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ReAuth by TechnicianLP

A mod to renew your Session


This is an example mod

SeigneurNecron's Mod Core by Seigneur Necron

A mod which adds no content but a lot of modding tools.


This is an example mod

Dawn of Time by grand_gibus

The great Millénaire mod. Millénaire is a mod about exploring the world and help custom villages to grow.

V10verlap by V10lator

Stack your dimensions

Tymgus45's More Food by Tymgus 45, MCreator

Still W.I.P.


This is an example mod

Angel Mod by StoneDzn

Example placeholder mod.

Hero Watch by KevinWalker

Hero Watch

James090500's MinecraftCape & Elytra Mod Mod by james090500

Custom Cape and Elytra textures


Prepare to Die


Enter short description here

Endless Dungeons by guhenry3

A mod where you explore The Dungeons, until you reach the non-existent end

Herbs 2.0 by Straiker123

Food Expand


This is to help you with your Macros

CandiedCraft by TheCandiedHat

A Minecraft mod all about candy!

OTG: Tutorial World

A tutorial world for OpenTerrainGenerator content creators. This simple world shows you how to use OTG's settings to create basic realistic terrain.

Developer World by FireBall1725

Creates a quick dev world


Made by Linkounnet

Butter Mod by ExampleDude

I like butter

Chest Cow by Xyfero

Chest Cow is a mod that adds a cow that can store items.

Puffelum Mod by Savron Teraskar

There be Puffels.

NEIlootbags by Gigabit101

Adds Lootbags loot no NEI

MiniMoos by RicardoTheCoder

Adds small cows to the world, they have special abilities

Remove Mouseover Highlight by MrAmericanMike

Remove Mouseover Highlight mod.

Torches and Moving Light Sources by jabelar

Light up your world.


This is an example mod

Vanilla-Inspired Teleporters by DanYeomans, bronsonf1

Teleport with ease!

Random Enchantments by Tfarcemin

Adds various miscellaneous enchants and curses to Minecraft.

Aspect Tweaker by asanetargoss

Minetweaker add-on for changing Thaumcraft aspects

Pretty Beaches by BlayTheNinth

Adjusts water physics when digging sand near water to prevent ugly.

Mystic Stones by oitsjustjose

A Mystical Variety of Stones and Other Blocks!



Auto Refresh by ChaosTheDude

Automatically refreshes your server list and alerts you when your selected server comes online.

Legierungsmod by Joel Kuhle

This is a mod, whith which one you can alloy your tools to improve them.

Advanced Creative Tab by ATE47

Borried about the old minecraft stuff ? This mod is made for you ! it add new unreal Item in your creative mode