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Cooldowns by canelex

Parses scoreboard values and displays them on your screen.

War by WalrusHunter7

The War Mod written for the War Complete pack


EnderGun Mod

Web-API by Valandur

Access Minecraft through a Web API

Ender Advancement by wundrweapon

The power of the Enderman has increased ten fold! Just what will you do with it?

PanoStream Mod by CrushedPixel, johni0702

A Mod that allows livestreaming of 360° footage to YouTube.

Guidebook by gigaherz

Books that guide


This mod adds some great high-tech stuff and looks just awesome. It also adds some cool events. We think there is still a lot of potential so check for the updates of the mod

AlcatrazCore by AlcatrazEscapee

Core Library for AlcatrazEscapee's mods

Minecraft Solder by admiral0, 19daniel82

Implementation of solder API as a Mod

Escape Tweaks by crueltyinc

Adds a few features to the Escape the World modpack.


This Mod Allows You To Craft a Block Which You Right Click And Gives You a House So You Can Survive You First Night In Minecraft!


Official release!


This mod add block

Hamsters Forever by CannibalVox

Make Hamsterrific hamsters spawn in every biome in the overworld that has passive mobs.


Mod made by Rienovie

Extra Creatures by EnderiumSmith

Adds more mobs. Most of of them can be...lethal.

ExtraGems by XxRexRaptorxX (RexRaptor)

Adds some new gems!


This Is Just a Snapshot! Expect Bugs!

ProjectU by Technici4n

A mod that converts all your copper, tin, silver, lead... ingots/dust to a universal version.

Quantum Stars by Rouhol


Wshycaa's Zero Mod

NullifiedCore by nullifiedcat

A core required by nullifiedcat's mods

Soulus by Yuudaari

You must sift through the ashes of the dead to restore life to the world.


This is an example mod

Integrated Circuits by Vic Nightfall

Some description here, currently missing.

More portals mod by chach, MCreator

Enter short description here

EndPortalFix by LemonCraft

§4§lMore Fuels Mod by §4B§6o§4r§6e§4d

§6§oA mod that makes more items usable as fuel.


Lock up everythin'

SCP Lockdown Extras by Fluffy Doggo

A mod that adds things that SCP Lockdown doesn't have