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SkyfactoryManager by xAdler

Managed alles um Skyfactory

Hostile Mobs and Girls

Added new Hostile Mobs and Girls!

Stats Detector Mod by Foeskes

A simple mod that adds items that allows you to get information about a boss or a mob your fighting.

Collective Framework by austinv11

A common library between all of austinv11's mods

Ore Dictionary Tool Tips by ericBG, a.k.a. _selfishPersonReborn

Shows tooltips for OreDictionaried items.

Nether Souls Mod (1.12.2) by King_Thorax, MCreator

Enter short description here

External Tweaker by Bartz24

Application for simple Minetweaker script creation, management, and editing!

ResourcefulCrops by TehNut

Simply JSON based resource crops.


This is an ExtraSilverMod

Canvas Bag Mod by SkaldAsh

SkaldAsh's miniMod series

Machine Power Craft by Zeitheron

Powns' CheatbreakerHud by powns

All Cheatbreaker mods made customisable within one gui.

Bow Infinity Fix by Parker8283

Removes need to have an arrow in your inventory to use the Infinity I enchant on your bow.

Animations by TheCahyag

Animations - Allowing the creation of frame based animations.

Nickname mod by boomboompower

A mod which changes your name in chat, designed for players who wish to show a different IGN for recordings


TNT drops all over the world!

mod_harshlandsmod by thy lunyverse, MCreator

NoLAN Commands by genandnic

Prevents the player from enabling commands through the LAN menu


The Guns of Fabrique Nationale using 5.7x28mm Ammo.


Add new Explosives!!


Pills, Drugs

Wrelf's Quick Chat by Wrelf

Remade Chat Triggers' EQC module

AS Addon- Hallowed by Jade Knightblazer

Introduces new Equipment based on Halloween themes


RedCloud official mod



World of Pillar by PoulpoGaz

World of Pillar

Xenorite by GCM aka UsernameZero

More Ores, Items And Much More To Come!

More Mystcraft by TheFloydman

Misc changes and additions to Mystcraft.

SpawnHere by CJ Miller (cjm721)

Adds a block which mobs will spawn on more CPU efficiently then vanilla spawning