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Shadows Weapons Mod by JayGhoul

Here ya fucking go Shadow.

Five Feet Small by Fuzs

Makes you 1.5 blocks tall while sneaking like in Minecraft 1.14.


Nso v3

mod_XeraingamingMod by dark_miner42, MCreator

Xeraingaming Mod

No Mob Farming by Laike_Endaril

Prevents mobs from dropping items unless killed by a player

Accidentally Circumstantial Events by Zavvias

Custom events mod


This is just a mod that adds a random ore to the mod!

CJB_Minimap by otakux

CJB Minimap MOD

AutotextMod by blendender

Allows the user to send chat messages with an hotkey.

XyCraft by Soaryn, ChickenBones

XyCraft is primarily focused on tech expansion. There are many more things to come


This is a mod based off of a fan game that was created by Nikson

Tmtravlr's Arrow Trails by Tmtravlr

Adds some simple arrow trails. 'Paint' them onto your bow using a Bow Painter and dyes or a few special items.

Hard Mode Tweaks by Hea3veN

Gameplay changes.

Thaumic NEI by gudenau

Adds Thaumcraft recipes to NEI.

Attained Drops

Making mob drops more attainable

Edible Bugs Mod by Eractnod

Expanding your culinary experience

Francis Rabbit by GodRabbit

Francis Rabbit mod.


This is an example mod


Add a recipe


Wings, Pizza, Fries! This mod adds tasty foods into Minecraft! Experimental Version

Steve's Workshop by Vswe

Adds a modular production table for crafting and smelting


Help you to Miner! Add - + iron ; + coal and + Diamond!

Electro-Magic Tools by Tombenpotter

Ever thought about combining magic and electricity?

Theomachy by Xero

Theomachy server mod


Borderlands in Minecraft


It adds ores to the minecraft underground

Vacuum Horizon by RonFall

Discover new, explore the Universe. Vacuum after horizon...