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World Primer by masa

Run commands or generate and place structures on world creation

destroyah by Emili, MCreator


add more coal

Paragonia by The Fabulous Cube

Mod pack designed to supplement Paragonia Texture pack


This is an example mod

Sao Health Bar by sahdsg


Walaryne's Fly Mod by Walaryne

Enables a person to type /fly to fly!

mod_ZombocalypseMod by TheACGamer, MCreator

Run, Shoot, SURVIVE

A Crude Start by Tacusin, MCreator

A Crude Start gives you an alternative way to start out surviving in Minecraft. Placing rocks and branchs all over the world on top of grass blocks you can use these materials to make a crude axe and shovel. This mod is meant to be played with Dynamic Trees as the crude axe will let you take down five trees before breaking. And Bionisation 3 where digging with your bare hands can cause you to get infected.

SuperMiner Illuminator by DuelMonster

SuperMiner Illuminator by DuelMonster.

The Cook Mod

§2You want more food,§1 this is your mod !

Base Minerals by cyb3rkat

Base Minerals Addon

Applied Energistics 2 by AlgorithmX2

A Mod about Matter, Energy and using them to conquer the world..

tech storage


Ce mod est pour le serveur AloniaRP

Growthcraft Fishtrap by Gwafu

Growthcraft Fishtrap is a mod which adds a block; Fishtrap, that automatically catches fish (and other stuff) for you!

Infinite Water Source by Tfarecmin

Infinite water source.

Magical Smither by ACE_Gaming123, MCreator

The first release of Magical Smithery!

Handles by LotuxPunk

ComputerCraft integration for TARDIS Mod.


This is an example mod


This is a mod.


This mod adds in stuff from percy jackson

Super Crafting Frame by EdgarAllen

An item frame that can craft items when punched.

Extra Coal by Ruuubi

Re-adds different charcoals from 'Plugins for Forestry' as well as various coal-related items.

Zen Toolforge by Nihiltres

CraftTweaker utilities for Tinker's Construct

Pollution of the Realms by EnderLanky

Adds environmental pollution mechanics to the game.

Heavy Ores by Typheus

Limit stack size of ores to create new and interesting transportation problems to solve.


BETA version

Hasanium by Hasan, MCreator

Profiles by Lunatrius

Change client settings on the fly!