft!


This is an example mod


The grand expansion to 1.8

Anime Utility by Maximumgame

Its a utility

Ceramics by KnightMiner

Adds a few early game items based on baking clay

CraftableFarmland by defeatedcrow


This just adds a wireless energy transfer method to the game. (For IC2 Energy ofc.)

Diamond Tipped Steel Mod by TheModMonster

Allows the Player to craft Steel Blocks, Tools, and Armor. You can even plate your tools with diamonds!

SaturationOverflow by Zenny3D

Allows saturation to overflow one time until used up again. This allows saturation from food such as Top Tier meals in Pam's Harvest Craft to not have excess wasted saturation.

EnderStuff+ Mod by SanAndreasP

A mod which adds a bunch of stuff into the End, ranging from mobs over ores to functional blocks and tools.

UnlockCraft by Diadas

Locks all recipes to unlock during gameplay

ShulkerBoxViewer by Dazo66

Show ShulkerBox

Dofus's Mobs by Kujaroth, Hugoueng

Read the Title !

Thaumic Brewing by Daedalus4096

Make potions using alchemy!

Power Adapters by Darkhax, Jaredlll08

Allows power to be adapted

Forge Auto-Shutdown by RoyCurtis

Automatically shuts down the server by schedule, or by player vote.

BRForgersCore by TheBrazillianForgersTeam

Libs, Mod-Sharing Classes and Variables, Some Addons and Tweaks Modules. A Bit of everything!